Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The frist day of October.

What a nice day it was out there I went walking today outside this morning and I could see my breath CHILLY but I love it!!!!! :-) This is Fall weather! YA everybody say it with me YA! :-) lol that was fun! With it being the first day of October that means 30 more days till Halloween! and there are houses all decorated up in my neighborhood looks really cool.

And what about the winter outlook? Well things still look on track! with the cold air still holding up to our north and though woolly worms for sure. Like I said I went walking this morning and again I found another woolly worm and you bet he was a dark color! Which as they say the darker the woolly worm the colder and snowier the winter YES!!!!! LOL so winter weather lovers get ready to enjoy! :-) Also a old weather saying is that if the squirrels pack up a lot of nuts get ready for a hard winter! and I have noticed that last year the squirrels were wild and running all over the place and we had above normal snowfall totals. This year it has been the same when it comes to though squirrels!

Make sure to put on your sweat shirt's and hat's in the morning it is going to be a chilly one which is fine with me! Everybody have a great night and enjoy your day tomorrow! :-)

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