Monday, January 19, 2009

I see 30s in the forecast and the Superbowl match up!

Good day to everybody! How are things going? We have had snow flurries just about every day the past two days! And more snow flurries are to come! Also all the champion NFL games where yesterday for both NFC and AFC. They was GREAT Games! However me being here and from Indiana I would have liked it a lot better if it was the Indianapolis Colts! But I love football so I still like to watch it! Here is the Superbowl match up! I have posted below! The Superbowl is on February 1st. SUPERBOWL 43!Now how about our weather? Well Yesterday while I was out I seen a lot of geese fly over my head and got a picture.You can see them rather well above! They where flying from East to West. I have really seen a lot of birds out lately! Could this mean an early Spring????? Well I think so! ;) I will have to keep checking out the long range model maps and keep you posted on that! Also to see if we can see anymore snow clipper systems! Another great ending to a good weekend was the sky! Now it did look better in person but still looks good in the pictures below!
You can see these nice Stratocumlus Clouds above. Stratocumlus May give way to a light precipitation but usually start to move out by the end of the day! We did however see the light snow flurries a little later on in that evening! It did not amount to much less the a half inch! But still a good dusting or cover if you like! We do have more chances for light snow flurries for today again not looking for much at all. And more chances up until Wednesday where a few light flurries can be expected!

Winds for today are looking between 5 and 10 mph. Nice and calm as well as tomorrow only between 10 and 15mph so I think blowing snow will be little if any! Now I know a lot if not all roads are looking good at this time but still some of the neighborhood roads are still snow covered! And I have seen people driving rather fast down them yesterday! So please even though the main roads are in Great shape some of the neighborhood roads are not. Now another good note is our temperatures! Yes we had a high yesterday of 27.3* degrees!!!!! I know I know this is HOT from the past few days of -20* degrees below zero we seen! ;) And today we can expect our highs to be around the mid to upper 20s! And lows in the mid teens! Still warmer then last week! And I do see 30s back in the forecast by Wednesday so that will give you all something to look forward to!

I hope you all have a great day! Have fun and I will check back soon!

Oh one more thing! If you like my weather blog and would like to find more weather blogs for here in Indiana! Here is another Blog I highly recommend! He is our local meteorologist Mike Prangley! He is by far the best meteorologist out there by me!!! ;-)

Just click and there you go! You will love it! I got my weather inspiration from this guy! So I know he is top on my list and always will be!!!!! ;-) Have a great one!

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