Sunday, December 21, 2008

A wind chill warning has just been put out!

There has been a wind chill warning put into effect!

This is for Pulaski, Cass, Fulton, and Miami Counties!

The other watches are still in effect!!!!!

Today we can still expect highs of only 9* degrees with a low of -3* degrees without wind chill! Wind chill it will feel like -20 to -25* degrees below! Please if you can stay home do so! Don't go out unless you HAVE TO!!!!!

Now I said I would give you an update for Christmas! Well we are in this Icy pattern and we could very well see a mix of rain and snow! A white Christmas is really looking iffy And I hate to say this! And we do have some more possible freezing rain back in the forecast! For as soon as Tuesday! I will keep you posted on that and keep you updated! However I think maybe some snow flurries for Christmas! Believe it or not this does still have time to change and I will keep you posted! I will keep hope til it is here! For now have a great day and Please Keep WARM AND BRING IN YOUR PETS!!!!! AND DON'T KEEP THEM OUT TO LONG!!!!!

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