Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!

It is now Halloween and a great one it will be!!!!!

We are looking at a Halloween high of 65* and clear witch is going to be great for all the trick or treaters.....It is not snow as fun as that would have been but this is a treat I guess you could say..... Just remember warm weather lovers this warm weather wont last long at all..... Maybe later into next week we will start to cool off again!!!!! So cold weather lovers get ready things are still looking good for a cold and snowy winter..... I'M looking soooooooo forward to a cold cold cold and snowy winter this year and you know it a white CHRISTMAS AND THANKSGIVING!!!!! But for now lets get through Halloween first.....

I have just got done making two Halloween cakes and a batch of pop corn balls for our Halloween day treat!!!!! and I'M sure they will all be gone by the end of the day! They look sooooooooo good I'M trying to keep out of them and believe me it is not easy!!!!! :-)

So once again HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! and be sure to keep safe watch the kids closely and most of all have fun and make it a great one because Halloween only comes once a year!!!!! Have fun carving your PUMPKINS!! :-)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I day till Halloween and a Halloween warm up!!

1 Day Till Halloween!!!!!

We are getting close now!!!!! :-)

So I bet you all would like to know just how the Halloween outlook is coming?? Right? Well we are going to be in a slight warm up Starting as soon as today!! and on Halloween we are looking at an expected high of around 66*. So the trick or treaters should be nice and warm in there customs!!!!! As well as all the parents!! I'M sure the parents are Happy about that!! :-)

But with this warm up when could we start to get back down into the cooler temperatures?? I have that answer as well. I have been looking at the latest model runs and it looks like we could see a cool down by November 7th into the 8th and we could see our next best chance of rain by November 6th as of now. But you all know this is a little far out yet to give a for sure forecast so I will watch this and keep you posted as I always do!!!!! :-)

Now one more thing. With all this talk of a warm Halloween we can not forget about a Freeze warning still out for Carroll County. Take a look below.



This means a freeze warning is out for Carroll County from 4:00am till 10:00am Thursday. And any counties nearby Carroll county could see temperatures drop down to 32 or below degrees F*. Here in Tippecanoe County I have our low of 34*.

So after a chilly start today we will warm up for Halloween and a few days after. And then by late next week we should start to drop back down. I will keep a close eye on this and I will keep you updated..... Now go and make today a great one!!!!! :-) I will see you soon.....

Whats the Halloween High?????

2 Days till Halloween!!!!!

2 days and now what is the Halloween high going to be????? That is the question..... Well I have been looking at the model maps and as of right now we are looking at an October trick!!!!! How is this an October trick?? Well our High yesterday was only 44* and we should be at 60* on Avg for this time of year. And we could be back to Above Avg as soon as Halloween day! Now me I would like snow on Halloween and I know a lot of you would think I'M crazy but when it comes to snow I will stay up all night and track it. I love snow that much!!!!! But with highs going back up to the high 50s and mid 60s I think snow is going to be on hold for a few and by hold I mean not this week for sure but our wintry year I think still looks good!!!!! :-) I'M still sticking to my forecast!!!!! Now Halloween is looking to be maybe 64* and this could still change..... I will keep a close eye on this so we will know just what custom to where lol..... I do think we can put thoughs winter coat customs away this Halloween! As much fun as it would have been to have snow on Halloween at least the Kids will be better off and by that I mean less of a chance of getting sick well other then off of candy!!!!! :-)

So Happy Halloween and the count down continues..... I will check back soon.....Have a great day.....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween is coming and did we have snow?????

That's right it is now count down to Halloween!!!!! 3 Days now!!!!! This is a picture of my Rat terrier Dobby, on the left and my sisters Chihuahua Willie, on the right. It is now more like a tradition that we take a picture of them for Halloween Christmas and Thanksgiving Well I guess I went out of order there but you get the point!!
We also had some snowflakes last night nothing like what we see in the picture above but they were dime size but did not last long I would say 2 maybe 3 min. By the time I stoped looking at the beautiful flakes to go get my camera they were gone! I guess you could say I got stuck in the moment!! LOL..... But it was nice to see some much loved snow!Now we must and I do mean MUST bundle up out there it is a COLD one even right now at 2:47pm I have a temp of only 44.6* without a wind chill! I would do like the picture above and stay warm..... Not just us but your Pets to like you see ours at the top right by the fireplace..... Have a great day everybody I will see you soon.....

Monday, October 27, 2008

What a wild day.....

WOW what a wild day yesterday was right????? Windy and chilly was all the hubba.. But there was no reports to the NWS from Indiana I was shocked! But that dose not mean anything because we did still have some wild wind as in Haloween stuff blowing down the street and some good size tree limbs down in the yard and that was enough for me.....I did however find some high wind reports at Forest city, IA, of 62 Mph. and another from Cambria, NY, of 60 Mph. Some of it you could say was cool like when the low level wind shear made what looked like a mini tornado..... Made out of leaves.....

Now we have a hard FREEZE to talk about... We went from a wind advisory yesterday to a FREEZE WARNING today!!!!! That's right a Freeze warning here is some of what the NWS has to say.....



That's right LOW LOW Temperatures is going to be the main thing for the next few days. As I'M expecting our high for today to be only 45* and a chilly low of only 31* then tomorrow a high of only 52 and a whooping low of only 23* CHILLY!!!!! So A hard Freeze I think is in order..... Grab another blanket for your bed and I think we should have a HOT COCOA ADVISORY..... But we will have to talk to Mike Prangley, about that..... LOL..... So one thing I just can't say enough is bring your pets inside this is getting close to that time of year again where pets get Freezing cold and we don't want that.....

Now we can all brace for the cold weather on the way and hold on ..............................................Halloween is only 4days away!!!!! WOW!!!!! That means Nov, is getting closer and closer. So how is Halloween looking????? well after all this cold weather there may be a slight warm up not anything to major. Looking clear at this point and time as well.....

So everybody keep warm and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Stefanie, is through and cold and windy weather is on the way!

We had our rain and all is said and done we also had a few gusty winds here in Lafayette and you can see the bow on the radar below take a look.

I have circled the bow or the radar map so you can see it better and just how big it was. Now there was not any reports to the SPC but there was a normal report of the wind blowing over some trash cans into a house but that was about it. There was no damage done as for as I know. Now you could hear the wind but nothing severe. Now we just have to get ready for some cold weather on the way as I'M expecting a big cold front to be moving through our area by Sunday night into Monday. Where we could have a high only of 48* on Sunday and that is without the wind chill. And that is also the day I'M expecting the gusty winds to move in which they could be any ware between 35 and 40 Mph and some could gust as high as 45 Mph. So bring out your heavy jackets.

Here is some rainfall totals from rain storm Stefanie, I just got in.

You can see the BIG total of the day with 0.61" of an inch from right here in the Lafayette area. And the lowest rainfall total coming in from Fountain County with only 0.25" of an inch. And now that the rain is all said and done we can enjoy a great weekend other then the winds. But as long as we stay on top of things we can be ready..... If anybody is a CoCoRaHS member then Don't forget to make you reports before 7:00am they need your help. If you are not a member and would like to know more about it then you can go to this site CoCoRaHS. and it will tell you all about it and you can sign up. It is a lot of fun and they welcome any volunteer. If you like to keep track of weather records total rain or snowfall this is the place to go you will love it.

Everybody enjoy your weekend and I will check back with you if needed have a great day weatherwise and otherwise.....:-)

Rain storm Stefanie, is coming through.

Hey there.. Well today was not all that was expected with that dry slot being stronger then expected keeping most of the rain to our north and south however we did not miss out on our expected rainfall totals as I have .50" here in my gauge and I will be sure to post more rainfall totals from rain storm Stefanie, as they come in. Now we do still have another system of rain coming here soon so we are not done yet..... And we will add to our rainfall totals once again..
Here is some of what I have been looking at on my radar take a look below.....

This is a radar taken at 9:05pm this is our 2nd batch of rain on the way.

Now I have been watching the weather maps for Sunday for some high winds. The maps I have are showing some isobars packed tight together which means high winds. Now the question is how high and how long will they be?? Well they should be between 35 and 40 Mph and some could gusts as high as 45Mph. And they should last through out most of the day Sunday. And should really start to clear out and start to look a lot better by Monday. So if you have to drive any ware on Sunday you should allow yourself some extra time. And take it slow because remember when you are out on a road in the open area the winds could be even higher.

Also with the high winds remember we will have a wind chill. With our expected high for Sunday as of now being only 48*. Now also being Indiana the tempature still has time to change and if it dose I will let you know.

So for now enjoy going to sleep with the light rain tapping the window..... I will check back in the morning with your total Stefanie, rain amounts.....

A dry slot has come over us and now we talk about snow?

Now not an all day rain do to a dry slot over our area however we are not out in the clear just yet I'M still expecting another batch of rain to move into our area by later this evening. Rainfall totals still are between a quarter and a half of an inch possible. We are not looking at anything bad or anything to worry about in this forecast but maybe there is a real slight chance of a few lake effect snow flurries. Nothing to worry about there ether or anything to scoop Darn!!!!! LOL I love snow and wish we could scoop. But when could we possibly see these light snow flurries????? Well maybe as soon as late late Sunday into Monday early early morning and this is if any! However we will keep a look out and try to spot some and if any of you do try to get a picture and send it to and I will post it..... For now try to stay warm it is a little chilly out there.....

We are talking possible snow flurries and it is not even Halloween yet? WOW..... If this is not something you can talk about.....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things still look on track!

A day of rain is on the way..... The new rainfall amounts is still holding up for us in Tippecanoe county, between a quarter and a half of an inch possible and in some northern and southern counties may be closer to Three quarters of an inch to an inch possible but like I said we in Tippecanoe county, should stay in the lower range do to a dry slot. We should start to see some rain by at least 2:00am Friday and it will go through out most if not all day Friday..... Anything severe with this system????? Not expecting anything in that area of weather. Now there maybe a few gusty winds between 25 and 35 MPH at times but as in severe thunderstorms or anything like that I will say no we should not have to worry about that this time around which is fine with me..... If you have any weather pictures you would like me to post you can send them in at and I will try to post them on here. Maybe your cat or dog sleeping by the fire to stay warm or some pictures of our rain would be great as well. Just send them in and I will try to post them.....

I will keep you all updated as best as I can and after all is said and done I will post some rainfall totals. Keep warm and dry..... :-) In this chilly wet weather.....:-)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rain on the way and maybe a slight warm up?

Well cold temperatures and rain are all the talk today.

Lets start with Rain..........Tomorrow (Thursday) we will be mostly clear to partly cloudy and should not see any rain till maybe late late night around 11:00pm. The timing has already changed once and will most likely change again so if it dose I will keep you updated..... We should really start to see the rain by Friday with new rainfall totals between a Half of an inch and Three Quarters of an inch possible. In some places they could get closer to an inch in heaver bands. This all really deepens on how the Low Pressure tracks.... One thing I'M glad to tell you all about is we should not have to worry about any severe weather just some good old rain and maybe some wind gusts between 25 and 30 mph. We all know Indiana has some hard weather to forecast and even though we are not in a severe risk we still watch these systems because like what happened with our last rain storm Hunter, There was a report of wind damage as in trees down on cars houses and just pulled up from the ground in Pulaski County, and there was no severe weather risk out or watches / warnings.... Though we are not expecting anything bad with this system I will still keep a close watch on it and keep you all updated.....

And now temperatures.....Last nights low was only 35* and our high was only 55*. Well we could see a sight warm up for at least one day with a high Tomorrow (Thursday) of around 62* and a nightly low of around 42* so not much but with us getting use to these cooler temperatures we should feel the difference..... So for tonight grab the cocoa coffee or whatever you like and try to stay warm.....I will see you all here real soon.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The latest winter outlook you don't want to miss this!!!!!

We had more frost today well this morning and boy was it cold I had a report of 36* at around 6:00am from right here in the Lafayette area COLD but soooooo NICE!! :-) Now I said I would check into your winter outlook and post it here and I always keep my promises.... But first here is a few ways to help tell what the up coming winter will be like from no other then our Mother Nature. Take a look below.....This is most likely the best way to tell the winter outlook because mother nature is never wrong!!!!! Here is a picture of a Snowy owl..........Anyway the outlook still is holding up with Colder then normal and more snowfall then normal. And to Britten the light a little more on hope for a snowy winter I was looking at some surface ocean maps and I'M thinking we are in for another La-Nina winter jet stream pattern this year which is what we had last year. As you most likely know La-Nina jet stream is what will bring us the mid-west more snowfall then normal so this just adds to the snow lovers hope!!!!! Take a look and you will see why I'M thinking La-Nina this year.....
You can see the dark blue and purple color which is very cold water to help explain just what La-Nina and El-Nino really is go to this link it will show you all you need to know with an anamation it is really easy and cool..... El Niño and La Niña So a cold and snowy winter is in the forecast but if I'M saying this and the NWS is saying a mild and above normal temperatures who do we believe????? Let me point out that last year the NWS said (Above normal Temps and below normal snowfall) The almanac said Just as they are saying this tear (Wild wet cold and snowy) And not to mention I have given you all some tips as to how mother nature will let us all know the real answer..... So keep warm and I will keep you all updated on your rain coming real soon..........

Monday, October 20, 2008

New weather maps coming and maybe a Hot Cocoa Advisory!

I have some new cool stuff to talk to you all about!!!!!

Here I have some new maps and radar that I can now post on here to show you all more detailed weather images. I will post it on here tomorrow and more as storms come in or rain. This will help not only me but you as well. This way you all can see what I'M talking about other then me trying to explain it word for word. And we will also be able to see just what Counties seen rain and who didn't. Down to the last droop! I can post Lightning Strikes Echo Tops and much more sound cool????? I can't Wait to show you. :-)

We may need another Hot Cocoa Advisory issued for tonight! Why you ask? Take a look at tonight's expected low.
This is because a cold front is going to be moving through our area tonight bringing our temperature down to a Hot Cocoa level! :-) So you may need another blanket on your bed! And be sure to bring in your pets. I'M still looking for rain on Thursday as of now new rainfall amounts are between a quarter and a half of an inch possible I will keep you updated on this and coming up soon! How our winter outlook is coming!!!!! I will check back real soon.....

I found our first frost and now rain is back in our forecast.


Sorry everybody I just had to do that lol..... We just got our first frost on Saturday morning it was not much but a lot of Tippecanoe County got it. I have reports of people having frost on there window when they got an early start out and about and even some frost on the cold cold ground! So not to much for our first but you have to start somewhere right? and we can only get colder from here YA..... :-)

Now we have some more rain back in our forecast when could it get here????? Well I'M looking for it by Thursday morning where we as of now could see anywhere form a half of an inch to three quarters of an inch possible. With as of now an expected high of 49* but it is still three days off so I will keep you updated as things get closer and change. Today is going to be another nice cool Fall day with highs only in the low 60s and tomorrow much more of the same maybe a little cooler.

So for now enjoy your day make it a great one and I will keep you updated on the soon to come rain..... :-)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Looking for our first frost.

It's getting close to our first frost But when????? Well we could possibly see our first frost as soon as Saturday night. If our temperature and dew point get low enough which it is looking good. Now not everybody will see frost. If you do get any frost then you can take some pictures of it and send them in to ( And I will be sure to post them here on the blog. And don't forget Mike Prangley had us in a HOT COCOA ADVISORY last night did you all get your cocoa????? LOL!!!!! Otherwise we are now starting to feel more like fall and we should for most of the time now. However we do have a real slight warm up coming and by that I mean only to near 70* so not a major one. Which is good new for all the cold weather lovers!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hunter hit hard.....

Good morning bloggers, We have the rainfall totals in and the reports in from the NWS from Pulaski County. Frist off the name of this storm have been called Hunter, it has been named Hunter because of the October Hunters moon. Also I have when we could possiblely see our frist FROST!!!!! But let's start with some rainfall totals which I have posted for you below.

You can see the highest rainfall total I have reported is from Jasper County, with a wopping 1.40" inches. And my lowest from White County, 1.00" Inch. Even though we in Tippecanoe County did not see to high of wind gusts and any damage there was however damage done up in parts of Pulaski County, where there was reported trees down on cars power lines down and trees down on houses. That was the only reported damage done in our viewing area thank goodness!
We could also see our frist srost as soon as Friday night I will have more on this later I will check back real soon!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some reports are in and Pulaski county got hit hard.

I got some weather reports in from the NWS for parts of Pulaski county, Take a look.



You can see why we never let our garde down here in Indiana. Still we are seeing much rain on the radar and here in Tippecanoe County we are currently still getting rain. I will be sure to post some rainfall totals on the blog in the morning and why you should get you coats and long pants out. I will still keep watching the radar and reports as they come in and keep you updated as needed. Enjoy your night.....

The latest.

Here is the latest.


What this means is we could see wind gusts between 35 and 46 mph maybe a little higher in some area's. Also the NWS is not expecting to issiue a severe weather risk.
Here is how the chances look for Hail Tornados and Thunder.

Hail 5% Chance

Tornados 2% chance

Thunder 55% chance

Where's the rain going to hit?????

There is already rain up in Jasper County, Newton County, and Benton County, from a light rain to a Heavy rain. We here in Tippecanoe County, we got so far a total rain of a Trace or a mist if you will. But our rainfall totals should start to pick up as the day gos on as I showed you all it the map on my last post. I have my Doppler Radar up and running and I have some good news. Looking at the NWS we are not in a severe weather risk at this time. Yes it still could change but as for right now I think it will be a mostly rain event. The reason I think this will be a mostly rain event is because I'M only expecting a high of around 72* tonight's low of around 47* So I don't think this is a strong warm front so I don't think there will be much warm air mass to fire up any strong / severe storms. Although you all know I'M not going anywhere I will stay right here just to be safe. Here is the latest on what the NWS has to say.


Also we could see some wind gusts here in Tippecanoe County, between 20 to 30 mph and maybe a little higher in our northern Counties. Still we are looking at an expected rainfall total of around Three quarters of an inch possible. If anything changes I will let you know. But for now enjoy your day and I will babysit the Doppler Radar.....:-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More rain is in our forecast. How much could we see?

Hey Bloggers we got more rain back in our forecast here is some maps I drew up to help you all see why I think we will see rain as soon as tomorrow ( Wednesday ) Morning take a look below.

You can see how a warm air front moves through our area and is followed by cold air front which will fire up some rain. Our new rainfall amounts are between a quarter and a half of an inch possible. I will have my Doppler radar up and running for the rain and I will be watching it very closely just to make sure nothing in the way of severe weather pops up. As you all know we have been above normal in our temps this week but we should start to cool off after Wednesday. And after that cold front moves through. So be sure to keep it here for the latest and I will keep you updated.....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Above normal temp's. And where's Fall?????

Hey there it is great to check in with you again.
So my last post I said we would talk about temps well here we go!
This past week we have been WAY above normal in our temps here is a map for you to see what I mean.

We was about 20* above normal that is a lot still we are above normal as our high today was 78*. So where is Fall????? Well we should start to get back to more normal temp's by Wednesday and after. Not to forget we have more Rain back in our forecast as soon as tomorrow morning! I should tell you tomorrow we are not expecting anything big in the way of rain as the total rainfall amounts are only between a Trace to a Half of an inch possible if any! Our more likely chance of seeing any rain will be on Wednesday where we could see rain anywhere from a Quarter of an inch to a Half of an inch possible. And let me add that at this time I'M Not expecting anything severe at all. As this next rain event comes our way I will update you to make sure nothing changes. It will still be fun to see that Radar back up and running with some green on it! It has been clear for some time which I'M not complaining don't get me wrong I love the nice weather we have been haveing. I'M READY FOR SOME SNOW!!!!! I will have to start looking for some snow on the radar here soon! How cool dose that sound :-) So all enjoy your day and I will check back soon.....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Back from WLFI

Well I'm back from WLFI, and talking with Mike, What fun that was! If theres one thing I found out is how much he loves to pick on Sue Scott, Which she is a good sport about it and she gets him just as much! Mike and I were looking for some snow somewhere on the map and by the time we found it ye yelled YES SNOW! Sue , looked over at us and said (Now that's what I call weather geeks) I just laughed :-)

Everybody there was cool It would be fun to work there one day! He also showed me some of the maps he looks at to help me stay on top when it comes to that wild stormy weather pattern we all love so much :-p.

You can see us both sitting there at the main desk above. It was fun they got some of there new computers in there as well. Still some work to be done as in fixing up some stuff but even though it was not all finished yet it was cool! Can't wait to go back!!!!! And even talked some winter weather with him and he said possible snow on Halloween!!!!!! What a trick or treat that would be. I don't think I have ever seen snow on Halloween! Well maybe this year! Instead of customs we all will be wearing heavy coats. I think it would be FUN to hand out candy to the kids in the SNOW!!!!!

:-) But that's just me and most likely Mike, All have a great day. Today's high will be 76* make it a great one.....Here is a quick sneak peek of some of what we will be talking about this week which will be our high temps we will be close to Record, highs this week. As our high temps roll in I will post them on here versus the Record highs. Lets see how close we get!!!!! :-)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So Just how much rain did Arabella, drop on us yesterday?????

Good morning bloggers!!!!! What a WET night it was and still trying to dry off today.

Here are a few rainfall total's from Ara, / Arabella, yesterday posted below.
So different amount's in different places. It is not everyday we get our much needed rain without not so much not wanted storm's but we did yesterday. Now something new to talk about is how it is going to start to feel like Summer out there again that's right I said Summer! As we go through this week we could see some temp's up around 80* starting Friday with an expected high of around 78*. This will hold up through out at least Monday.
I know I know it is October right? well coming up on the blog later I will let you know when some more fall like weather will return. Halloween is getting closer and we all want to see some frost on thoughs Pumpkins!!!!! :-) But if you don't like the warm weather hang in there and if you love clear skies then get ready for a clear week! After a whole day of rain we clear out for a whole week of sunny skies. I'M going to WLFI TV 18 NEWS tomorrow to see Mike Prangley and talk some weather with him and I will be sure to bring up our winter outlook just to be sure we get all this snow I'M looking for! :-)

All have a great day still bring out thoughs Boot's there is still some puddles and Lot's of mud!
Have a great day.....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rain storm Ara, / Arabella.

You can see the rain on the car's out there and this is also the first named system of this season.

The name of this storm is Ara, nicknamed Arabella, Which means (Bring Rain) and she is for sure bringing the rain! Here in Lafayette we are up to .80" of rain and still raining. We could see this off and on scattered rain showers through out the night and into early morning tomorrow but don't worry it won't be an all day rain tomorrow it should clear out by late morning to early afternoon. But what fun it has been tracking this rain storm we have not seen anything like this since Ike, went through. Though not as bad as Ike, was yes we had some gusty wind's at times but nothing to bad. Also now major flooding like before. However some puddles did form as you can see below.

We had three quarter's of an inch of rain on our porch earlier today you can see the big raindrop's falling into the puddle. So the rainfall totals will still continue to rise through the night and I will try to post as many rainfall totals on here tomorrow as possible. So you all can enjoy tracking the rain or read a good book as the rain tap's your window which ever you want to do it is a great day to do so..... I will see you all soon.....

The rain is right at our back door.

The rain is here and will be staying for awhile.
Some great news it is looking like mostly rain for this time around and winds are now only between 20 to maybe 30 mph so nothing severe. Still rainfall amounds still hold up between a half of an inch and three quarters of an inch. So get out thoughs BOOT'S!!!!! :-)

I will try to post some rain picture on here later. It is soooo great to track rain on the doppler radar..........

Get out your rain jackets

Good morning bloggers Iam up and ready to go! I have been looking over some of the models again and I now have the latest. Here is your timeline and what all we can expect.....

The rain is expected to start falling over our area by around 2pm or 3pm. With the heaver rains and possible storms closer between 3pm or 5pm. We could see some gusty winds of between 30 to 40 mph total rainfall of between a half of an inch to a quarter of an inch. Also the NWS dose not currently have us in a severe weather risk at this time but they could still put us in one as the day go's on. So even though we are not currently in one I will still keep a close eye on thing for the fact that storms can be severe without the NWS putting us in a risk. Like lightning the NWS will not issue a severe weather watch or warning for bad lightning and we all know that lightning is not something to joke around with!!!!! So just because we are not is a severe weather risk that dose not mean we are not going to see severe weather..... Which is why I'M here to keep a close watch and I will keep you updated as new info comes in..... So keep it here and I will check back soon..........

Monday, October 6, 2008


Get ready to do a rain dance!!!!!

We got some much needed rain on the way! Starting around 1pm or 2pm tomorrow we could see some heavy rain and possible gusty wind's though we are currently not in a severe weather risk I will still keep a close watch on thing's. Iam thinking we have a 70% to 80% chance of seeing some rain tomorrow!!!!! So keep it here for the latest and I will do my best to keep you updated! so keep it here and I will see you real soon.....

Have a great night.....

Friday, October 3, 2008

A great weekend ahead and 70s back in the forecast.

Hey bloggers where's the rain????? Well what helped keep the rain away this time was a strong high pressure system to our north. It just dose not want to rain here! :( We could use it!
Have you all been enjoying the cooler Fall weather? Well don't put the shorts up yet! That's right more 70s back in the forecast and on Monday maybe close to 80 with an expected temp of 78*!
So when will it really start to feel like fall? Well I have heard closer to mid October. Don't worry it is getting closer and closer. So we have missed out three times on rain so when is the next best chance for seeing some rain well I'M looking for maybe sometime around Wednesday! Maybe some thunderstorms will be in the forecast! That looks to be our real next best chance.

For your weekend outlook looking great with temps in the low 70s and clear to partly cloudy skies.
Let's put a BIG sunshine on here to celebrate the weekend!

I will keep you up to date on when we could see our next rain and maybe thunderstorms as it gets closer! But for now! enjoy your beautiful beautiful weekend! all have a great weekend weatherwise and otherwise! I'll see you soon.....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The frist day of October.

What a nice day it was out there I went walking today outside this morning and I could see my breath CHILLY but I love it!!!!! :-) This is Fall weather! YA everybody say it with me YA! :-) lol that was fun! With it being the first day of October that means 30 more days till Halloween! and there are houses all decorated up in my neighborhood looks really cool.

And what about the winter outlook? Well things still look on track! with the cold air still holding up to our north and though woolly worms for sure. Like I said I went walking this morning and again I found another woolly worm and you bet he was a dark color! Which as they say the darker the woolly worm the colder and snowier the winter YES!!!!! LOL so winter weather lovers get ready to enjoy! :-) Also a old weather saying is that if the squirrels pack up a lot of nuts get ready for a hard winter! and I have noticed that last year the squirrels were wild and running all over the place and we had above normal snowfall totals. This year it has been the same when it comes to though squirrels!

Make sure to put on your sweat shirt's and hat's in the morning it is going to be a chilly one which is fine with me! Everybody have a great night and enjoy your day tomorrow! :-)