Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Contrial clouds and smores a nice night to sit out and enjoy.

What a great evening it was tonight this is a picture of some very beautiful contrial clouds which is caused by the water vaper from jet engines which turns in to ice crystals.

There sure was a lot of them out tonight but that was not the only thing fun to do there sure was also some really good smores!!!!!

We all set out by the fire pit tonight and made somres boy oh boy were they good! :) It was nice to get out and enjoy this nice weather pattern we have been in. But looking at some of the latest weather maps there could be a little warm up by the end of next week we could see highs up around 85* which is were we should be this time of year! Now for tomorrow we do have a slight chance of some Iso-rain showers nothing severe so just a little sprinkle. Looks like more of the big stuff will hold off till later next week like around Monday and Tuesday. Still if this changes I will let you know but some good news the weekend is looking just great with highs around 81* and mostly sunny!!!!! so get out and enjoy this great weather and I'll check back soon :)

As of 10:12pm 8/13/08.

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