Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Nice day! Fire up the grill while you can!

We had another nice day yesterday! I recorded a high of 50.9* degrees!! Now this was not a record breaker but we was right around 20 degrees above average! When is this warm weather going to end????? That is a good question! :) We have another mild day today as we could see temperatures right around 47* degrees! Now this nice weather does not always come without something wild! Right? Well this time nothing bad!!! However some gusty winds are possible! Between 10 and 20 mph maybe some gusts near 30 or 35 mph at times today! So Nice weather but maybe some gusty winds! We can handle that! We will start to get back to normal by later on this week just in time for the New Year! Otherwise things are looking GREAT for this week so far! We do have a few more fronts coming in but the good news is I don't see anything like we seen last week with these fronts! Thank goodness!

Above is a map I made earlier to help show you the fronts! Now normally this set up would lead to storms or such! But this time it is not a strong low pressure system and any perception that falls will be on the snowy side! However it looks like the snow will stay in Northern Indiana with little to no sticking snow expected! We may see a few light light snow flurries possible but even that is a real slight chance! And only one model is showing snow flurries! But as this cold front pushes through our area later Wednesday! We will start to see our temperatures get back to where they are supposed to be!

So other then the wind today we can fire up the grill and get one good quick meal in! Now that is not something we can do everyday here in December! You may want to take advantage of this warm day while you can! Maybe take your dogs for a walk or the kids to the park! Maybe even take down your Christmas lights outside! I already did mine a few days ago! Believe me it is a lot easier to take them down when the ground is not froze!!!!!

Have a great day Bloggers! I will check back real soon!


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