Sunday, November 30, 2008

Walking in a winter wonderland!!!!!

That's right we woke up to 2" inches of white goodness!!!!! :-) And we could see another inch or half of an inch later tonight into Monday! But for now this is the most of it! We did stay around the 2" to 4" inch mark so that is good! Now we have a little scooping to do. Not much for it was a wet snow! With this being a wet snow it has made the roads slick! so drive care full!! Here is a picture of some neighborhood road ways and this will show you how some are still slick!!

The slush is a big deal!!!!! This can make drivers slide out in a hurry. But if we take it slow and keep a watch out for the other drivers then you should be OK!! For now lets go out there and have some fun with our first real snow of the season!!!!! And remember some more snow showers are on the way later tonight into Monday!! Maybe another Inch to Half Inch is possible!! Have a great wintry day!!!!!

I'll check back later and post more Snowfall totals and snow pictures so send them into Make it a GREAT one!!!!! :-)

Here is the latest! We can get ready to walk in a winter wonder lond!

Things are still looking right or track as of now! Not much has changed at this time I still think the 2" to 4" inch range is best for our total snowfall!

We are looking like snow for sure in our forecast! Starting early Sunday morning we will start to see some snow flakes fly! With a heaver band moving in by sometime around 9am Sunday through that afternoon!

We will see a slight brake in the snow only to be spooked by another smaller line.
I have been watching things and I'M Still looking for a total snowfall amount of around the 2" to 4" inch range for us in Tippecanoe County! However if we go up a little more north they already have some Winter weather advisories out for places like Newton, Jasper, Benton, and White County, Now counties farther north it is a given they will see more then we will at least this time around! Because they are up around where they can see Lake effect snow! Still 2 to 4 is big enough to effect how you drive! So please take it slow out there and be care full!!!!!

Get out the Snow shovels!!!!! Hats Coats and Gloves!!!!! :-) Snow can be fun if you have respect for it!!!!! If you have any first snow pictures please send them in to and I would love to post them!!!!! :-)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A snowy start to December is looking likely!

Things are still looking likely! This is good news for all the snow lovers out there!!!!!
I have been watching all the maps and models closely and doing my best to stay on top of things! Here is how it is looking! So far this is going to be a great start to the most magical month of the year! DECEMBER! I call this the most magical month because this is the time of year where everybody comes together and does something nice for another! And that is what it is all about right?? I think so!
Now here is what we got so far.

You can see Tippecanoe County Fountain County Newton and Jasper County are all still looking likely for the two to four inch range! And if you go a little more south we start to get into the one to three inch range. As of now it is looking like we may need the boots snow shovels and scarves by the time all is said and done by later Monday! Right now it is looking like we may start to see the flakes fly by sometime Sunday afternoon! But I will have a more accurate timeline as it gets a little closer. Till then this is how we are looking. Our first good size snow system of the season! This is exciting :-) Call me crazy but I love it..... Please everyone this is the first bigger snow system of the season so if you do have to go out drive safely take you time and be careful!!!!! I can not say this enough be safe! The road's will be slick this is something we all will have to get use to again! It is that time of year!

Now as you know this snow does not come without the colder temperatures! That's right we will see temperatures drop in the next day!. They will fall into the lower 30s in the daytime and drop into the upper teens by night fall! I think Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Says it all! This is a real December forecast! :-)

Another good thing is every body's Christmas lights will be looking Great in the fresh fallen snow! If any of you get some pictures of our first snow of the season then don't hesitate to send them in to and I will love to post them on here! Everyone have a great day! And I will keep checking in with the latest! Have a great one.....

Friday, November 28, 2008

A great Thanksgiving and there is SNOW back in the forecast!

It is GREAT to check in with you all again!!!!! It was a great Thanksgiving day with all the food family football and yes the Thanksgiving day MACY parade!!!!! If you missed it here is a few pictures I took to show you all.....And yes for all the kids I even got SANTA AND MRS, CLAUSE!

I really hope you all got to check it out it is a family thing we always do! Is to sit down and watch it as we start to cook the BIG feast!!!!! And watch FOOTBALL!!!!! It was all GREAT and we all had a lot of fun!!!!

Now we need to get back to our wild Indiana weather! In this forecast you will see just why I say our wild Indiana weather!!!!!

We are looking for some possible sticking snow by Sunday into Monday!!!!! Where as of now I'M looking at anywhere between 1" to 3" to maybe it is looking like and or closer to 2" to 4" Inch range! For us in Tippecanoe County!! :-) I'M really looking close at this because I want snow! lol.....So we may need the snow boots and shovels! for the late weekend! What a way to start December Right? I don't think this could be a better start!!!!! Here is how things are looking as of now!

Now this is still two days away! So this still has much time to change! As it keeps tracking and getting closer I will keep a close watch on it and keep you with as much info as I know! So we all can keep on top of this! I feel it is better for me to give you a heads up now! before it is right on top of us then it be to late! If it does change then I will let you know but for now this is how it is looking!

So Have a great day and I will see you real soon.....:-)

LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Who will see snow on Thanksgiving and who will see sunshine!!

Hey there...................We are looking to be in the path of a great traveling Thanksgiving day forecast!!!!! I would like snow for Thanksgiving besides sunny and mild! But this is better for travel! However Christmas! I like snow and lots of it!!!!! :-)

Though we are not in a snow shower forecast for this Holiday I did find a few places that may see at lest 3" inches for Thanksgiving! Here is a map....You see up around new York, Where they have about a 40% chance of seeing a possible 3" Inches! Or so.....This is up around Watertown, NY, You can also see it should be a good travel for much of the US, as you see no real big snow systems! This may be just the opposite as we get closer to the first week of December!!!!! But we will take more about that as it gets closer!

It may be a cold night tonight but we should stay warm with that great smelling turkey in the over cooking up to golden goodness!!!!! A Thanksgiving delight is what we could call today. But first I would like to show you a picture taken from last nights Beautiful sunset!You can see the Cross in the sky made from a cloud called Contrail clouds. Contrail clouds are made from Jet engines! The moisture from the engines condenses into ice Crystal and forms a cloud! it is pretty cool how it works! All in all it is a Beautiful sunset and a Great picture! Now back to our temperatures! Even though we will have a mild Thanksgiving we will still have cooler temperatures at night! Even with highs in the mid to upper 40s we will still see lows in the mid to upper 20s! So it is still going to be chilly out there at night! So if you are going to be hitting the early bird sales after Thanksgiving then you may still want to grab your warm coat and hat!..... Not for just your kids! :-) Dogs as well need to be kept warm on a chilly night! So be sure to bring in your pets and keep them with water and a warm cozy places by the fire! :-)

Now it's a little fuzzy but I want to keep everybody happy in my forecast! So after all this talk about a warmer or should I say a milder Thanksgiving in our forecast! I know there are some big snow lovers out there who would like snow for our big holiday! So because I'M not calling for any snow this week! Here is a nice wintry picture from last years Big Wild Snowy WINTER!!!!! Where we had a La-Nina jet stream pattern! And it dumped a lot on us!! :-) Currently This year it is not looking like a La-Nina jet stream! :-( This may lower our snowfall but it dose not mean we won't see any! We will still have our share! Believe me! And I will keep looking for our first sign of our first inch of snow! Which we have still yet to see! But don't get down we are really only expected to see around one inch of snow for all of November anyway! December however and this should cheer up any snow lovers! Is looking like a snowy month! And we will all keep a close watch on it as in comes in as well!

Till then I hope you all have a GREAT AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! Make it a great one enjoy the turkey football and the best of all the FAMILY!!!!! Have a great Holiday and I will see you after Thanksgiving!!!!! :-)

And remember keep warm on that early bird sale!!!!!:-) Have a great day!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving is looking great for travel.

A Great week is winding up!!!!! We have one day of possible light snow flurries then it is Partly cloudy all the rest of the week!

We could see some light snow flurries tomorrow / Tuesday..... Not looking like anything big for us down in the Tippecanoe area however maybe up north like in Starke, County and maybe pulaski County! Could have some lake effect snow showers possible! I think this will be a snow more for the northern Counties!!!! This time around but don't get down snow lovers just yet!!!!! I also have been watching for some possible snow for the first week of December!!!!! And we may need the shovels! :-) This is still a ways off and a lot can change so I will keep you posted on this as it gets closer!! And remember nothing in Indiana is ever set in stone till it happens!!!!!

Till then we have a great week ahead! With Partly cloudy skies and temperature in the Low to mid 40s!! Also a GREAT looking Thanksgiving is on the way!!!!! This should be a good thanksgiving for travel!!

Here is your 5 Day Forecast as of 8:00pm.....
You see Turkey Day is looking soooooooooooooooooooooo Nice!!!!! I think it is safe to say if you like warm weather then soak it up while you can because shortly after next Saturday we will cool down and we will cool down fast!!!!! As we head into December!!!!! For now have a great night / evening! And I will see you soon.....:-)

Tonight will be another COLD one so Hot Cocoa is sounding really Nice!!!!! :-) Now go grab you some Cocoa.....:-)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Your quick cast....And a Thanksgiving day forecast focus.....

Quick Cast..............................


A windy Monday is looking to be in the forecast! We could see winds between 25 and 35 mph. A High in the low 40s and a low still in the upper 20s! With a Mix of rain and possible snow showers!

Cloudy highs in the low 40s and a low in the low 20s! A chilly chilly night..... We will have to watch the nightly wind chill as winds still could be gusty at times!

Thanksgiving is still our forecast focus.......... Highs in the mid 40s and lows in the upper 20s! All with Partly cloudy skies! This will be a great TURKEY DAY!!!!!

Chips the chipmunk is here and a great looking Thanksgiving is in the forecast!

That's right Chips the Chipmunk, is getting ready for the BIG Holiday THANKSGIVING!!!!! Which is now only 5 Days away..... And after talking to a lot of people everyone seems to be ready! I as well..... We always put the turkey in the oven late night the day before thanksgiving and I aways stay up and watch it closely basting it so it will stay nice and juicy fresh and tasty!!!!! This is just something I aways do and am looking soooo forward to doing it this year!!!!! First off we have 5 days before we start our turkeys so lets see whats in store till then!!!!!

Today we can expect Mostly sunny skies and a high of around 44* degrees.....It is not till Sunday into Monday that we will have to worry about some High Gutsy winds!!!!! On Sunday they will be between 25 and 35 mph and on Monday some winds will still linger between 28 and 38 mph..... So if you have any lose objects or if you are like me and have your Christmas stuff out already then you may want to tie them down as well!!!!! We don't want them flying down the street! LOL.....

Here is a sneak peek at your Thanksgiving day forecast below.....I think this forecast is in favor of the warm weather lovers.....As we could see a slight warm up near 50* degrees by the time Thanksgiving gets here!!!!! I will keep posting a new and updated forecast as it keeps getting closer..... But for now here is how it is looking.....

You see it is really looking good at this point and time!!!!! Although I would like snow for thanksgiving this is good for it should lessen the fact of a hard travel!!!!! Also you should enjoy the slight warm up while it's here.....Because it wont last for long.....I'm watching for a really cold wake up call later next week more like the first week of December I am expecting a cold blast of air where we could need the heavy heavy coats hats gloves scarves boot or shoes if you like and lots and lots of HOT COCOA!!!!! :-) You see what I'M mean it will be COLD :-)

For now we will keep warm thoughts as we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving.....

Have a great weekend everybody.....Stay warm enjoy your great looing weekend and I will see you soon.....HAPPY SATURDAY!!!!! :-)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Heavy bands of snow hit northern Indiana And whats the Forecast for Friday????? Bone chilling!!!!!

Well we had another great night for tracking wild Indiana weather with some Lake effect snow showers! As you see above I have out lined the heaver band of snow that went right through Plymount, Indiana. Starke County, is still in a Lake effect snow advisory till 1:00pm this afternoon! They are expecting anywhere between 3 to 5 inches of snow after all is said and done! So if any of you have to travel up north then drive careful! Slick roads will for sure be a problem! And we want all to be safe!
Because we are on the topic of safety! Wind chills are going to be a big issue!! As we wake up this morning we will have wind chills of around 4 degrees! WOW that's cold!!!!! even as we hit our expected high for the day we will still have a wind chill of only 16* degrees!!!!! So Please Keep the kids warm and don't keep the pets out!!!!! They can get frost bite just as easy as we can!!!!!

Also we in the Tippecanoe County, are expecting some light snow showers today as well. I have made a snow map to help point out just where the models are currently showing who will see some sticking snow and who will see flurries! Take a look below!You see we are expecting a few light snow flurries possible! I'M not seeing any real sticking snow that would have to be scooped! Darn!!!!! :-( But I think we will have our time for snow sooner or later! I would like sooner! :-)

A nice looking weekend is winding up for us with sunny to partly cloudy skies is in the forecast! And for all who loves warm weather a warm up for Thanksgiving is on the way as well! The latest models are in and it is looking like a mostly clear and milder Thanksgiving is winding up! Still I will watch this for anyone who lives in Indiana knows our weather can change in a SNAP!!!!! Speaking of our weather changing in a Snap! We have really fallen into Winter!! With some bone chilling temperatures out there! Like today! With an expected high of only 33* Degrees.You can see the winter sky set in.....This picture was taken yesterday. Take a look below!Cold cloudy skies and bare trees! Is what I'M talking about.....If this does not say cold weather then I don't know what does! :-) We on average are supposed to have at least an inch of snow for the month of November and we still have yet to see it! We are cutting it close and you can bet I'M keeping hope and a look out for any signs of our first inch!!!!! When I find it you will be the first to know!!

Here is your Forecast for today! Check it out and let the count down to Thanksgiving begin!


Have a great day everybody.....I will see you soon.....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yesterday was a warm up while today into Friday will bring us a COLD BLAST!

That's right a COLD BLAST of northern air is what we are talking about today!!

We will see a high of around 34* Degrees as a cold front pushes through our area between today and Friday. Also we are still looking for maybe a few possible snow flurries for Friday. I'M not looking for anything big with this small clipper system just flurries at this time.

I hope some of you got out to enjoy yesterday while you could because today will be a cold one. You can see why Indiana is so fun to track weather. You go from a warm up to a cool down like THAT!!! you can be tracking snow one day and thunderstorms the next Even though I don't see any thunderstorms in our forecast for a while! But you see what I mean! I love tracking Indiana weather :-) The weather models are still a little wobbly at this time for Thanksgiving but you can count on me to keep you with the latest information. Right now the models are showing a mostly clear Thanksgiving with temperatures in the 40s! And I will keep posting your Thanksgiving day forecast as it gets closer because we really want to make travel as easy as possible! For it is only one week away!! Wow is it really this close?? The holidays are sneaking up on us!

The temperatures today should really put us in the holiday mood so I would say keep out the Hats and Gloves and even the scarves!! and keep warm thoughts! :-) It is so nice this time of year when you walk out and smell the fireplaces going and see the leaves falling! I will try to post some fall leaves later this week! To get us ready for a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

Here is your 5 Day Forecast.....I will try to update the Forecast through out the day!
Now go out and make it a great one! :-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Windy Wednesday is all the hubba!!

Hey it is great to check in with you again!!
Well after looking at all the map and models today will be a warm up compared to the rest of the week. We are looking at Partly cloudy skies and a high of around 46* Degrees with some gusty winds to deal with as well! Winds will be between 25 and 35 mph! So baton down the hatches!!

Friday we may have some snow flurries to snow showers move into our area. The ground is cold enough to keep snow! Though I don't think this will be anything big like what was seen up in Northern Indiana and Michigan yesterday but maybe a possible dusting! This is Indiana and weather changes every minute of every day so I will keep you updated as Friday gets closer!

We are also looking for another COLD blast of air on Thursday into Friday as seen below.
That's right it is that time of year again where we see a cold blast of air then a few days later a slight warm up then another cold blast of air and so on! This is when it is hard to adjust. We also on average are suppose to have an inch of snow for November! Which We have still yet to see! Speaking of warm ups and cold blast! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it maybe a slight warm up for the first BIG holiday of the year! That gives you something to think about as you set by the fireplace thinking about that nice family and holiday food!!!!!

Here is your forecast Below.....Have a great day and I will see you soon!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lake effect snow in northern Indiana bringing Heavy Heavy snowfall! As cold temperatures stick around for the rest of us!!!!!

I have been looking for snow and boy did I find it!!!!! In some northern county's in Indiana and up in Michigan they are having some big snow amounts! with Lake effect snow! They have Lake effect snow watches and warnings!!!!! It is wild up there.....To bad it is not down a bit lower!!!!! Take a look at what is going on from the NWS for all this wild Lake effect snow!!!!! Starke County, is in a Lafe effect snow Warning. And Pulaski County is in a Lake effect snow Advisory,!


This means Heavy Heavy snowfall and by the time all is said and done they could have anywhere from 5 to 12 INCHES OF SNOW!!!!! That is A LOT!!!!! :-) Boy I wish that was us!! :-)As long as everybody stayed safe!!!!!

Now lets get back to weather a little closer to home!!!!!

We are looking to be staying in this cold weather pattern for a while!! For today we are looking at a high of 36* degrees and a whopping low of only 25* degrees and this is without adding in the wind chill!! We will also see today winds between 20 and 25 mph! Which would make our wind chill of only 23* degrees. If we add in the wind chill for the nightly low it would make it a wind chill low of only around 13* degrees!!!!! I think I can sum up this forecast by saying Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Agreed? :-) This forecast does not bother me for this is my kind of weather call me crazy!! :-) I really don't see any high temperatures this week higher then the upper 40s if that tells you anything! I think it is safe to say bring out the heavy coats! We are looking at some possible snow flurries on Friday this would be our better chance! Still I will keep a close watch on this and not only Friday but Thanksgiving is coming up!!!!! Some models are showing it being dry while others are showing a wet Thanksgiving so this is also something I will keep you all updated on so we can make travel as easy as possible! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving..............................Time for me to head off to bed......All sleep well and dream of soft falling snow flakes! :-)

I will see you soon.....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A slight warm up is on the way.. And More patchy Fog??

Hey there it is great to check in with you all again!!
Now we have some stuff to talk about today!!! So lets get to it!

First off I would like to keep you up to date on your weather forecast! Like There is a slight chance we could see some patchy Fog tonight into this morning so do allow yourself some extra time when driving!!!!! You can never be to cautious.....
We also have a few days of a slight warm up!!!! Now it wont be a big warm up just a little bit warmer then today as we have had a high today of 50 degrees and tomorrow we will see a high of around 56* degrees as we wake up to a few light sprinkles. Friday! should be mostly clear of rain till after 3:pm then it will get wet again!! But as you all know this slight warm up won't last forever . We will cool right back down to the 40s by Saturday the start of you weekend!! :-) And I even have a little something for all you snow lovers!! Late Saturday into Sunday morning we could see some snow flurries!! Now I don't think this will be a snow where we will need the boots so for now we can keep them in the closet!! :-( lol.....

I hope everybody had a Happy Veterans day!!!! And I will check back soon...... Now go and make it a great day!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans day!!


Even though it is a little wet out there at least we can be thankful for all the veterans today!!!!! And every day!!!!! The put there lives on the line to protect our great country!! I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!!

Now how long is this rainy weather going to last?????

Well it will be going off and on through out the day today however it should start to stop closer to 7:00pm this evening!! And then start to pick back up again by 5:00am Wednesday!! Thursday however is looking pretty good at this point and time maybe a few light sprinkles in the early morning then should start to look better!!

Temperatures are still going to be in the cool area as November is HERE and boy do we know it!!!!! :-) We are looking at today with a current temperature of 41 with a wind a 20 to 25 mph we have a wind chill of only 29 dgrees and for tomorrow / Wednesday a high of 47 dgrees and a wind between 20 and 25 mph which will make our wind chill temperature of only around 34 dgrees!! You can only think how this wind chill is going to be at night!! Be sure to where you hats and cloves!!!!! I love Indiana and its weather :-)

We will go from a wet off and on week to some more possible snow flurries on Sunday!! What a way to end the week don't you think? I will keep you posted on this you know how much I love snow :-)


Thursday, November 6, 2008

From Rain to Fog to Snow????? Our wild Indiana weather!!!!!

Well we have Foggy this morning to snowy Saturday Morning!!!!! but first lets talk about the rain we had. Take a look at the first real rain we have had in some time now on radar below!!
This was the biggest rain system of the day other wise we had some hit and miss showers! I will be sure to post rainfall totals on here later! And one BIG + is there was no severe weather reported today! Also from the front that brought us some much needed rain it has also brought in some much cooler temperatures along with it! We should really start to feel more like November in more ways then one! How is this??? Well cooler temperatures for one! AND Snow flurries are in the forecast!!!!!! for Saturday Morning! you can see how fast weather changes in Indiana we go from a record set for most 70 degree days in a row in November. To snow flurries!!!!! And I love it!!!!! Here you can see just what will be bringing our cooler weather below!
Two cold fronts!!!! is the story! The first front is what brought us the rain and the 2nd front is what will bring us the cooler temperatures!! also something we can watch out for is a Fog alert! which is for this morning..... Some patchy fog could reduce visibility when driving so allow yourself some extra time when going to work!!!!! And drive safely!!! You do that and you will be safe!!

So Rain to Fog to Snow Flurries????? I love Indiana weather! It sure was fun getting to track some Rain on radar for my Birthday nature gave me a cool birthday gift!

A high of 57 degrees today and after the Fog clears we should look pretty good Maybe a few light showers later tonight then turning into some possible snow flurries......nothing to big but if you get any pictures don't forget to send them in to and I will be sure to post them......... Have a great day and I will see you soon.....

update!! Things are looking good.

Things are looking good!! I'm not expecting any severe weather today now this dose not mean no wind for we could still have some gusty winds at times!! Looking to be between 30 and 35 mph! Not looking for any severe wind gusts! Rainfall totals are still holding up at a quarter of an inch and maybe a few places could see a half of an inch but most should stay with a quarter!

I will keep you updated as needed the rain will soon be here anytime now!! Stay dry!!

A wet and windy day is ahead of us!!

We have a wet and windy day today!!You can see all the reports this line of storms have already reported! coming in with a whopping 77 Hail reports and 21 Wind reports making a total of 96 reports!!!!!

Now I'M thinking this will die down a bit by the time it gets to us!! Still one of the main things we will have to watch will be High Wind gusts as they could reach 40 Mph.....Before the storms even get here!!!! Now we are not currently or expected to be put in a severe weather risk today however that can still change for this is Indiana!! With our expected high today being near 70* degrees and if we get any daytime heating things can change fast!
Also the expected rainfall totals have fallen once again! they were between a half of an inch to three quarters of an inch and now we are looking at anywhere between a quarter of an inch to maybe a half of an inch possible in some places!!

For now I will keep you updated through out the day! and if anything changes I will let you know!! Today is my Birthday so what a fun way to spend it! If any of you are weather lovers then you understand what I mean!! :-)

So again batten down the hatches and be ready for the wind!!!!! Also as this front moves through our area we will start to cool down and bring our temperatures back down to normal! So enjoy your day and keep checking back for updates through out the day!!!!! Make it a great one!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who will win????? And when will the storm hit??

It is a close race and we will soon know for sure just who will be the next president of the united states of America!!

But until then we are still looking for some stronger storms to be moving into our area by late Thursday into Friday! The new rainfall amounts are looking to be between Three quarters of an inch to an Inch possible! We will also keep a close watch on the NWS to see if they want to put us in a risk for severe weather. Right now we have about a 5% chance of being put in one. Even if we do not get put in a risk for severe weather that dose not mean we are in the clear! We could still see Gusty winds and some heavy heavy down pours..... Otherwise the next big thing to talk about will be temperatures! As in how many more warm days do we have left to enjoy? and when will it get cold again? Well I have been looking at the model maps and getting temperatures and it looks like we could have this warm weather till at least after Friday! Then we will start to cool down not a major major cool down but we should slowly start to get back to normal! So there is a lot of stuff going on with the president who will it be?? And the wild Indiana weather winding up!!!!! So stay tuned and I will check back soon!!!!! Go enjoy the warm weather while you can..... For the cold weather lovers just remember like Mike Prangley said ( The warmer it gets now the colder it will get later) He said it is like a rubber band the more you stretch it from it's normals the bigger the impact when it snaps back!!!!! So just remember that and the cold will soon return!! Have a great day!!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Possible severe storms on the way?????

Another beautiful day!

We have only a few more days of warm weather to enjoy till we start to cool down and get our temperature's back down to normal. Because we have been above normal for some time now we are talking possible severe weather coming on the way by as soon as late Thursday into Friday! This is because there will be a warm front moving through our area by late Thursday which will be followed by a strong cold front which as you know when these to fronts meet they can fire up storms some even severe! So I will keep a close eye on this and keep you up to date. By looking at some of the model maps as of now it is looking like some of the worst may stay just north and south of Lafayette. However Thursday and Friday is still a few days off and a lot can change in this time! So I will keep you updated on this! As well as expected rainfall! As of now we are looking at anywhere between a Half of an inch to Three quarters of an inch possible!

So stay tuned we have another day of 73 as our high.....I will check back real soon!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Well My Aunt Bomber, is getting us off on the right foot for this great and beautiful autumn weather! You can see the beautiful Fall trees below and I think it is safe to say that the trees are at there peek!

Believe Me when I tell you My aunt loves Autumn although she would most likely like it a little cooler! :-) Thank you Bomber for sending in thoughs great shots! And the cooler weather should start to return by Friday the 7th of November. So if you are a warm weather lover then you should get out and enjoy as much as you can because it wont last for long!

Rain and maybe a rumble or two will be back in the forecast by Friday as well. As of now we could see near Three quarters of an inch possible! This can still change as in rainfall wise and I will keep on it! The cooler temperature's and rain is all because we have a cold front moving in our area by Friday which will fire up some rain showers and because we have had all this warmer then normal weather the past few days we could see a pop up thunderstorm from this! Now with Indiana nothing is set in stone till it is happening at least that is how I think of it!

But for now we have another clear day to look forward to so get out and enjoy! this nice weather wile it last! Me I would be able to enjoy the weather if it was Snowing hard of freezing cold but that is just me! I know not everybody likes that kind of weather! (Oh well :-) LOL.....)

I'LL check in again soon.....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy November 1st!!!!!

A great Halloween it was I had a blast!!!!! :-) I was handing out candy and you know it I was dressed up looking scary! and I only scared the older kids like the teenagers. And let me tell you it was sooooooo funny, one girl got only a foot from my face and said (Oh I thought he was real) and then went for some candy which was setting in my lap! You see where this is going! LOL I jumped up and she went flying and screaming she would not take candy from me for a wile! LOL So it was all good fun! I just had to tell you all that!

Now it is November 1st Happy NOVEMBER!!!!!

It's going to be a warm start to November so if you like warm weather then you can enjoy However if you are like me then this warm weather is NOT a treat and this is only because I do not like warm weather I would take a freezing cold day filled with lots and lots of snow over this warm weather any day! :-) so you can bet that I want to know when we will cool back down and here is you answer!

There will be a cold front coming through by late Thursday into Friday bringing some rain and we may have to watch for some pop up scattered thunderstorms but that is still a few days off and I will keep a close watch on it for you all. That is also the day some of the cooler weather will return....... So if you are a warm weather lover then enjoy wile you can for it wont last long!

Now as you all know the next BIG Holiday coming up is Thanksgiving so let the warm fuzzy feeling begin for the holidays and near! :-)

Have a great day everybody happy Holiday season and I will see you all soon!