Friday, October 24, 2008

Stefanie, is through and cold and windy weather is on the way!

We had our rain and all is said and done we also had a few gusty winds here in Lafayette and you can see the bow on the radar below take a look.

I have circled the bow or the radar map so you can see it better and just how big it was. Now there was not any reports to the SPC but there was a normal report of the wind blowing over some trash cans into a house but that was about it. There was no damage done as for as I know. Now you could hear the wind but nothing severe. Now we just have to get ready for some cold weather on the way as I'M expecting a big cold front to be moving through our area by Sunday night into Monday. Where we could have a high only of 48* on Sunday and that is without the wind chill. And that is also the day I'M expecting the gusty winds to move in which they could be any ware between 35 and 40 Mph and some could gust as high as 45 Mph. So bring out your heavy jackets.

Here is some rainfall totals from rain storm Stefanie, I just got in.

You can see the BIG total of the day with 0.61" of an inch from right here in the Lafayette area. And the lowest rainfall total coming in from Fountain County with only 0.25" of an inch. And now that the rain is all said and done we can enjoy a great weekend other then the winds. But as long as we stay on top of things we can be ready..... If anybody is a CoCoRaHS member then Don't forget to make you reports before 7:00am they need your help. If you are not a member and would like to know more about it then you can go to this site CoCoRaHS. and it will tell you all about it and you can sign up. It is a lot of fun and they welcome any volunteer. If you like to keep track of weather records total rain or snowfall this is the place to go you will love it.

Everybody enjoy your weekend and I will check back with you if needed have a great day weatherwise and otherwise.....:-)

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