Friday, December 12, 2008

People in Baton Rouge LA, got an early Christmas gift right outside there door. While we get ready to go or a wild Temperature ride!!

Quick Cast.......................................

Today. Highs will be in the mid 20s with Partly cloudy skies! A cold front will be Making it's way across our area bringing Falling temperatures through out the day and tonight!

Tonight. Lows it the low 20s with clearing skies as our good friend Mr, High pressure pays us a visit!

Saturday. Temperatures will start to climb again up to the low 40s with mostly Clear skies. A good start to the weekend!

Extended Outlook. Mild temperatures will not last long as we await our next system on Monday into Tuesday. This system looks to be bringing rain mix and snow! Possible sticking snow is more like it! It will be a wild start to the working week! I will keep you posted on this and just how much snow may be expected!

That's right Baton Rouge, LA, Seen a BIG snow!!!!! The First in a long time! You can see in the Picture above sent in By my friend Joy! The snow has covered up the Catie! That is not something we see every day! Now this is such a big deal because Baton Rouge LA, Does not see snow's like this very often! Really on average for the whole month of December they only see a Trace of snow!! Well as we see above they have seen around four Inches of snow in one day!! Also on average for the whole year they are only expected to see .2" as a yearly total! They are way over the yearly total as well! This is why it is a BIG deal! Now I really don't think my friend Joy is having any problem with this much snow! :-) Every little bit is very much loved and enjoyed!!

I know this from not only talking with her on the phone but I think her E-mail said a lot!
I got snow!! can you believe it!! we really got snow! about 4" I think beautiful! Oh my goodness!! I cried so much!!

You see what I mean! :-) That is ONE HAPPY PERSON!! :-) Here is a few more pictures Joy Sent in!! ((Thank you Joy!))
Now I asked Her if she built this great looking snowman and she did not but we will still give her the credit for taking the picture! LOL. you see the neighbor kids got to go out and have a little fun as well. It really was a winter wonderland!
Now we see the snowy roads! This is what I was talking about when I say snow can be beautiful as long as you take your time and drive slow and safely! Be smart and careful! With there temperatures being above freezing I don't think they will have to worry to much about icy roads! But as we see yesterday slick roads may have been a problem at one time! Again Joy thank you for all the GREAT Pictures!!!!! You will have to send in pictures more often! Be sure to keep in touch! :-) Maybe some LA, Sunsets???

Now we will go back to weather here at home! We have a wild few days ahead of us! Wild temperatures I mean! Take a look at the temperature map I have made below!
It's UP and right back Down and back UP again! You get the point! We can thank another Cold front for this up and down temperature ride! temperatures is not the only thing this week. We do have clearing skies in the forecast for Saturday! It should be a good start to the weekend! Sunday however we do have a little off and on rain only to start a WET few days! I'M watching our next system in the forecast for Later Monday into Tuesday!! Where we could see rain mix and over to snow! Possible sticking snow!! Now it is still a little to early to start posting any snowfall totals so I will keep a close watch on this and keep you posted! Till then it is getting closer to the BIGGEST day of the YEAR!! That's right Christmas!! I need to start working on your Christmas forecast so we all can be ready! So while I start working on that you have a great day not only here at home but you to Joy! :-)
I'll see you all real soon! LET IT SNOW!!!!!!!!! Here is a beautiful picture of last nights sunset!! from right here at home! Have a great day everybody! And THANK YOU FOR READING!!!!!

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