Friday, September 12, 2008

Flood watch!!!!!

Well let the watches roll in!!!!!

The NWS has just put out a flood watch for Benton, Newton, jasper, Pualski, Cass, White, and Fulton, countie.
A flood watch mean's what it say's. It is possible for a flood so keep watch.

As of now we still can expect some high wind gusts on Saturday (Tomorrow) in the afternoon anywere from 25 to 30 Mph some could gusts as high as 35 Mph. The rain still hold's as well anywere from 2 to 4 Inches. Also for saturday (tomorrow) we will be in a slight risk for severe weather but we are not looking for any of that till late the day into sunday early morning so stay tuned.

I will keep you updated as needed and I will see you soon.

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