Thursday, July 31, 2008

Slight chance of T-storms on Friday then a Hot weekend ahead

We have a 30 to 40% chance of seeing more possible rain / Thunderstomrs on Friday. I will keep you posted on them if needed. We are in a slight risk for severe weather for Friday at this point and time but with our Indiana weather nothing is for sure till it is happening then it still can change :)

But for now the big story is a hot start to Aug,

Our AVG Temp this time of year is 86* starting this weekend through Tuesday we could see temps anywere from the high 80s to the low to mid 90s!!! we will be close to Rec highs of 94* and 96* set back in 1988 and 1983.

This will be great pool weather but you might want to put on sun screen UV Ray's are something everyone needs to be watching out for. rather you are an aduld or a child.

Really we have not had a summer and by that I mean we have not had near the day's of 90s we should have. We have only had one day of 90s all year which is way below Avg. So everyone get out this weekend and soke up that sun with sun screen on ofcourse LOL... :) And be sure not to forget the pet's!!!!

Thing's are looking good.

Well thing's are starting to quite down in that storm system still we have a 50% chance of pricp tonight new rainfall amounts between a tenth and a quater inches. If anything is to change I will let you know but for now we are ok.

As of 4:51pm 7/31/08

Storms in I'LL coming this way!!!!!

I am watching some more storms in I'LL, in the past few hours today they have had 51 wind reports and 3 high wind reports in parts of I'LL,

Currently we are in a slight risk for severe weather today as well as we are for tomorrow. now these storms have showed signs of weakening but we still need to keep a close eye on them for they have a lot of time to change there path. Do I think we here in Tippecanoe co, will see anything? Yes I do think we will at least see something here almost for sure. Will it be bad? It is really hard to say at this time but I will keep you updated. Stay tuned and stay safe.

As of 3:32pm 7/31/08

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chance of rain on friday then going hot!!!

Well today was a good day we hit a high of 80.6* but the Humidity was up around 81% so it was very muggy!!!
Now out of the storms we had last night we had a total rainfall amount of .2" so not much because the system like I said once before started to die out just before it hit the IN, state line.
Now if the weather was so good today then why the picture of rain? Well we have a slight 30 to 40% chance of an Isolated pop up thundershower of Friday still with the chances so low nothing is for sure just yet.

Also we have a heat wave moveing into our area over the weakend we could even see highs up in the low 90s!!! So don't forget to put on sun block and keep the pet full of water! and in a shady spot. The best thing to do is keep the pet's inside!

So you might want to water your flowers over this weakend it's going to be a HOT one.
Now remember when I said I would tell you just how you can tell if it's going to be a cold and snowie winter well the key word is CATERPILLAR I took this picture at Armstrong Park when I was doing my morning jog.
See if a caterpillar has a lot of hair and is a dark color then it is going to be a cold and snowie winter so it has been said. You know there is a lot of old wise tells. :)
So don't forget to water your gardens over this weakend keep your pet's safe and enjoy your day!!! :)

Storms are out of the way now time for a hot and Humid day!!!

Well there was over 20 wind reports in I'LL, in the storms last night and 4 tornado reports in wisconsin, lucky there were no storm reports back here at home thank goodness!!!

The storms was really packing some high winds bad lightning and at times quater size hail but just before they got to the indiana state line they really died out.

We have really been lucky when it comes to severe weather this year but hey thats fine with me!

Now for today (Wednesday) it will be a Hot and very Humid day with our Dew points up around 71* now when your dew point gets higher then 60* it's humid.

60* is humid 63* is very humid and anything above 63* is extream humid. So for today (Wednesday) keep cool by the pool and get a lot of water.

Now this weekend is really when we start to feel like summer when AUG comes in with a heat wave we could see temps up around 95* and we could even see some heat advisory out for our area. So here is just a little something to help keep you cool. Yes I know winter is a ways off but later I'll tell you some ways to tell for a early cold and snowie winter!!!
All enjoy your day and make it a great one!!!

Posted at 12:28am.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New maps and things are looking good.

Just got the latest maps in and things are looking good it is looking like the storng storms have moved south east of our area. Still we have much more rain to go through as well as we could still see a rumble of thunder or two. Im not seeing any more hail with these thunderstorms and right now they just seem to be REG good old thunderstorms. If anything is to change I will be sure to let you know but like I said right now things look good!

As of 11:07pm.


as of 9:14pm

the storms are showing signs of weaking however we still could see heavy downpoors and some gusty winds and lightning is always a facter. the clouds were at 600FT and are now down to 550 to 500FT so let's all hope it stays on this track of weaking!!! I will keep you posted.

Storms on the way.

Storms are in I'LL, and we here in Lafayette Indiana could see them by 10:00pm and with this system we could see some quater size hail moderate wind damage and some heavy downpoor's right now it dose not look like the NWS will put off a watch box but that dose not mean we should not treat this system like any other lightning is always a facter! will keep you posted.