Sunday, August 31, 2008

The timeing is everything.

Here is a quick hurricane update.
The storm has weakend a little bit from a CAT 4 to a CAT 3 which is better news but this is still a bad storm. And there is still hurricane watches and warnings through a good amount of the gulf. Now I would like to make a very good point and that is even though this hurricane Gustav is now a CAT 3 and is expected to make land fall as a CAT 3 the wind speeds are still a big 111mph to 130mph in a CAT 3 storm!!!!! which can do major damage!!!!!
Flooding tornados storm surge are all big things to watch out for!!!!!

This storm's eye as of now is expected to make land fall between 3:00am and 6:00am tomorrow Sep 1st. Do know this storm has changed sooooooooo much in the past few hours and it could very well change again. This is a storm unlike any other I have seen befor hurricane wise!

All I can say is bless everyone in the path of this storm and stay safe!!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gustav is a CAT 4!!!!!

This hurricane is NO JOKE it is already a CAT 4 when just this morning it was a CAT 3.
The purple is a CAT 4 and the White is a CAT 5 one of these is what it could be when it make's land fall it could be a CAT 5 in around 12 to 24 hours. This is something we really need to watch out for they are already getting people out of New Orleans,. There is as of now Hurricane watches out for LA, Everyone keep in tuch with any family or friend's that you might have down there. Stay safe this storm is really something!!!!!

Hurricane Gustav just keep's getting stronger.

New Hurricane update on hurricane Gustav.

It is now a CAT 3 and still expected to get stronger as in moves in land.

Take a look and this map and you will see just how strong and how bad this strom is going to be.

The Red is a CAT 3 the Purple is a CAT 4. CAT 3 has wind speed's of around 111mph to 130mph A CAT 4 has wind speed's of around 131mph to 155mph that is some strong winds.

As this storm get's closer to land and watches or warnings get posted I will be sure to get them out to all you on this blog. LA, is already thinking about getting out. Just listen to the watches and warning's and stay safe.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Hurricane update!!!!!

Well Gustav is really winding up out there and he is not out there alone!!!!
That's right there is another Hurricane out there and this one is called Hanna.
Still Gustav is the big one at this point in time and is still getting stronger by the
minute. Currently the modles are pointing this Hurricane to make land fall between
east TX, and west LA, as seen in the map below.

Now as you all know Gustav is still miles and miles out there so there is really a lot of time for it to change it's path will it though? That is why we watch these things very closely. You can see in this map below just how far out it is and what CAT it is. The red is a CAT 3 But it could became a CAT 4 by the time it hit's land.

Now Gustav like I said earlyer is not the only one out there now will talk about Hanna.

Here are some models as to were Hanna is expected to go you can see it may go back around near florida like Fay did. Again it dose still have time to change! This Hurricane could became a CAT 3 by the time it makes land fall Maybe even a CAT 4. This really has been a wild year for Hurricane's and the torpical area's. All I can say is for all who is in these area's around hurricane's take action be safe and be smart a Hurricane is not something to play around with.

I will keep this blog updated with the latest info on not only our weather back home in Indiana but also on the torpical area's. For some of us do have friend's and family in these area's. stay safe everyone and I'll check back soon.

Update on the way.

I'll have a Hurricane update coming here soon.
There is a lot to talk about Gustuv and another Hurricane out there
I'll have more on both of them here on the blog later today so
check back soon!!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Hurricane on the way. This time maybe the golf?

Hey everyone it is great to check in with you and I have something big to talk about and that something is another Hurricane thats right I said another Hurricane!!!!!

The name of this one is GUSTAV.
Here is a look at some of the model's as to were it is expected to go! as of now.
The dark red marks on this map is were the system is now and you can see that most of these models are showing this hurricane to move in to the golf, and possibly around LA, One of the things I would like to point out is water temps. Were the hurricane is now the water is around 80* but if and or when it get's to the golf water temps are around 80* to 85* which is one of the things that fuel hurricane's. As seen in the map below.

So if you live in the area's around the golf then you might want to keep a close watch on this one. this storm looks to became a big one. Here is why I think so. It is already a CAT 1 and is expected to became a CAT 3 by Friday as well as when it moves in to the warmer water's it could get a little stronger. Now this dose still have time to change so we can't give anyone a for sure forecast just yet but still be on your guard.

Boy what wild weather it has been for the tropical area's Stay safe everyone and be smart because a Hurricane is not something to play around with!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

the Harley ride was great for MDA.

There were soooo many sharp looking bikes out there and these pictures are just a tast. There was even some familiar faces out there like the guy above
There had to be at least a thousand bikers there but don't let there looks fool you they are really nice people.One of the best things is it is all for a good cause Harley really go's all out when it come's to raising money for MDA Jerry's kid's!

Friday, August 22, 2008

This weekend is looking good.

So will we see more rain through the night as well as tomorrow?

Well we have a 30% chance of rain through tonight and for tomorrow evening in to that night so as of now dont let it bum your day for it is a really slight chance so not all of us will see anything.

As well as we want to keep this weekend nice and clear for the MDA Harley run is on Sunday which is for such a good cause!!!!! I will try to post some pictures of it here on the blog later.

So everyone have a great night and I will check back soon.
Here is a picture of our beautiful sunset just taken tonight.

We awoke to rain!

WOW I woke up to something we have all been waiting for that's right RAIN!!!!!
Here were I am I have .25 in the rain gauge and now still going YES :)
This is a great way to start off your CoCoRaHS day if you just signed up!
Really it is a lot of fun!

We do still have some light thunderstorms moveing into tippecanoe countie nothing severe at all no hail and no wind damage just some light thunderstorms.

Everyone enjoy your day and be sure to check back later this evening to find out if there is more rain in the forecast! Make it a great one and I will check back this evening.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Humid air possible rain and CoCoRaHS.

Hey there everyone.

It was a great morning at Armstrong park for a run. It was better to get my run in early before all that humid weather moves in. Currently right now our humidity is at 65% already!!!!! it only dose not feel like it is humid out for our temp is only 75* which they will soon start to rise as our high is expected to be around 84* today. Also our rain is still only a 40% chance for today and tomorrow is a 40% chance as well.

Also if you like to keep track of how much rain falls then you can sign up with the (CoCoRaHS)
Which is Rain Hail and Snow Network, all you need is at least a 4" inch rain gauge.
Here is the link to the rain hail and snow network it would be best if you go through and read some of the helpful tips they have. Im sure you will have fun and not only that but it also helps them to post warning for other states.CoCoRaHS - Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network

Once you click on the link you can read about the rain hail and snow network.
And if you like what you see then on the left of the page you can click on were it says join us.
It's that easy!!!!! So have fun and I'll check back soon.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Waiting for some much needed rain!!!!!

Currently Fay is a tropical strom and is expected to become a tropical depression by Aug 22,
however don't let that fool you the winds are still around 50 mph with wind gusts around 63 or higher. But the better news is that the strom surge as of now is only expected to be around 3FT which is a low surge.

Now back to weather here in Indiana we here in Lafayette could see some much needed rain as soon as Friday, Now there is a really slight chance of of a pop up shower tomorrow but it is really not looking to promising but in Indiana you never know! It is a 30% chance for tomorrow and a 50% chance for Friday but still it would be a hit and miss day.
July is known as the hot month and Aug is known as the Humid month and boy oh boy is it going to feel like it tomorrow with our Dew point at 70* which is extremely humid!!!!!
See when you have a Dew point of 60* it is humid 62* very humid and 63* or anything above is extremely humid so 70* is extremely humid.

So I have to say don't forget about your pet's they need lot's of water and a nice cool place to stay. So everyone enjoy your day and be looking forward to our possible rain on Friday!
I'll check back soon. :)

We may very well see some rain soon.

Here are the latest radar model maps for Hurricane Fay.
If you look closely you can see that as of now it looks to be wanting to go over to Jacksonvill florida. This still has time to change again but just in case we will keep a close eye on this. This hurricane has really been a mess but still the big question is are we back home going to see any rain?
Well looking at these latest models we could very well see something.
For Thursday we have a 30% chance but or Friday it is a 50% chance now Iam not going to go ahead and say rain for sure because this Hurricane has changed so much already but still we will give it a 50% chance.

And is this hurricane Fay wasnt enough there is another hurricane starting to take form out in the atlanic which means we have another wild week to look forward to! So there is the latest in our weather as well as the hurricanes have fun tracking and if you are in the areas around the hurricane be smart and stay safe!!!!!

As of 10:37am 8/20/08.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hurricane Fay the models are crazy!

Fay is really going to be hard to tell if we here in Indiana will get a lot of rain or just a little spit!
Take a look at this picture of the latest models and see for your self.
See when you look at the models one time you think you have an idea as to were it is going to go and then you look again later that next day and BOOM it has changed that quick.
This really just gos to show anything can change and hurricanes will change! So I will keep a close watch on things so we will know what to expect later on in this week so for now enjoy your day and I will check back soon.....

As of 11:01am 8/19/08.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hurricane Fay!!!!!

Hurricane Fay is makeing an impact in florida.
Already parts of florida like Fort lauderdale, and west palm beach, are in a tornado watch as well as some places are in hurricane watches and or warnings right now it is only a tropical storm wich can still do a good amount of damage with winds between 39 and 73 mph.
This system still could become a CAT 1 here later which would be winds between 74 and 95 mph.

Hurricane Fay could still effect our weather depending on which path it takes so I will keep watch on this as well to see just how much rain we back home here in Indiana could see.
But as you all know this would not be till later on in the week.

So even though here at home our weather is nice and calm and not doing much wich I am not complaning we can still keep watch on weather in other places like florida!

Now back to our weather back here at home. We have a 30 to 40% chance of rain later on in this week around Friday maybe through parts of sunday this is really all up to how and or which way hurricane Fay wants to go! We really want Sunday to be clear for that is when the harley run for MDA, is and as we all know it is all to help Jerry's kid's. So be sure to help the fire fighters fill the boot! :)
Otherwise the rest of the week looks good with sunny skies and highs in the mid 80s.
So you can enjoy this week and I'll check back soon.

As of 9:39pm 8/18/08.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Contrial clouds and smores a nice night to sit out and enjoy.

What a great evening it was tonight this is a picture of some very beautiful contrial clouds which is caused by the water vaper from jet engines which turns in to ice crystals.

There sure was a lot of them out tonight but that was not the only thing fun to do there sure was also some really good smores!!!!!

We all set out by the fire pit tonight and made somres boy oh boy were they good! :) It was nice to get out and enjoy this nice weather pattern we have been in. But looking at some of the latest weather maps there could be a little warm up by the end of next week we could see highs up around 85* which is were we should be this time of year! Now for tomorrow we do have a slight chance of some Iso-rain showers nothing severe so just a little sprinkle. Looks like more of the big stuff will hold off till later next week like around Monday and Tuesday. Still if this changes I will let you know but some good news the weekend is looking just great with highs around 81* and mostly sunny!!!!! so get out and enjoy this great weather and I'll check back soon :)

As of 10:12pm 8/13/08.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It feels like autumn.

This cool weather pattern is looking to be here to stay.
But what dose this mean for our winter forecast?
Well from everything I have looked at and everyone I have heard from we are going to be haveing a weak El-Nino this winter which could lessen our snowfall totals this year so for all the snow lovers hang in there. Me I am a BIG snow lover so I for one want snow this year.
Our Avg temps were we should be at this time of year is around 85* today we hit a high of 79* with a low last night of 59* so again nice and cool :) This weather pattern is really an early fall in the makeing but with that we could also have an early spring.

But all in all I can't think of one person that dose not like fall it is such a beautiful quite and colorful time of year. The colors alone is one of the best things about autumn. So everyone enjoy your day and I'll chack back real soon but for now just sit out and enjoy this great weather pattern and relax!!!!! :)

As of 8:41pm 8/12/08.

Monday, August 11, 2008

And the fall pictures roll on! :)
Wow how much it feels like fall out there. Every morning I wake up and start my day with a nice jog and for the past few days the mornings have just been a little cool but once I start to run I soon warm up! Don't get my worng I love this cool weather.
Our AVG high temps for this time of year is around 85* our high for today was only at 75.2* so a good ways below AVG!!!!! Later on this week we should start to get a little closer to were we should be in temps but still in a cool pattern. Which Im sure a lot of you like :)
Now for Wednesday we have a 30% chance of a stray thunderstorm as well as for most of next week if anything is to change for better or worst then I'll let you know. Right now nothing looks severe at this point and time for Wednesday so a good sign there but for now the big story is the cool pattern here to stay for some time! So enjoy your day and make it a good one :)
As of 10:54pm 8/11/08.

Friday, August 8, 2008

With temps so nice and cool it feels like fall out there.

The mild temps are just great and so nice to enjoy it makes it almost feel like fall out there note this beautiful picture!!!!! And if you like fall then I got more pictures to come lol.I know our temps really have not been as hot as they should have been but Im now looking forward to fall and winter. I love the nice cool temps the colors of the trees and that fresh air small.....

Now back to today take a look at this picture above. It was a great day here in IN, with the blue skies and the cumulus clouds looking like cotton. Our high was only 77.2* so nice and cool! And I got some more good news are you ready? I don't see any storms till next Friday into that weekend so this means our week looks GREAT!!!!! However there is only a 10 to 20% chance of a stray pop up thunderstorm late Saturday evening. But other then that everything really dose look great. So enjoy your week and I'll check back soon and also enjoy the free AC and cool temps!.....

As of 11:47pm 8/8/08

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nice cool weather.....

WOW what a nice few days it has been with the temps nice and cool and natures free AC here for a bit.
Clear blue skies and the fresh smell of that cut grass.

We are staying so nice because there is a nice high pressure system moveing in to help keep us in this nice weather pattern. Also Iam not seeing anymore rain/thunderstorms till late Tuesday into Wednesday so still a few more good days for us all to enjoy! Our AVG temps this time of year is around a high of 86* and a low around 60* we will be slightly below this for another day or two then we go back up to AVG.

Also todays high was only 79.5* no heat index and a very low humidity so it really did not feel to bad out there at all!!! But I think we all really needed a break from all that stormy weather we went through boy that was a long day and night LOL... but I enjoy keeping people with the latest info as you all know by now!

Here is a beautiful sunset picture I found for all you to enjoy this nice cool summer weather. Hope you all have been enjoying your week it has just been to good to waste. Make your day a great one and I'll check back soon!!!!!

As of 8:03pm 8/7/08.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The week ahead is looking great!

Well as of right now we have a 30 to 40% chance of more thunderstorms so its not looking to be anything bad or anything to worrie about at this time. Now there is still going to be flood watches and warnings out just in case we do see any more rain showers.

Now look's like all we have to think about is what are we going to do for the rest of this great looking week here's a few tip's.

Have a cookout and enjoy the nice mild temps and anyone from Indiana knows corn is the way to go :) The week ahead is looking great with temps in the mid 80s to uper 70s and clear skies. I don't see anymore thunderstorms in the forecast till Monday into Tuesday now you all know this can still change for this is Indiana we are talking about LOL...

So everyone enjoy the rest of your day week weatherwise and otherwise also tomorrow is looking great for jogging just go ether early in the morning or that evening to keep cool! Have fun and I'll talk to you all later!!!!!

As of 4:05pm 8/5/08.

Storms have now passed now flood warning.

Well the storms have now passed but they have just put Newton, jasper, clinton, tipton, boon, and montgomery, counties in a flood warning. Tippecanoe, carroll, and white, counties in a flood watch otherwise things are looking good we picked up 2"inches of rain here were I am. we now have some low land flooding.
Now looks like we could still see some more storms later today so we wont call it over just yet but for now you can enjoy this little break !!!
I will check back in with you soon.....

As of 10:31am.

severe thunderstorm warnings over. now flood.

There are now more severe thunderstorm warnings out but there is now flood warnings out for palaski, fulton, starke, and white, counties. the storms are right over head here in tippecanoe and slowly moveing out of our area soon I will keep you posted.

As of 8:15am


A severe thunderstorm warning has just been put in to place for benton and jasper counties, Here at 7:44am we in tippecanoe could see MOD wind damage and possible hail places like jasper and newton, take cover because the system that was showing rotation in kankakee I'LL is now in youer area you could still see high winds and hail as well hang in there everyone! I'll keep you posted.

As of 7:52am

Early stormy start to the day!

Good morning bloggers an early and stormy start it is there is already a tornado warning out for places like kankakee I'LL, And that system looks to be heading to newton and jasper countie. They could see MOD wind damage and possible dime size hail. So if you are in and or near that area then be safe and away from the windows.
Also there is severe thunderstorm watches and warnings out for other areas in I'LL, which as the day gos could make there way here to IN, so we will keep a close eye on things and if anything changes I'll let you know. Otherwise for now here in Tippecanoe, we could see some pop up scattered thunderstorms here in the next few min. Right now nothing severe but this can still change for now newton and jasper are the main cases to be watched.

As of 7:26am.

The storms are now moveing out of our area.

Things are now quiteing down here in Lafayette IN, as the storms are now moveing out of our area. We did have cloud to ground lightning and some heavy rainfall but other then that nothing to bad. It really has been a busy night and Im soooo sleeply but Im hanging in there :)

And I got some not so good news. We have to go through this again tomorrow...
But don't worrie we will get thorugh it just as we did tonight! So try to get some rast and I'll be here a bit longer to keep an eye on things and if anything changes I will let you know otherwise enjoy your night and sleep well. Enjoy your night weatherwise and otherwise!!!! :)

As of 1:49am.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Up in remington they were getting cloud to ground lightning heavy rain and some hail.
Also in some of the northen counties they had winds as high as 80MPH and these storms are still not over. There is still a chance we could see something out of this and if anything changes I'll let you know but for now hang in there. These severe thunderstorm watches wont be out of here till 3:00am tonight.

As of 11:24pm.

Storms storms storms!!!

Well we have more storms up north west of us here in IN, and they are slowly makeing there way down to us. there are so many weather watches and warnings out for benton newton jasper fulton cass white starke pulaski, and Im sure soon to be us in tipp, there is a tornado warning out for starke countie if anything is to change I will let you know.

As of 10:24pm.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Looking better.

Ok I got the latest info and Im just not seeing anything trying to take form this time around.
I think it will be ok to get some rast. I say this because what systems was in I'LL, has lost what steam they had and are really loseing power. We are still in a severe thunderstorm watch till 5:ooam though. Still I will stay up a bit longer and if anything dose change I will let you know but for now go get your sleep! :)

As of 12:22am 8/2/08

Friday, August 1, 2008

Severe storms on the way!!!!!

We are in a severe thunderstorm watch because they are expecting some storms to pop up in I'LL, here in a few. This is all because of this cold front we have been watching all day and it is now takeing it's sweet old time on getting out of here. And by doing this it is now giveing the storms a chance to fire up again. Anyone who dose see these storms could see high wind's heavy donwpoors and bad cloud to ground lightning so I will keep you posted stay tuned and stay safe!!!

As of 11:20pm 8/1/08
Tippecanoe, clinton, carroll, howard, fountain, and montgomery, counties are in a severe thunderstorm watch till 5:00am.

As of 10:32pm 8/1/08

severe thunderstorm warning.

There is a severe thunderstorm warning out for Pulaski, Fulton, and Starke, countie
untill 7:00pm tonight.
Right now it is looking like the storms are going to stay just to the north and south of the tippecanoe countie area. Still I will stay here to keep a close watch for these storms are still to close for my comfort.

As of 6:28pm 8/1/08

More storms on the way.

Good morning everyone. We have more storms in the forecast today. The storms are going to be following a cold front as they move in to our area later this afternoon around 3:00pm or 4:00pm. Some of the storms could be severe we could see high winds and heavy downpoor's.
Right now we are right on the line between a general and a slight risk for severe weather.
Now if this chances I will let you know. And remember the NWS dose not put out a severe thunderstorm watch or warning for bad lightning. So this just go's to show just because there is no watch or warning out with a storm they are still dangerous. Lightning is 54.000*F which is hotter then the surface of the sun!!! so if you hear thunder then you are close enough to get hit by lightning. To issue a severe thunderstorm watch or warning you have to have wind speeds of 58 MPH or higher and some report size of hail. So stay safe and I'll keep in tuch.

As of 10:33am 8/1/08