Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The amounts keep coming in!

Here is more current amounts and and they just keep rolling in! Tippecanoe has not been put into a winter storm warning just yet but we are still in a winter storm advisory. I will keep checking in with you all through out the night and keep watching all the maps and the big guy DOPPLER RADAR! We are still looking for the Low pressure to track to the Ohio valley which it is pushing all the moisture to us and giving way to heave bands! We need to really get the word out that driving will be dangerous as the latest models show us with snow showers till 2:pm or 3:pm Wednesday..... I will keep posting road reports as they come in and we will all just allow our self's more time to get where ever we may be going and take it slow!
I will be checking back.......... One more thing we need not to forget about! It is the winds! We have already seen gusts to 15 mph in parts of Remington and reports of blowing and drifting snow! Again roads will be dangerous! Also for parts in Remington Visibility is only 2.00MI,

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