Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quick Update Before The Rain Gets Here!

Hey Bloggers this is going to be a Quick post as I'M a little behind.....sorry about that :-)

OK As of 2:00am it looks like rainfall has dropped a bit as I was calling for around that inch and a half range for Newton and Jasper counties yesterday. Well, it looks like the track has changed a bit but for the better! I now have rainfall for Newton and Jasper counties around one inch possible. Still we will watch the rivers to be safe..... Rainfall for Lafayette between a half inch and Three quarters of an inch are possible. Yes we still could see a stray thunderstorm but nothing bad! This is also good news. And I also still have the rain moving in after noon time. Still some gusty winds to 35 mph at times maybe even 40 mph. This would also be later on today into really tonight. Into Friday..... So this means Friday morning will be breezy!

I will try to post another update later on today and to keep you posted! We will see a high today around 59* degrees so you can enjoy the morning before the rain gets here.....

Have a good morning and I will check back here soon as needed..........

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