Monday, January 12, 2009

Some more clippers to come!

Hey there!

We have a few more Clipper systems coming in and the first one coming as soon as this morning! However little to no snow will add up! Here is a quick map to show you what they are currently expected to bring!You see today is little to nothing! And Tuesday we see around an inch! And Wednesday is the one I'M currently watching closely! As it could be our next one to two inches However one model is showing Two to Four inch range for Lafayette but this is not set in stone!!!As it has much time to change! Still the more north you go up around Newton and Jasper counties maybe two to four inches! Now as we have seen time and time again these systems like to change right at the last! So I post this forecasted amount to give you all a heads up and an idea of how things currently look! And this can still change! So I will have to keep you all posted! Now we are still below average in snowfall this year! But there is still a lot of winter left! Now I like snow so I will take any I can get at this point! :) But there is a lot out their that wish it would stay away! Well I remember last year we seen the La-Nina jet stream stream pattern and we seen above average snow totals! So if you don't like snow this year has been rather calm I think! However Ice is another story!! ;) And this is because of our Alberta Clipper pattern! We just have not seen a big snow yet! And what is kinda funny is Baton Rouge LA, Has even seen at least Four inches at once this year! Here is a picture My friend sent me in December! Last year!We may not have seen this much yet here in Lafayette IN, But I do knot that she was soooooooooo happy to see that snow! I had asked her if she had even seen that much snow before and she said (((((Never!))))) So it really was a nice treat! She also had tolled me she made a little snowman on the back of her car! :) She also asked me if we in Indiana get tired of snow?? Now like I said some do and some never want it to leave! I LOVE it! as well as Mike Prangley does! :-)

But back to Indiana weather! We will have to watch out for those COLD COLD wind chills tonight! And through most of the rest of the week! We will see lows tonight around the low teens! With winds between 10 and 15mph with Some gusts to around 30 mph. This will make our lows with wind chills feel around -11* degrees maybe lower! This is going to be dangerous Cold! Keep those warm coats Hats and gloves handy! For Tuesday through Wednesday we will see wind chills in the single digits below zero! So please keep safe and keep warm! Make sure you have a blanket in your car just to be safe!!!

I will keep you all updated on the Clippers to come! And this Cold Indiana weather! Thank you for reading and have a good day!

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