Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hottest 8 Day Heat Wave In 70 Years! Finally Rain Cools Us If Only For A Little While.

The Indianapolis area is experiencing the hottest 8 day Heat Wave since July 1941. The average temperature for the period from the 17th through the 24th will be near 86.5 degrees. The high temperature for this period will average near 96 degrees...the highest since July 1988. The low temperature will average a stifling 77.5 degrees...reminiscent of the Dust Bowl summer of 1936.
During this period, Indianapolis reached 100 degrees for the first time since August 1988. The string of 8 consecutive days of 90 degrees or higher will be the longest since the 14 day string during the summer of 2007.

High Temperature last occurrence at Indianapolis

100 degrees on July 21, 2011

102 degrees on August 16, 1988

103 degrees on July 15, 1988

104 degrees on July 14, 1954

106 degrees on July 14, 1936

The highest temperature recorded at the Indianapolis airport is 107 degrees on July 25, 1934.

Good news is we're finally seeing some much needed rain this afternoon.
I snapped this picture while out earlier. I have never been so pumped to see rain lol. And there is nothing better then driving through a deep rain puddle and watching the rain water splash over the truck! Yeah, I know that sounds a little immature lol, but I really do care! ;)

(Let me note that the car was stopped when I took this pic, I do not use my phone while driving!)
I do hope that everyone is enjoying this rain while it's here. We may not see more for a little while. Right now models show a slight chance for a light rain here and there at least once this week, However I don't feel it's a good enough chance to put it into the forecast just yet. As for the temperatures. Well, we have cooled off into the lower 70s as this rain is passing, however we will be back into the low 90s by tomorrow and through the rest of the week.

Here's Monday's outlook below.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Indianapolis Seen Its Hottest Day Since 1988!! Temperatures Reaching 100* Degrees All Across The State!

We had the hottest day of the year this afternoon bloggers. Indianapolis, had it's hottest day since August of 1988!! They hit a scorching high of 100* degrees this afternoon. Take a look at just a few of the highs from across the area below.
You can see Remington, coming in with a high of 101* degrees. This was just after 5:pm EDT which caused a heat index of 116* degrees! Next highest temperate comes from Indianapolis and the Lafayette, area with 100* degrees recorded. I recorded a high of 97* degrees at 2:43pm EDT which caused a heat index of 114* degrees.

And this heat will continue on as we head into the weekend!
Yes, we still have that excessive heat warning in effect for the whole state of Indiana and a big portion of the U.S. We will see this heat warning in effect until 8:pm EDT Saturday evening. Here are just a few things you can do to help beat the heat.

To avoid heat related health problems, it is recommended that you do the following:
•Drink plenty of cool water

•Avoid exposure outdoors

•Try to reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or evening

•Wear loose-fitting, light colored clothing

•Never leave children or pets in parked cars, even with windows cracked open

•If you do not have air conditioning, go to a public location that is air-conditioned just for a few hours (this can help your body maintain appropriate temperatures)

So how long is this heat going to continue before we see even a slight break?? Well, here is a look at your weekend temperatures I put together below.
You can see that heading into the weekend the highs will still be very dangerous. Highs in the Middle to low 90s which means the heat index will still be in the dangerous level well over 100* degrees. (Heat index are shown in pink).

The good news is at this time the MOS models are showing me some 80s trying to return by the start of next week! It won't be a major cool down as we would still be between 2* - and 5* degrees above are average. However it is a welcomed start! So I will keep watching that for you all over the next few days. Until then please stay safe and as cool as you can. I'll check back soon.

Dangerous Heat Takes Lives.

Today could be our hottest day we've seen this season! With temperatures in the UPPER 90s! And heat Index well over 112* degrees!
The heat continues. This will be the story on JIWB over the next week or so. This heat isn't giving up on the U.S that's for sure. Sadly I have learned that this searing heat wave in the central and southern United States has killed at least 22 people this week. Hospitals in Wichita treated 25 heat-related illnesses, according to the National Weather Service. In Des Moines, Iowa, 16 people have been hospitalized because of this week's high temperatures. Up to 1,500 cattle have died in South Dakota because of the heat wave. and people In Indianapolis, homeowners were being asked to stop watering their lawns through at least Sunday.
You can see the pattern we have been stuck in by looking at this map above and the map below. Above is the expected highs around the area today. You can see everyone in the upper 90s to 100* degrees today! With no relief in sight.
That's right. Above is the precipitation map. You can see nothing, No rain to speak of to help cool us. It's starting to look like a desert outside.

With at least 22 people confirmed dead do to this heat, It only continues to get even more scary the longer it goes on. Stay safe and cool bloggers. Keep in touch with friends and family during this heat. Drink lots of water, and stay inside as much as possible with the A/C.

I'll check back soon. God Bless!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Heat Wave Continues As The Dog Days Of Summer Become To Hot For The Dogs!

Well, bloggers I know it's been a while since I've checked in last. I'm sorry for that! I have had so much more going on this summer then normal. So updates may not be as often as they use to. Still I will try to pop in at times. This week is a great time for me to pop in as we have a lot to talk about weather - wise. Or should I say HEAT - WISE! We have been stuck in this ring of fire pattern over the past week or so. And it's starting to take a toll on us. What is the ring of fire you ask?? Take a look.
This radar image above I took around a quarter after seven this evening. You can see the ring of fire we're stuck in. This large area of high pressure that keeps us dry, sunny, and hot!

This week we have been more then just hot! We have been burning up!! Take a look at the high I recorded in Lafayette today.
That's right. Our average high for this time of year is right around 87* - 86* degrees. We were a good 10* degrees above that! This isn't even counting the feels like temperature (Heat Index). Our heat index was anywhere between 117* degrees to 122* degrees today! This is dangerous weather to be out in.

Any temperature or heat index over 80* - 90* degrees can cause Fatigue possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity.

Any temperature or heat index over 90* - 105* degrees can cause Sunstroke, heat cramps and heat exhaustion possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity.

Any temperature or heat index over 105* - 130* degrees can cause Sunstroke, heat cramps or heat exhaustion likely, and heatstroke possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity. And this 105* to 130* degrees range is what we have been seeing and will continue seeing all week! Maybe even into next week! This is why everyone needs to take note of this heat and play it safe. Watch out for your older and younger neighbors, And make sure not to forget about your pets!!!!!
They call these the dog days of summer however it has been WAY to hot for the dogs!!! You can see this guy above has the right idea to keep cool during these hot summer times. I always say that when temperatures are in the upper 80s to please make sure that your pet always has fresh cold water and a shady place to stay. However when temperatures are hitting as high as they have been lately, a shady place isn't gonna cut it! If you can bring your pets in then DO! If it's to hot for you, then its to hot for your pets!

A bit of a wake up call to remind you that bad things can happen in this heat, Not only have hospitals had a big increase in patients coming in do to heat related illnesses, But there has been a confirmed report that at least one pig died over at the Tippecanoe, county 4H fair do to this dangerous heat!
Some good news is that this morning, the Tippecanoe County 4-H Fair received a big donation. Caterpillar Inc. and McAllister Machinery donated a large air conditioning unit to help keep people and animals cool inside the Coliseum. This helps however there are still a lot of animals in barns and such that have no A/C to keep cool. They still need to be watering down the animals as much as possible if they're going to keep them over there.

Over the next 8 to 14 days I still see us being well above our average high for this time of year! And the CPC agrees. Take a look.
That's right, We will be running at least a good 5* to 7* degrees above average. This is nuts! lol. Just when models start to show us cooling off back into the 80s as our highs, they change right back and the 90s return!

Take a look at the next five day high temperatures.

These 90s just won't give up! Even the ice cream trucks are melting as you can see above. That's not good lol. As for tomorrows high! Well, I look for more mostly sunny skies across the area with a high around 96* degrees. We will be looking at heat index up above 112* degrees again without a doubt! This is dangerously hot once again.

And last but not least I wanted to point out a few things I feel are necessary for you all to know!


Heat Exhaustion

Heavy sweating, weakness, skin cold, pale and clammy.  Pulse thready. Normal temperature possible. Fainting and vomiting.

Get victim out of sun. Lay down and loosen clothing. Apply cool wet cloths. Fan or move victim to air conditioned room. Sips of water. If nausea occurs, discontinue use. If vomiting continues, seek immediate medical attention

Heat Stroke (or sunstroke)

High body temperature (106°F, or higher). Hot dry skin. Rapid and strong pulse. Possible unconsciousness.  Heat stroke is a severe medical emergency. Summon medical assistance or get the victim to a hospital immediately. Delay can be fatal.

Move the victim to a cooler environment. Reduce body temperature with cold bath or sponging. Use extreme caution.  Remove clothing, use fans and air conditioners. If temperature rises again, repeat process. Do not give fluids

Here are some basic heat safety tips to help keep you safe during this heat wave!

Increase your intake of non-alcoholic, non-carbonated, caffeine free beverages such as water and juice.

Wear clothing that is light in color and loose fitting.

Avoid the outdoors during extreme heat. Stay out of the sun.

Stay in an air-conditioned environment if possible. Shopping malls offer relief if your home is not air-conditioned.

Check on the elderly. They are especially susceptible to heat related illness.

Eliminate strenuous activity such as running, biking and lawn care work when it heats up.

Eat less food that increase metabolic activity/heat. Proteins are an example.
Increased metabolic heat increases water loss.

Stay safe bloggers! God Bless!
A post will be up tonight talking about this dangerous heat!!