Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow is on the way. And a possible white Christmas!

Quick Cast.............................................

Tonight. Lows in the low low 20s. sleet and snow! We may finish out the day with some possible sleet however I'M not looking for much only less then a tenth of an inch! Still we will watch slick spots on the roadways. New snowfall amounts around an inch or less.

Wednesday. Highs in the upper 20s and lows in the low 20s. Cloudy skies turning Partly cloudy later in the day to evening. There maybe some light leftover snow flurries.

Extended Outlook. We will have to keep a close watch on Friday as we could have some freezing Rain to watch! This does still have time to change as it gets closer and I will keep you posted on this! This also could be a start to a wild week! And on the bright side we are still looking likely for a white Christmas!!!!!

Here there it is great to check in with you all again!

We have more snow back in the forecast for later this afternoon around 1:pm or 2:pm where we could see snowfall amounts between that 1" Inch or less mark. Possible sleet which could make the roads icy in spots. However I'M only looking for less then a Tenth of an inch so it won't be much at all. still we will have to take our time driving! the roads are already icy now from yesterday so please take your time! Also we did see some off an on snow flurries yesterday it did not accumulate to much as seen below. Just a light dusting! And a little Icy under it!

You see the nice shiny icy on the wood chair above this is what you could find on roadway's yesterday and possibly today! This is why we say take your time and be careful! Just this little bit of ice can do a lot of damage! Now Friday is another system we will watch very closely for the fact there could be more freezing rain! We all know how bad freezing rain can be! Now it is still a little far out to give a good forecast amount and it does still have much time to change so I will keep a close close watch on this and I will keep you posted on it!!! You can count on ME!!
Now I would like to post you up to date on our Christmas Outlook!!!!!

That's right we are still looking likely for a white Christmas! I have been keeping a close watch on this and My whole family and I is wanting a white Christmas this year! It would be the ultimate Christmas gift of ALL!!!!! You can bet I will keep you posted on this and we will keep watching as it gets closer! Only 9 Day till Christmas!!!!! it's just around the corner!! I hope you all got all your Christmas shopping done!

Oh and before I forget I wanted to point out our High temperature yesterday! We had a high of only 17.8* Degrees!!!!! I think I say it all when I say Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Believe it or not we had a record high set on that very day set back in 1971 of a high of 65* degrees! you see we where no where near that mark!!!!! :-) We had frozen doors and icy roads! And it sure was a day to keep a close watch on not only your kids and yourself but also your dogs!! Not to keep them out to long!!!!!! There little paw's get sooooo cold and they can get frost bit just as well as we can!! So just be sure to always keep a close watch on your kids yourself and your pets!!!!! I Hope you all have a great day and I will see you soon!!

Merry Christmas!!!!! :-) Thank You For Reading. Please Feel Free To Leave Your Comments!!!!! :-)

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