Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome Back Bloggers :D

Hey bloggers. WELCOME HOME! LOL :) I'M again sooo sorry for having you all change back to the layout but I like this a little better and I think it is a little more user friendly! Do you all like Blogger??

Well here is where we will continue to give in storm updates to keep everyone safe and we will also talk weather like we always do! ;) The reason for all the slow updates on the Wordpress blog is because of this switch I have been working on. Thank goodness for this nice weather we have had. It has given me time to play around with things and get them just the way I want! And if it was not for all my wonderful bloggers that stick with me even when updates are slow I would not know what to do without you all. You make tracking weather fun and amazing!

I will be back with a look into your forecast here very soon. Until then BLOG AWAY!!!! :) And THANKS AGAIN FOR UNDERSTANDING!!!! :D