Monday, September 29, 2008

Where did the rain go? And get ready to pull out the JACKETS!

Well rain was in the forecast and some northern counties did see some I'll have there rainfall amounts posted on here later tomorrow and some places south of us are going to see some rain! but what about us? Well earlier this afternoon there was rain moving into mid I'LL, and started to evaporate before it reached us as our humidly started to drop making our air to dry for any rain to reach the ground. So this just gos to show you can't get all the forecasts right as much as I would like to! :( But we have to remember nature will do what it wants to! and she will change and she can do it fast. That is what went on today. I was watching the maps and radars all day and every time I looked there was something new and or something changed. But I'M still looking for more Fall like temps this week as of now really! Our current temp is 66.4* and I'M looking for a high tomorrow of only 60* so remember to take you jackets as you head out the door for work and school in the morning it will be a chilly one!! Cold weather lovers get READY TO RUMBLE!!!!! LOL! We are still getting some good wind gusts I know this because almost all our Halloween stuff is blown over! They should start to calm down later tonight! So again I'M not looking for our next chance of rain till Wednesday Let's get it right this time!!!!! LOL :) So you all can rest well................ Oh wait!! We will cool of to around a high of around 58* on Wednesday as a 2nd cold front will move through later tomorrow. So the big deal is don't forget the JACKETS!! Enjoy your evening.....

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update!

I agree about the Jackets it is already cool out there! feels great though! I love it!