Monday, February 28, 2011

After The Storm Update!

So much rain across the area last night into the early morning hours. I have many many rain reports over an inch! And some less then an inch the more north you head. Everyone up around Benton, Newton, and Jasper, counties really lucked out this time around. Take a look at these rainfall reports below.

Indianapolis 2.94" Inches.

Kokomo, 1.39" Inches.

Fort Wayne, 1.28" Inches.

Frankfort, 1.03" Inches.

Lafayette, 1.00" Inches.

Otterbein, 0.88" Inches.

Attica, 0.84" Inches.

Logansport, 0.75" Inches.

Kentland, 0.62" Inches.

Remington, 0.57" Inches.

Flood warnings are still in effect for parts of the WLFI viewing area. The Wabash is expected to crest again on March 2nd at around 1:am EST. It's expected to crest at 17ft. Flood stage is at 11ft so this would be a good 6ft above flood stage! As I have said before "If your anywhere near the rivers please take note of this and stay weather ready!".

Well, the main severe weather did in fact stay to our south as expected last night however southern parts of the state got pounded with high winds. Damaging winds! I have so many wind reports from these areas it's not even funny. I posted just a few for you all below. Some of these sound like weak tornadoes! But keep in mind strong straight line winds can do just as much damage as a weak tornado! However with how much rain was seen last night some of these could have been rain wrapped weak tornadoes. (Hard to see) They will need to be checked out!








God bless everyone effected by this severe weather! Our harts go out to them!!

As for tonight I expect these cloudy skies we currently have to start clearing out making for a cool crisp night! Low tonight around 19* degrees with light winds between 5 and 10 mph.

And Tuesday we will be calm and dry with partly cloudy to mostly clear skies across the area. A high around 47* degrees and a low Tuesday night around 27* degrees. Winds nice and calm between 3 and 5 mph.

Have an awesome day bloggers!

God Bless!

God Bless Everyone In The Severe Weather Tonight!

All the details for what we have to look forward to tonight into early morning is in my last post. Everything still holds up!

I just wanted to pop back in once more to say (GOD BLESS) everyone in the southern parts of the state tonight. Conditions are looking like tornadoes. If anyone has any friends or family in these areas please make sure they know whats coming! Lots of lightning, Hail, Heavy rain, and even rain wrapped tornadoes are possible!
God bless everyone in the severe weather areas! Keep everyone safe and sound. Please Protect them and watch over them! Amen!

God Bless!

Cooler Air Is Winning Out Keeping The Severe Weather South!

Well, because of the cooler air that has really started to overtake the viewing area, we are seeing the stronger storms stay well south of Lafayette. South of Montgomery, county as well. Just take a look at the lightning tracker. The white marks are the new strikes. You can see there are very few of them left on this map. Mostly old strikes across the viewing area.We have dropped to 41* degrees in Lafayette, this past hour! The cooler air has helped to stable us. You can see in this radar image below how the heavier precipitation and lightning / thunder is staying south of Montgomery, county.
This image was taken at 1:30AM EST.....

So here's where I expect the real severe weather to continue through the overnight.
You can see for everyone in the viewing area I look for rain showers to continue along with a few light thunder rumbles possible. And I look for the strong stuff to stay to our southwest as I have been talking about on the blog from the start of this thing! I'm still keeping my main impact zone as you can see above! That's where that squall line is heading and it's still warm enough in that area with temperatures around 68* and 70* degrees!

So for tonight we can expect a low around 38* degrees and rain showers. A few light thunder rumbles are also possible. Nothing major! Some of this rain may change over to a few light snow showers early early morning however I don't look for any accumulation. Maybe a dusting in the grassy areas if that much! Winds will continue between 10 and 15 mph with a few gusts to 25 - 30mph possible.

We look good at this time bloggers! I'll still stick around for a little while longer just to make sure! If I see any changes I'll let you know. Now go get some sleep! ;)

Cooling Down!

The warm front has passed and now that cold front is getting closer! We were sitting at a temperature of 51* degrees over the past few hours and have now fallen to 44* degrees. You can see the cold front in this Prog Chart below.Right now I'm looking for the severe weather to stay south of Lafayette. From Montgomery, county south where it is slightly warmer. Areas north of Lafayette, I'm looking for light to Moderate rainfall with occasional lighting and thunder. Areas around Lafayette, will continue to see Moderate rainfall with occasional lighting and thunder. Areas from Montgomery, county south have the better chance of seeing small hail around pea sized along with moderate to heavy rainfall and some in storm gusty winds.
right now we're not looking to bad! ;) I'll continue to keep you all posted as needed.

A Long Night For All Weather Watchers!

We are gonna have a long night ahead of us weather watchers! With more rain and thunderstorms off to our west still pushing toward Indiana. I'm still looking for the strongest storms to stay to our south however as you have seen a few warned cells are still possible. However all the warned cells we have seen this evening have been do to wind and hail. However no storm reports have been received at this time! Which is good news!
You can see the scattered thunderstorms currently over our area pushing north north east at around 50 mph. And then the thunderstorms (Line of thunderstorms) still to our west moving east. Right now it's looking like scattered thunderstorms will be possible through 3:am - 4:am EST this morning. right now other then heavy rainfall and some light rumbles we are calm in the viewing area. I will continue to watch the radars and keep you posted as needed.

No Flash Flood warnings have been issued up to this point which is good news however flooding is still a threat as we continue into the overnight. Doppler radar indicates a possible inch of rain in areas of Fountain, county and anywhere between 1" and 1.5" inches of rain in areas of Montgomery, county! Take a look below.
Again take note that this is just Doppler Indicated!

Stay tuned bloggers. I'll continue to check back as needed!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

All severe thunderstorm warnings in the viewing area have been canceled!
That warned cell just south of Fountain, county is moving north north east at around 50 to 70 mph. This cell is heading toward Crawfordsville, If your in this area or around this area you can expect to see frequent lightning along with heavy heavy rainfall. Quarter sized hail! And gusty winds of 60 + Mph possible!
Here's a look at where the possible hail could be setting up.


This cell is moving northeast at around 50 mph. The severe thunderstorm warning has been issued because of Doppler Indicated quarter sized hail and winds gusting to 60 + mph.
Storms in Fountain county, heading into Montgomery, and Tippecanoe, county are packed with Heavy rain! And Frequent lightning!

Stronger cells in that red box area are packing hail the size of a quarter, Along with gusty winds of 60+ mph. And Frequent lighting! It may be a little bumpy for a little while bloggers!

Storm Cells.

These cells about to cross the Indiana state line right around Fountain, county have a severe thunderstorm warning issued with them. This severe thunderstorm warning has been issued because of Doppler Indicated hail the size of a quarter. Along with damaging winds of 60+ mph! We will be watching this system as it moves closer.
Just about any of these cells on the way moving from our southwest could produce hail! Anywhere from pea size to 0.50" inches!
This map below shows where possible hail could be according to Doppler Radar.

Scattered thunderstorms.

More scattered thunderstorms about to move into the area. This is pretty much gonna be the story over the next few hours! Some hail is being picked up on Doppler Radar. Nothing major at hits time however! Pea sized.
0922 PM HAIL 1 N JAMESTOWN 39.94N 86.63W

0940 PM HAIL 2 NW THORNTOWN 40.15N 86.64W


This was the hail report when this cell was in Boon, county. Since then it has not shown any signs of this size hail. Right now I'm not picking up any hail on Doppler as it pushes through the Kokomo, area. Here's a look!Right now I'm not to worried about this cell!

EXPIRE AT 1015 PM EST/915 PM CST/...



Here's the latest look at the Severe thunderstorm warning box. Kokomo, your in this warning!
Doppler is indicating possible pea sized hail and gusty winds!
What your seeing in the map above is some possible hail 0.50" inch in size heading near kirklin, just southwest of Frankfort. This is also the area still in that severe thunderstorm warning.


Radar image was raken at 9:33pm EST. You can see where I'm picking up some possible pea sized hail in areas of Montgomery, county! Thunder is being heard in Lafayette at this very moment! These cells are moving north north east.

You can also see a severe thunderstorm warning box has just issued by the national weather service.









This was issued for dangerous lightning. And quarter sized hail possible! These cells are moving north north east at 60 mph!

Possible Watch To Be Issued!

A possible severe thunderstorm watch may be issued here before long do to the quick popping of these scattered thunderstorms moving into our area. I still believe that this will be a heavy rain, wind, and possible small hail threat this evening!

Scattered T - Storms.

You can see the area of scattered thundershowers across the viewing area and or moving into the viewing area. They are starting to pop rather fast! I'm also still watching an area just a bit more south where some super cells could very well start to pop. This is around that main impact zone we talked about earlier!
Take a look at the lighting tracker lighting up across IL. Also just starting in southern Fountain, county and just south of Montgomery, county. These scattered thundershowers are moving north north east at around 45 and 60 mph. so they are pretty quick movers!
Again please be aware of the flash flood threat overnight! If your by the water please take note and stay weather ready!

9:00pm EST Update.

You can see from the radar image above taken at 9:01pm EST the rain / thundershowers are about to move into the area. They are starting to pop up and become more wide spread across the area. There is some small hail in some of these small cells. Nothing over pea size at this time!

More details and updates as needed!

No Major Changes To The Forecast.

Okay bloggers. After going through the latest data there really isn't to much that I need to change from my last update. However I do feel a little more confident that the worst is going to stay to our southeast. So this map below still holds up in the forecast at this time. Take a look.
Main impact zone still expected to be in southern Indiana, and southeast of there. With the best chance of severe still south of I-74. So with it being that close I wouldn't rule out a possible strong storm or two in the viewing area however the worst will stay south. With that being said don't be alarmed to see The National weather service still issue a thunderstorm watch or warning here and there as that is possible.

Now at this time here is what I believe the main thunderstorm threats will be tonight.Tonight with the storms we will see winds between 10 and 20 mph gusting in storms between 35 and 40 mph possible. 45 and 50 mph gusts the more south you go into the stronger storms. Also Minor flooding will be a threat tonight with 1" to 2" inches of rain expected. If you live near the rivers please take note of this! The National weather service has already issued a number of Flood watches and warnings through out the area. Small hail cannot be ruled out however nothing major! And then Lightning is a threat with any thunderstorm.

As for any of you who may be scared about a Tornado threat! I'm keeping the viewing area in a 2% chance! I think the big tornado threat will be in that main impact zone well, to our southeast!

That's the latest as of now bloggers. We are already seeing scattered showers in areas around Rensselaer, and Mount Ayr, in Newton, and Jasper, counties. I expect more scattered showers / thundershowers to become more wide spread as we head closer to 7:pm EST and after! I will continue to check back with in storm updates as needed!

God Bless!


Going through more data now. I will have another update coming your way very soon!


Slight Risk For Severe Weather! Watching This Evening.

Well, as you can see above the Storm Prediction Center has put our area in that slight risk for severe weather tonight into early Monday! This is because models indicate that we will be unstable enough to support a few possible stray strong storms or two over this evening / tonight. I have been going through data all morning and right now I'm seeing CAPE values around 1,500 J/kg and EHI around 2.25. So storms are possible. However the question is where will the really severe stuff set up? Here's a map I put together for you below.Right now I believe that the main severe weather will set up just to our south! Right around I-70 and south. However with it being that close a few stray strong storms or two cannot be ruled out! I still believe that the MAIN severe impact zone will be to our south in southern Indiana and southeast of there.

Even though we are in the Stray strong storm or two range this doesn't mean we're in the clear by any means! Here's what I believe our main storm threats will be over the next few hours as of now.You can see I look for heavy rainfall anywhere between 1" and 2" inches possible! This will cause some minor river flooding and maybe even some low land flooding in areas. Also I expect winds to be gusting to 35 - and 45 mph in storms with winds gusting as high as 50+ mph the more south you go! Currently south of the viewing area.

Also I cannot rule out some possible small hail with CAPE values where they currently are. And then dangerous lightning is a threat. I always make that a threat on my severe list because even if the storm isn't severe lightning is always dangerous!!

Right now I think we will start to see some scattered rain showers move into the area later on this evening around 8:pm EST give or take a little. That's the latest for now bloggers. I have a few things I need to do and then I will be back here this evening before the storms move in with yet another look at things! So stay tuned.

God Bless!

Winter Snow To Spring Thundershowers!

We will go from snow to thundershowers in a matter of hours! Yes, later on tonight into Monday we will be tracking heavy heavy rain along with a few thunderstorms not out of the question! We could see as much as 2" inches of rain when all is said and done across the area. This will cause more flooding to take place on the Wabash.

I will have more details on the likelihood of thunderstorms and heavy rainfall across the area as well as timing coming your way later on this afternoon / evening! So be sure to check back to JIWB for the latest.


Friday, February 25, 2011

The Dog Days Of Winter!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh The Dog Days Of Winter! ;) Yes, you can see nothing makes dogs more happy then playing in the cold snow! Just look at these guys!

Well, some look more happy then others lol. However pugs usually always have a depressed look lol. Maybe he is happy?!?! Who knows! :)

The dogs love the snow however the owners not so much. It's never fun when the doggies come in with wet feet and track all over the place. That's just one of the perks of winter I guess! ;) The good thing about a snow this late in February is it wont last long! For everyone out there that is ready to do away with this white stuff your in luck! It's melting faster then you know it.

Just how much snow did we see from this event? Take a look at these local snowfall reports below.You can see the main impact area in the dark blue. This is where we seen a wide area of snow ranging anywhere between 3.0" inches all the way up to 6.3" inches up around Fort Wayne. I have reports of 4.0" inches in Frankfort, As well as 5.0" inches in areas of Tipton, county.

I have talked to a lot of people this winter season and so many of them say that they haven't seen a winter with snow on the ground all season all in years! So how much snow have we seen this winter season up to this point? To be quick, A LOT!!Yes, after this snow system that moved through the area Lafayette's, current yearly snowfall total is up to 32.8" inches! We usually only average around 26.2" inches a year which means we are running a good 6.6" inches above our yearly snowfall average. WOW! That's a lot of snow for Lafayette. Just amazing. I'm only 18 so I don't remember ever seeing a winter like this one. It's been a record setting winter all across the country. Just unbelievable.

Also with the snow last night we forecasted gusty winds. And gusty winds we seen. Take a look at these peak wind reports from around the area below.You can see most of the winds peaked late late last night between the times of 12:00am EST and 5:00am EST. We still had some breezy winds as most were heading to work and school however they really calmed down before 10:am. But look at the wind gusts! Anywhere from 35 mph in Indianapolis, all the way to 38 mph in Kokomo, and Fort Wayne! This has been a crazy winter for sure.

So the next question is "Will we see more snow in the forecast or more rain?". Well, lets take a look at your quick cast for the answer.

Weekend Quick Cast.....

Saturday we will look for mostly cloudy skies across the area however around a 20% chance for a few hit and miss scattered light rain showers cannot be ruled out. Overall mostly cloudy. Expect a high around 39* degrees with a low that night around 32* degrees. Winds light between 5 and 10 mph.

Sunday we will look for mostly cloudy skies with a few breaks in the clouds possible from time to time. More clouds will move into the area later on that evening / night with heavy rain moving in by Sunday night through Monday! Rainfall could be between .75" and 1.00" inches! Maybe even more yet!! I'm watching this event closely. Along with the rain that night into Monday some strong gusty winds will also be possible! Expect a high Sunday of 53* degrees and a low around 51* degrees.

So for now it's looking like Rain before anymore snow! This snow we just had could be just about it. The forecast focus this time around will be Sunday night through Monday. I will continue to watch this weather event and I will keep you posted as we continue to get closer. For now I wish you all a great evening! And an Awesome Weekend weather - wise and otherwise.

God Bless!

Snowfall Reports.

Well, bloggers the snow is pushing off to our east as I type and we are left with this wet heavy snow - pack to deal with! We did pick up between 3" and 5" inches across a good part of my main snow zone forecast area. Here is a look at the snowfall reports from this morning below.You can see anywhere from 6.3" inches up around Fort Wayne, all the way to 3.5" inches in the Remington, area. 3.8" inches in Fountain, county around Covington, And 5.0" inches in Tipton! You can tell just a few miles one way or the other and the snowfall amounts are slightly different. Here is a closer local snowfall report map below.I will check back later on tonight with a few pictures and another look at the final snow count in the area. Right now I gotta few things I need to get done. So please stay safe bloggers and God Bless!

The Latest At 1:07am EST.

I'm back with another update. Currently scattered snow showers have started to overtake the area however we are also watching a possible dry slot. Right now it's looking like counties south of Montgomery, county will see most of this dry slot. Which means snowfall in those areas will be lighter as expected. This is one of the reasons in my snow - cast maps I have kept the higher snowfall amounts to the north on Indianapolis! Also around Indianapolis, they have seen a good amount of rainfall over the last few hours.
You can see in the radar image above who is seeing snow at this time and who is still in the form of rain. You can also see that area without any precipitation in the lower left on the image. That's the dry slot moving into Indiana.

At this time I don't want to change my expected snowfall amounts with this system from my earlier snowfall map.You can see in the Snow - Cast map above I'm still keeping most of us in the WLFI viewing area in that 3" to 6" inch range. With 3" to 5" inches in southern Montgomery, county and just south of there. With lesser amounts when you get around Indianapolis.
And then north of Remington, in a 3" to 5" inch range with 2" to 4" inches in northern Jasper, county. So here's the break down for the rest of tonight into Friday morning.
For the rest of tonight we will see snow showers overtake the area. With the heaviest of snow right around the time most of you will be heading out for work and school. With this snowfall we will also see the winds pick up overnight. Yes, winds between 10 and 15 mph gusting between 25 - and 35 mph at times. So expect blowing and drifting snow during the morning commute.
Winds will calm as the day continues. We should start to notice the wind calming down around Noon time.
That's the latest as of now bloggers. I'm gonna go get some sleep. I'm pretty sure I'll have some work to get done come morning! Take care and please allow extra time in the morning. And drive slow.
Be safe and God Bless!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Well, at this point and time I don't have to much that needs to be changed from my last update. However as you already know this system really hasn't given way to rain all across the viewing area just yet! So the timing for the rain to start is being pushed back. I believe we will start to see a more wide spread area of rain across the viewing area by closer to 11:pm EST. I still expect the change over to all snow by sometime after Midnight - 1:am EST.
You can see the rain in this radar image below. Areas south of the viewing area are already getting dumped on with rain! However up here we are just starting to see some light scattered rain showers move into the area.
This radar image was taken at 9:42pm EST.....

This rain will continue to move into the area and become more wide spread by 11:pm EST.

As for the snowfall?? Well right now I look for the main snow zone to set up in the dark blue areas in the map below.
This is where I expect to see the 3" to 6" inches setting up! With lesser amounts to the south where they will see more rain. And between 2" to 4" and 3" to 5" inches north! With this snow we will also see wind move into the area early tomorrow morning gusting between 30 and 35 mph! So please be careful when heading out!

So really at this time I'm not changing anything snow accumulation - wise. However I will continue to watch this system and I will check back again if anything changes! If I need to tweak anything with this system you all will be the first to know. I'm waiting for a few more updated weather models to come in and if I see any changes in them I will let you know!

God Bless!

Coming Soon.

Developing Update coming soon.....

Latest Snow - Cast Map

I have gone through a lot of data off and on through out the day today. And right now I will go ahead and up the snowfall amounts in some areas. First off here's the break down for tonight into tomorrow morning.

Tonight I look for rain showers to move into the area closer to 7:pm - 8:pm EST before changing over to all snow after midnight or 1:am EST. We will have winds tonight between 10 and 15 mph gusting to 25 mph near 30 mph also as we head into Friday. So some blowing and drifting snow will be possible with this snow event! Expect a low tonight around 25* degrees.

Friday we will wake up with snow showers across the area. However they will be out of here by late morning! Winds will be breezy to start things Friday morning. Gusting near 30 mph possible. However they to will calm as the day continues. Expect a high on Friday around 34* degrees with a low around 19* degrees.

Now as for the expected snowfall amounts?? Take a look at this snow - cast map below.
I do see a possible 6" inch band setting up near some parts of the viewing area. You can see I have parts of northern Tippecanoe, county in that 3" to 6" inch range With areas of northern Montgomery, county in a 2" to 4" inch range. Just north of Monticello, in the 2" to 4" inch range and north of Remington, in a 1" to 3" inch range.

We do have a Winter Weather Advisory in effect for the following counties.
Clinton, Fountain, And Montgomery, counties. This Advisory is in effect from 7:pm this evening through 10:am EST Friday.

And a Winter Storm Warning is in effect for the following counties.
Carroll, Warren, Tippecanoe, Benton, Newton, Jasper, Cass, White. This Warning is in effect from 7:pm This Evening through 10:am EST Friday.

Please be careful heading out tomorrow morning as things will be slick! And windy! I'll check back again if needed.

God Bless!

Going Through Data

I'm going through all kinda of data this morning / afternoon. I may have to up the snowfall amounts before tonight. I don't want to jump the gun here so be sure to stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Video Forecast.

Here is a look at your video forecast below.

Here are the details on the Winter Storm Watch in effect for the WLFI viewing area.

Winter Storm Watch is in effect for the whole WLFI viewing area. This watch is in effect from Thursday evening through Friday morning.


Again right now the snowfall amounts are not set in stone! I will have more details on how much snowfall we could see right here on the blog by tomorrow night. So be sure to check back for the latest.

God Bless!

Developing Video Forecast

I have a big video forecast coming your way this evening bloggers. We will talk about the terrifying and destructive earthquake that hit New Zealand. And also some details on the Wabash River flooding. More rain on the way?? And how much? Will we see a second crest? All this coming up this evening.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Video Post

This video was uploaded at 1:30pm EST.....

Just a short forecast for the bloggers. A look into tomorrow's forecast where some rain could be on the way. Also average temperatures as we continue this week into next.

Monday, February 21, 2011

What We Seen Today Will Continue Into The Overnight...

Another cool rainy day in Indiana. Some areas in the northern half of the viewing area have already been seeing some snow showers and mixed precipitation. This will continue to be the story as we head into the overnight hours. Take a look at this radar image I took at 5:23pm EST this evening. You can see the areas of Snow accumulation, Minor ice accumulation, and heavy rainfall!We will see some mixed precipitation in Lafayette, changing over to all snow later on tonight. Nothing heavy. Snowfall would be less then an inch. Maybe even less then a half inch. Some minor icing is possible however nothing major! And heavy rain in the green areas in the map above. Here's the break down below.

Quick Cast.....

Tonight we can expect a mix of rain and snow. Some minor icing is possible however nothing major! Snowfall less then an inch. In the snow accumulation area in the radar image above will see slightly higher amounts snowfall amounts. Expect a low tonight around 23* degrees with winds between 5 and 10 mph.

Tuesday we will look for mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. Maybe a few left over scattered snow flurries in the early morning however overall we will become mostly to partly cloudy through out the day. Look for a cool high around 35* degrees with a low Tuesday night around 22* degrees. Winds between 3 and 5 mph.

And Wednesday we will look for partly cloudy skies across the area through out much of the day. I do expect to see some more clouds start to move into the area later on Wednesday evening / night with some light rain also possible later on that night into Thursday. Expect a high around 45* degrees with a low Wednesday night around 33* degrees. Winds between 5 and 10 mph.

I'm a big cold weather lover and a big snow lover however I'm ready for some warmer weather! I have things I need to get done outside and it's just to cool and wet to do anything right now! So I'm looking into the near future for some warmer weather and here's what I found!

Over the next 8 to 14 days I still don't see any big warm ups. Just more average to below average temperatures across the area. Mother Nature gave us a NICE TREAT last week and then TOOK IT AWAY! So over the next week / two weeks no major warm ups. Hang in there bloggers! I'll keep looking!

God Bless.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Major Snow Event To Our North Brings Some Rain And Snow To Indiana!

So there is a major snow event taking place just to our north at this very moment! I'm talking about blizzard conditions across areas such as ND, SD, and even MIN. Just amazing! Many other states are being effected by this snow event however the states I named above are going to see the worst! Or if your a snow lover "The Best" lol ;)

Just look at this monster of a system below.This thing stretches all the way from ND, / SD, all the way to NY!! WOW what a system! People in the SD, ND, and MIN, areas can expect to see winds gusting to 40 and 50 mph! WOW And take a look at the snowfall expected in the SD, areas.Feet of snow on the ground by the time this thing passes through. You can see 12 + inches of snow expected. Just amazing! I'm a big snow lover as you know so I would love to be up there right about now lol. This system for people in that area will be a dangerous one! With 12+ inches of snow expected and winds gusting to 40 and 50 mph. Visibility will be down to zero and the roads will be totally snow covered! Road crews will have a hard time trying to keep up with this one! If you know of anyone in these areas please give them a call and tell them to STAY HOME and keep posted with their local weather station! Don't go out in this dangerous system.

Still this system will have its effects on Indiana, as well. Just not in the form of a blizzard!

I'm looking for more of a rain to snow mix event for our area starting as soon as tonight! We are seeing a warm front push through the area keeping temperatures pretty steady at this time. Not falling very much. This warm front will be followed by a cold front tomorrow that will give way to some scattered rain showers across the area changing over to a rain / snow mix after 4:pm or 5:pm EST. Also falling temperatures as the day continues tomorrow. Take a look at this Prog Chart for 1:am est tonight below.This is showing the rain that will move into the area later tonight. Light and scattered. Now here's your weather forecast break down below.

Quick Cast.....

Monday we will look for mostly cloudy skies with scattered rain showers in the morning and afternoon hours. Expect the rain to try and change over to a rain / snow mix around 4:pm - 5:pm EST. snowfall less then a half inch expected. Highs will be around 45* degrees however the temperature will continue to fall as the day continues and the cold front passes through the area. Low Monday night around 25* degrees. Winds between 10 and 15 mph. Breezy! Expect a few gusts near 20 mph possible.

Tuesday we will look for partly cloudy skies across the area. Maybe a few light left over snow flurries in the early morning hours however overall we will be partly cloudy through out the day. Expect a high around 37* degrees with a low Tuesday night around 24* degrees. Winds between 3 and 5 mph.

As for anymore warm ups to come??? Well, looking into the 1st of March I don't see any big warm ups over 48* degrees to the low 50s. This week I believe we will average in the 30s and 40s as our highs.

I will check back again soon bloggers. Have a great evening and a great week!

God Bless!

Developing Update!

I'm working on a update at this moment! Stay tuned for all the details on the rain / snow mix on the way. Also details on the major snow event just to our north!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Record High Set In Lafayette, Today!

Take a look at the high temperatures today in the map above. WOW it was SPRING if only for a day! Highs up around Remington, hitting 60* degrees and highs here at home in Lafayette, hitting 63* degrees! We did see a good amount of sun today before the clouds moved into the area which helped us reach such a high. But the question is, "Did we break that record high?". YES! Take a look at this.You can see the old record high in Lafayette, set back in 1994 of 56* degrees. And now the new record high in Lafayette set just today of 63* DEGREES! Amazing. That's a good 7.7* degrees above the old record. We didn't just break the old record, WE SMASHED IT! lol. Just amazing.

The other thing we had to deal with today was the wind. Or should I say (Is the wind!) As it's still pretty gusty at times. I have many wind reports from around the area. Here are just a few below.You can see wind gusts in the Indianapolis, area at 40 mph. Lafayette, not far behind with a wind gusts to 31 mph. I did make it out to Armstrong park earlier this afternoon for a 2 mile run and that wind wasn't making things easy! However I will say that it was pretty cool to be running around a frozen pound with snow still on the ground in a T- Shirt lol. You don't get to do that everyday. 63* degrees and snow on the ground?? lol I have to say it was pretty nice! :)

So how much longer do we have with this mild weather and windy weather??

Well, I do see some 40s and 50s to finish out this week. However I also see 30s as high next week with 20s as our lows. So hopefully you all got out and enjoyed this mild weather while you could! Here's a look at your quick cast below.

Quick Cast.....

Tonight we will continue to see clouds move into the area with around a 30% chance for a few light scattered hit and miss rain showers. Also winds will continue to gust to near 35 mph at times.

Friday we will look for mostly clear skies across the area. Expect a high around 54* degrees however this will be early and the temperature will fall as the day continues. Low that night around 25* degrees. Expect winds between 10 and 15 mph with a few wind gusts to 20 - 25 mph possible.

Saturday we will look for Partly cloudy skies with more clouds trying to move into the area later that afternoon / evening. High of 44* degrees with a low Saturday night around 30* degrees. Winds become more calm between 5 and 10 mph.