Friday, September 5, 2008

A mild week ahead.

Well what a nice cool fall like day it was today we only had a high of 69.6*.
And I will tell you how we could see more mild temp's in the forecast just read on LOL.....
The week ahead is looking nice cool and great with high temp's only in the low to mid 70s how dose that sound?. Also we are not expecting to see anymore rain till maybe Monday with only a 40% chance of showers.

Now a tropical update.
This is a picture of Hanna which is going to be the next hurricane to make landfall on the east coast. Most likely as a CAT 1 still that CAT 1 can do much damage. Also the other big story to talk about is Hurricane Ike,.

Ike is already a CAT 3 and is expected to become a CAT 4. This is a major hurricane and needs to be watched. As of now it can go more east like Hanna, it can go more west or it could go in to the gulf which like I have been saying all week we don't want that to happen. As Ike move's in I will do my best to keep you all updated but for now it is still a way's out there.

So again the week ahead is looking just great with cool temp's. I was checking out a few thing's and it look's like we will really start to feel the cooler temp's by around Oct 12th maybe before. So that give's all the cool weather lover's something to look forward to. That and a mild week ahead have a great day!