Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Basic Thunderstorm, Flooding, And Severe All In One!

Just got a report from Fountain, county saying that they are receiving just your basic thunderstorm. Thunder lightning and light to moderate rainfall. Well, this is what we are expected to get in areas of Tippecanoe, White, Carroll, Clinton, and Montgomery counties over the next few hours! Now the more north you go into counties such as Benton, Newton, and Jasper, counties this is where you have a higher flood threat! You will see much heavier rains in the moderate to heavy range with your basic thunderstorm.

Severe weather is still staying south of Montgomery county which is good news for the WLFI viewing area! Areas around Terre haute, and east of there is getting hit hard with severe thunderstorm warnings and even some tornado warnings in areas of bloomington, IN. God bless them and keep them all safe!

Could the weather models have been spot on?

Currently looking like the models could be spot on with the placement of the severe weather! Take a look below... Radar image taken at 6:28pm EDTThis is where they were showing the High CAPE values along with the EHI, and Helicity! All things needed for severe weather development and possible tornadoes. Still we are keeping watch on the weather to impact our area. We should be seeing rain or hearing thunder closer to 6:50pm or 7:00pm EDT here in the Lafayette area. Currently looking like flooding could be the main threat here in the WLFI viewing area. Still expect some gusty winds possible, Moderate to heavy rainfall, And lightning is a threat with any storm...

Stay tuned.

Strong Stuff May Stay South!

Radar image taken at 6:20pm EDT...
We have so many severe thunderstorm warnings out with this system currently just starting to make it's way over the Indiana state line it's not even funny! But I have gone through the latest weather data and here's what I came up with!

We are still looking at lifted index at -1.8 and models are expecting them to fall just a little more between -2 and -3. Yes, this is still unstable enough to support these severe thunderstorms! Now I have also gone over the CAPE values and the EHI. They are both showing the worst to possibly stay from Tippecanoe county south. Now I'm not saying we won't see a stray strong storm or two as that is still very possible! But even looking at the radars right now the real strong stuff is staying south of Montgomery county! This is good news for the Viewing area.

Still we can expect to see moderate to heavy rainfall along with a few gusty winds between 30 and 40 mph possible. Flooding will be a threat! And frequent lightning!

If The Models Are Right?!?!

Okay bloggers, I have some weather model data to talk to you all about. Here are some Forecast weather models below and what they mean.

Lifted Index is expected to fall to or around -3. Anything around -4 is pretty unstable and allows severe thunderstorm development!

Total Totals models are expected to rise to or around 53, Which means Scattered Heavy Storms.

SWEAT models are expected to rise to or around 350, which anything at 300 or above means we have severe thunderstorm potential.

EHI is expected to be around 1, which it usually needs to be around 1 to 2 for thunderstorm development.

And we are looking at an 80% chance for thunderstorms this evening / tonight.

So after looking at these models and where they're expected to be later on this evening I'm going ahead and telling you that if this indeed happens then we will have some strong weather to track this evening / tonight. The sun has been out for the past half hour / 45 minutes or so which isn't helping any. The dew points are even going up as I type! All we can do for now is continue to watch the radars and data and keep each other updated!

This could be a long evening if the models are right!

Stay Tuned......

Why The Severe Weather Watch? I'll Tell You!

So we have that severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 9:00pm CDT 10:00pm EDT tonight but why is it in effect if we're not seeing anything severe?? Well, let me go ahead and point out that no we are not seeing anything severe at this time! Just some rain / thundershowers moving through the area. However this could change as the evening goes on! We have a lot of scattered moderate to severe thunderstorms popping up southwest of IL, and they are moving north north east! If we become a little more unstable then these storms could very well hold together and make it up to the WLFI viewing area! Take a look at what I'm talking about in this radar image below.
This is the reason we have been put under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00pm EDT tonight. We will all have to be here to keep everyone updated through out this weather event. Right now models are telling me we have around a 45% chance for dangerous winds if these storms do in fact hold together and move through the area. Currently the K-Index models are showing me around a 60% to 80% chance for thunderstorms this evening. This is a pretty good number. Right now the EHI models which is used along with CAPE to find where the real or highest chance for severe weather would set up is showing me just to the south of Lafayette, However it is close! Right now the tornado threat is around 5%. And hail in the area is also a low 15% chance. Now south of Lafayette, is a different story! I think they will have the highest chance for Hail, Wind, And Isolated Tornadoes, Still we need to stay storm ready and keep a close watch! Like I said this is close to home and as we seen yesterday severe weather has a mind of it's own.

Here's a look at the current severe weather outlook map below.
You can see in the green areas is the slight risk. The yellow area is the moderate risk for severe weather. See how close to home it is??

You can bet that I'll do my best to be here giving in storm updates as usual. So stay tuned and I will check back.

Thunder By 2:45pm EDT.

Radar image taken at 2:05pm EDT...
This system has slowed a bit as it moved into the WLFI viewing area. Lafayette as you can see above is now expecting to see the thundershowers start in closer to 2:45pm EDT and Logansport should see the rain closer to 4:00pm give or take a little. The severe thunderstorm warning has been lifted in IL, and a new one has yet to be issued. This system has weakened as it's moved closer to home which is always good news! We still have some light to moderate rainfall to expect. Also some lightning which is a threat with any thunderstorm. And maybe a few breezy winds as well as you can see some minor bowing in the image above.

I'll check back again soon.

Here Come The Watches...

Severe Thunderstorm Watch In Effect!

Severe thunderstorm watch has been put into effect for every county in the WLFI viewing area but Benton, Newton, and Jasper, counties. This watch is in effect from now until 9:00pm CDT 10:00pm EDT tonight...


Watching The System. Severe T-Storm Warning In Effect Near The City Of Effingham, IL.

Radar image taken at 1:01pm EDT...

Okay bloggers. We have this small line of rain / thunderstorms about to move into the WLFI viewing area. Right now looking to be closer to Tippecanoe, county and White, / Carroll, counties closer to 2:00pm EDT this afternoon. Now I'm picking up some lightning strikes with this system and the national weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for a county in IL right around the city of Effingham, IL. This system is moving north east at around 48.8 mph. This is the only area currently with a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. Now I have gone through our current data and the temperatures have been going up slowly. We are looking at a slightly unstable Lifted index (LI) at -0.3. And our Total Totals models (TT) are showing a 20% to 40% chance for some scattered thunderstorms to moderate thunderstorms possible in the area. So right now we are not looking to bad but with this system still holding together as it moves closer we will have to keep a close eye on it as with any system. Nothing severe to talk about in the WLFI viewing area as of now!

Still stay tuned..... I will check back with another update soon.....

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Storms Have Passed!

Well, bloggers let me tell you that I believe the worst is over for now! Yes, what was looking like some severe storms in this line did indeed head south of Fountain, county. All we are looking at in the WLFI viewing area is some thundershowers. Nothing severe! Lafayette, has already picked up 3" inches of rain from that first dangerous cell and it's still coming down here! This has been a crazy tracking night that's for sure. Take a look at the radar indicated total rainfall in this map below.You can see the Lafayette, area Doppler is indicating the 3" inch range which seems to be spot on with what I've recorded as of 7:00pm EDT which is when this image above was taken! Three inches in the WLFI viewing area has been recorded in the Pick. The red is the 1" to 2" inch range. And the peach color is the 0.50" to 1" inch range. And remember in some areas we will see a little more then this as it's still raining! This is why some flooding is a threat! We still have flood warnings in effect for some of the WLFI viewing area until 1:00am EDT tonight. Here's the warning posted below.














Don't forget to make your final rainfall reports to the CoCoRaHS first thing in the morning if your a member. Here's the link (( http://www.cocorahs.org/ )) If your not a member then there's no better time to become one then right now! You can fine all the info you need on the site I gave you above.

Now back to the storms we had. Doppler was picking up lots of possible hail inside the storms however we have only received one confirmed report and it's a pretty good sized one!

Hail Reports...


But one thing we knew we would see a lot of was WIND and that we did! I have a number of wind damage reports from around the area and some even from right here in Lafayette! Take a look.

Wind Reports...




This has been a scary storm for sure. And I hope you all did as you should and got to your safe spots! The good news is I don't have any tornado reports to talk about tonight thank Goodness. And everyone stayed safe!

God Bless.....

Most Of Us Will Miss The Severe!

They have gone ahead and put out a severe thunderstorm warning for south Fountain, county. This line of storms is still moving east. I'm thinking that most of the WLFI viewing area will only see light to moderate rainfall with some lightning and thunder. Pretty much your basic thunderstorm. Which that would be great news. It seems that after that first dangerous storm moved through the viewing area it has helped to stable things a bit. So as this next line of storms to our west has moved closer to the viewing area it has started to weaken.

Main threats will be.....

Moderate rainfall at a rate of a half inch to an inch an hour.

Some low land flooding cannot be ruled out.

Lightning is a threat with any storm.

Storms Still To Come!

Now we need to be getting ready to start really watching what we still have to come from our west. We have at least one area where the National weather service had issued a severe thunderstorm warning. And this area currently looks to be moving east for the Fountain, county area.You can see the line of storms to our west in this radar image taken at 5:54pm EDT above. These storms are moving east at around 38 mph. Right now areas like Benton, White, And Warren, counties are looking for some heavy rain falling at a rate of a half inch to an inch an hour possible. Now areas like Fountain, county you currently have the chance to see rainfall falling at a rate of 1" to 2" inches an hour with possible pea sized hail in areas. Now currently with the cell heading to Fountain, county the National weather service has Issued a severe thunderstorm warning. This is something we will keep track of as it heads into Fountain, county.

As for the rest of us from Fountain, county north at this time things are not looking severe. But with storms like we have been seeing today we won't let our guard down jut yet! ;)

Stay tuned I'll check back.....

Current Rotation!

Above in the Pink is where the current Rotation is being picked up and where it is currently moving! It is moving into southwestern Clinton, county. Extreme Northeastern Montgomery county.

Stay Tuned!

Storms Storms They Just Keep Coming!

You can see where the rotation is in the pink area! This is now entering Clinton, county! Still rotating and Doppler is picking up pea to marble sized hail possible. You can expect dangerous cloud to ground lightning. Gusty winds. Heavy rain, Possible pea to marble sized hail, And an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out with the rotation still being picked up on radar!

Lafayette, you are looking okay at this time from this dangerous cell. Still areas of south eastern Tippecanoe, county your not our of the woods just yet! You to have Dangerous cloud to ground lightning, Heavy rain at 2" to 4" inches an hour, Possible pea sized hail, and an isolated tornado cannot be rule out, to watch out for!

Then we do still have more severe thunderstorms moving in from our west that we have to watch as they are starting to move into the northern parts of the WLFI viewing area in counties such as Benton, Warren, And northern Fountain counties. Currently what;s in these counties is not severe! But we do have a number of severe thunderstorm warning issued right on the Indiana state line in IL.....

Stay Tuned!

Reports From Monroe In Tippecanoe County!

I got reports coming in for Monroe, here in Tippecanoe saying that when they look to their north / northwest they are seeing a number of cloud to ground lightning strikes! This cell is still moving east south east still right in between Lafayette and Monroe! If you live in or around any of these areas please stay away from your doors and windows and keep the TV on! or your weather radio!! If in the Clinton county area be ready as this storm is heading to you!

Stay Tuned.....

Clinton County Stay Storm Ready! Still Picking Up Slight Rotation On Doppler!

I'm still picking up slight rotation between Lafayette, and Monroe, here in Tippecanoe, county. Just south of Lafayette, and just North of Monroe. This cell is still moving east toward Clinton, county. If you live in the Clinton, county area please be storm ready. Turn your tv up all the way and be ready to head to your safe spot. Now that this cell is passing the Lafayette, area I can tell you that we have not had any reports of tornadoes at this time! Thank goodness. But this doesn't mean you should let you guard down if you live in the Clinton county area!

Stay Tuned.

Still Watching Closely!

Okay White, county your looking good with this cell. Tippecanoe county hang in there. Heavy rainfall still coming down at a rate of 2" to 4" inches an hour in Central Tippecanoe. Still some slight rotation. However I think the straight line winds will be the main threat. Still when we have rotation being picked up on radar we need to take note and stay storm ready and be ready to get to the safe spots! This cell will be moving into Clinton, county in the next 20 minutes or so.

Stay Tuned. We have more thunderstorms coming from our west we will have to deal with. This looks to be the story for the rest of this evening at least!
I'm picking up a LARGE hail area using Doppler radar. We can expect to see high gusty winds / Damaging winds! Large hail possible. Heavy Heavy rainfall. Frequent dangerous lightning. And I'm still picking up rotation! Lafayette get to your safe spots. North of lafayette get to your safe spot as well!!
Wind is going to be STRONG as these storms move through the area! Still some slight rotation with rainfall falling at a rate of 2" to 4" inches an hour! Marble sized hail still being picked up on Doppler radar as I type! Lights are starting to flicker.. Still looking like West Lafayette as the main target. Lafayette still needs to be on there toes. If you live any ware near these areas please stay storm ready. Turn your TVs on to your local weather stations LOUD!! and be ready to get to your safe spots just in case!
WEST Lafayette is looking to be the main target at this time!! Still Lafayette will be REALLY close!! All I can tell you all right now is I'm still picking up rotation with this storm as its only 5.4 miles from Lafayette! Please be storm ready and get to your safe spots!! Doppler is still showing signs of rotation!

Rotation still coming up on us here in the Lafayette area!! Be ready to get to your safe spots!!
This cell is entering Tippecanoe county right now! You can already hear the thunder!!!! This is still a VERY strong cell!! I'm still picking up some light rotation as I type! From the lafayette area north in tippecanoe county then be ready to get to your safe spot! This cell Doppler is tracking is still showing signs of rotating! Which means it could give way to a tornado! We need to be storm ready! From Lafayette, North in Tippecanoe county be ready to get to your safe spots!!
I'm still picking up some light rotation with this cell but it did weaken a very slight bit! This is still a VERY STRONG cell so don't give up on it yet! Rain is still coming down at a rate of 2" to 4" inches an hour along with Pea to morble sized hail still being picked up on Doppler! This cell is just about to enter northern tippecanoe, county! Stay tuned!
The image above is showing the spot of the rotation!!!! Southern benton county heading east into northern Tippecanoe, and southern white counties!! Still rotating along with LARGE hail of possible golf ball sized and HEAVY HEAVY rainfall at a rate of 14" to 16" inches an hour!!




We have a VERY strong cell in the Southern Benton, county area right now moving east... This cell is showing signs of rotating! Aldo VERY heavy rainfall and Marble to golf ball sized hail is possible! This cell will be heading into the Northern Tippecanoe county area and also the extreme southern white county area and then into Carroll county before long...

AGAIN IT IS ROTATING!!!! If your in these areas go ahead and be ready to get to your safe spots!!!!

Severe thunderstorm watch in effect for most of the WLFI viewing area.

We have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the whole WLFI viewing area, The only viewing area counties not in this watch are the following..... Benton, Newton, Jasper, White, and Carroll, counties. Everyone else is in this watch from now until 11:00pm EDT tonight.

I will have a more detailed update coming your way in just a few so stay tuned!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Things Working Out As Expected! Thank God!

Hey bloggers. Well the good news is everything turned out okay! We had not one but two storms try to effect the area. But the good news is the second one lost it's power as it moved into our more stable air as expected. Take a look at this radar image below. This was taken at 9:20pm EDT. You can see the first storm that went through the area. This is the one that really effected the Warren, Fountain, Tippecanoe, Montgomery, and Clinton, county areas. Pretty much anyone north of Lafayette, was only seeing some showers and light thundershowers. Now we did have some Doppler indicated pea sized hail showing up in areas of Tippecanoe, Fountain, Montgomery, and Clinton, county however we have not had any real reports! But we did see many high wind reports around the area. I seen a lot of bowing with this first storm and all these reports confirm it!! Take a look at this below.



60 MPH Wind Recorded

Just crazy... That's the only word that comes to mind. The good thing about this first round of storms that went through our area is they quickly made things more stable. We had lifted index (LI) back up to +1.2 after these storms went through. This is pretty good. Any LI from -3 and lower is when things really can get ugly storm-wise. This is why I was thinking that even though there was severe thunderstorm watches out in IL, with the second round of storms I still figured they would weaken as they moved closer to our more stable air. Which thank goodness it worked out that way! ;)

Now it seems we have had rain chances just about everyday this week?!?! Is that going to continue to start the work week?? Well, I hate to break it to everyone but I gotta keep scattered rain / thundershower chances in the forecast for the first few days of the work week. Take a look at your two day forecast I put together below.Sure we're finally getting the pool like temperatures in the near 90 range however the rain chances just keep coming along with it. Well, this time we can thank a low pressure system that is taking it's sweet old time moving across the area. Yes, because of this low I cannot keep out the rain / thundershower chances. Now the good thing is I'm not going to call for an all day total wash out! I think we will see breaks. But still keep the umbrella handy! ;) This is going to be the story for the next couple days at least!

I'm also looking at the temperatures for the week ahead and if you like the hot summer weather then you'll like these temperatures! I have them ranging between the upper 80s and the low 90s!!!! Now all we need is a little more sun and we can hit the pools! :)

Have a great day bloggers. I will be back here if any weather breaks loose! ;)

God Bless.

First round has passed. Will the second round be as bad?

Okay bloggers. The severe weather is now starting to move into Boon county and out of the WLFI viewing area. Even Clinton, county is looking good at this time. The rest of the WLFI viewing area just has to worry about some light to moderate rainfall. Benton, Newton, and Jasper, counties are looking good and even dry! ;)

Now I have just gone through the current data and the good news is we are looking pretty stable! I'm looking at Lifted index of +1.2 which is pretty good. Even the SWEAT models are below 300 which is also a good sign! Now we are watching some more scattered thundershowers to our west at this time. You can see them in this radar image taken below.
Radar image taken at 7:03pm EDT...

Now there are some severe thunderstorm watches with these storms to our west however if we continue to stay as stable as we are right now then we should start to see these storms weaken as the move closer to the WLFI viewing area. Also we are starting to head into the evening / night time hours when we start to cool down which should help us along as well.

Still for now we will continue to watch the storms to our west just to be on the safe side. And if anything is to change you can bet that I will be here to let you all know!

I'll check back if needed!

Update as of 6:45pm

Radar image taken at 6:40pm EDT

You can see the current problem area which is inside the pick. Right now entering Montgomery county you can expect HEAVY RAINFALL 1" to 2" inches an hour. I'm not going to rule out the chance for some pea sized hail. Also expect frequent lightning and gusty winds as this storm is showing signs of bowing. After they push through Montgomery county and Tippecanoe county expect them in the Clinton county area and the Boon county area. Pretty much if your south of Lafayette, then you have the better chance of severe weather. North of Lafayette you should be okay! Good news is I have seen no rotation with these storms! Lafayette you are just about finished with severe! Only the eastern parts of Tippecanoe are seeing it at this time.

Stay tuned!

Update as of 6:32pm EDT

You can see the radar image taken at 6:27pm above. These storms are continuing to move east making the severe threat to be in the southern tippecanoe county and Montgomery county areas. Frequent lightning, Gusty winds, Heavy rainfall at a rate of 1" to 2" inches an hour possible and some pea sized hail cannot be ruled out! This storm is in south Central tippecanoe county right now still moving east! Montgomery county get ready for HEAVY rainfall. Gusty winds, And frequent lightning within the next ten minutes or so!

Stay tuned!

Severe thunderstorm warning in effect for Most of tippecanoe county, along with Northern fountain county and eastern warren county. Right now Fountain county and southern tippecanoe county looks to be in the path of this storm. Expect high gusty winds. Heavy rainfall coming down at a rate of a half inch to an inch an hour. And some pea sized hail is also possible in areas! Lightning is always a threat with any storm. These storms are moving east.

Stay tuned for updates as needed!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Radar Image At 7:17pm, Things Are Looking Good As The Strong Line Moves Off To Our East!!

As you can see the strong line of severe storms, aka the ones that caused all the problems are now moving out of the WLFI viewing area thank goodness! Now all we have to worry about is some light to moderate rainfall through out this evening. But that's just fine with me. Now we do have some flooding threats around the area! And we do still have that flood warning in effect for north western Benton, county! This will be your biggest threat for tonight if you live in the Benton, county area. Otherwise things are looking good for the rest of us. Just light to moderate rainfall and maybe a few more thundershowers could be possible. But the severe line as you can see above is moving off to our east north east!
I'll check back again if needed!

Things are looking up!

We are still watching the storm cell near Logansport at this time. Storms are still moving East North East. The storms that went through the WLFI viewing area had Echo tops AKA Cloud tops reaching as high as 40,000ft to 45,000ft which yes is severe!! Good news is the worst is now passed counties such as Benton, Newton, Jasper, Warren, Fountain, Carroll, Tippecanoe, and White, counties. We are now only looking at Echo tops around 30,000ft to 35,000ft which is much better! Still scattered thundershowers through out this evening into tonight but the worst is over for the counties listed above!

Montgomery, Clinton, and Cass, county things are looking up for you as well.

Stay Tuned!

Logansport Stay Storm Ready!

Tornado warning in effect currently for Parts of Cass county. Near Logansport! Storms are moving east north east!

Stay Tuned!

Latest Update! I was just out in this mess!

We have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect right now for south western Tippecanoe county. Right now I was just out in this mess and we are seeing strong winds with heavy burst of rain at times. Lots of lightning some cloud to ground! Good news is I have not seen or recorded any hail reports in Tippecanoe county! No rotation at this time as well. Looks like after the front of this storm passes the rest should be okay. Just moderate to heavy rainfall through out this evening into tonight!

Still as always stay away from windows!! Lightning and high winds are our main threats at this time! Along with heavy rainfall. Benton, Newton, and Jasper, counties you are looking good at this time!!

Stay Tuned!!

Update as of 5:30pm EDT.

Well, currently we are looking at Lifted index for the WLFI viewing area around -1.7 which isn't to bad! Yes it is a little unstable but still not to bad! When it drops below -3 to -4 that's when things really start to look ugly. Still we are watching the counties of Benton, Newton, and Jasper closely at this time as they are seeing some strong storms push through the area as I type. Rainfall coming down at a rate of 1" to 2" inches an hour along with some pea sized hail possible. The National weather service has already put a severe thunderstorm warning into effect for those areas. Along with a flood warning for the north western parts of Benton, county.

Now Lafayette as around areas are still dry at this time however we are still staying with an 80% chance for some scattered to Moderate thunderstorms to make way into our area as the evening continues. Right now it is looking like most of the severe weather is staying north on Tippecanoe county. However pretty much the whole WLFI viewing area is under that severe thunderstorm WATCH until 8:00pm EDT tonight.

Now the good news with all this bad weather is I'm currently not picking up any signs of rotation! That's always a GOOD sign!

So stay tuned bloggers!

Area To Watch!

Areas to watch at this point and time closely are the areas or should I say the counties of Benton. Newton, And Jasper, as you can see the area in Pink below. My radar maps are picking up rainfall coming down at a rate of 1" to 2" inches an hour in these areas along with some pea sized hail possible. This whole area your can also see the national weather service put out a severe thunderstorm warning! If your in these areas please stay tuned to your local weather and stay storm ready. Good news Is I have not picked up any signs of rotation which is always a GOOD SIGN!!

Stay tuned! RADAR IMAGE TAKEN AT 5:08PM EDT.....
Storm Update Developing!!!!!

Stay Tuned!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Good news is the storms are doing as expected and weakening as they move into the WLFI viewing area!! After looking at the current data before my first blog update I knew we were rather stable which was a GREAT sign that they would start to weaken as they moved across the area!! We no longer have a tornado warning in effect for Newton county!! Thank goodness! Still however a severe thunderstorm warning. Things are looking good at this time..... I think we will be okay! ;) Just some scattered thundershowers tonight! We can handle that lol :)

The cells I'm watching right now are the storms moving into Newton and Jasper counties!! They are showing signs of having heavy rainfall falling at a rate of 1" to 2" Inches an hour along with pea sized hail. There is a severe thunderstorm warning issued with these cells and for areas of Benton, Newton, and Jasper, counties. Also a tornado warning for areas of northern Newton county. These warning boxes are moving east!! Everyone in Benton, Newton, and Jasper, counties should be storm ready!! Stay tuned to your local weather and JIWB for the latest!!

Sorry bloggers I was at a softball game!! Went great! Now back to weather. You can see we do have a severe line of thunderstorms coming our way here in the WLFI viewing area. This line of storms has given way to some tornadoes in the past in areas of IL. This is something to take note of. As you can see we do still have the red boxes posted in this radar image above for areas of IL. This is where the tornado warnings are currently in place. We will continue to watch this line closely as it moves closer and closer to the WLFI viewing area. Right now we look for a 60 to 80% chance for thunderstorms tonight. We are looking for Scattered to moderate storms. Now the good thing is we are looking kinda okay stable - wise! Lifted index is around -0.7 which isn't to bad! I think we will start to see some of the storms let up just a bit as they move closer to the WLFI viewing area! Still we need to be alert and focused on the radars! So for now I will continue to watch this developing story and I will check back as needed.

Main threats right now would be frequent lightning, Pea sized hail is possible. Few gusty winds! Heavy rainfall, and at the moment an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out! (But I'm working on it) lol :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Long Time No Post! ;)

Wow as you can see I havent had to post a storm update since May 14th as that was our last severe thunderstorm threat! Thank goodness!!!! I just wanted to pop in letting you all know that I havent forgot about you! You know I will always do my best to have updates posted when severe weather threats as well as in storm updates!!

Have you all been enjoying this nice pool weather?? It has been wonderful that for sure!

Anyway stay cool my Indiana weather bloggers...