Sunday, March 29, 2009

2 Major Systems Are Starting To Push Off As We Could See Another Wild Week Of Weather!

We missed out on the severe weather yesterday which was great news and a lot are happy about that! But some others was not so lucky! There was reports in the south east parts of the country of Hail anywhere from pea size to baseball size. Tornadoes doing major tree damage like ripping them up and twisting them all around. Even gusty winds of 60 plus mph. Yes, we had two major storms going on one of which has a bit of everything from severe thunderstorms to Ice and Snow. Here is the map below showing the two major storm systems.Yes, we in the Indiana area seen the heavy rain at times and even some thunderstorms. No it was not anything big or severe through we did see the lightning and moderate rain at times. I even had some in Fountain county give me reports of thunderstorms, and rain even started to come in there roof! Also we did see the winds pick up there for awhile yesterday afternoon with Lafayette's peak wind gust to 32mph. Which is right around what was expected which was between 30 to 35 mph. Winds will be much lower today with still some gusts to 20 mph possible. And yes the snow!! Now again Gary IN, has the best chance for the inch to two inches of snow and for the rest of the WLFI viewing area we look to stay with nothing to a dusting possible as most will be waking up. This is expected to start in the early morning hours today and go off and on till closer to this afternoon. We will see it start to clear out today but not until closer to this evening to tonight. Then we can get ready for a nice looking day Monday which will be a nice treat for the start of the work week. And more rain on Tuesday and then again on Thursday! We will watch this and you know I will keep you posted!

We will have another wild weather week that is for sure. Now I will catch up with you all again here later on for now I have to head off to bed. I think I may have cracked the tip of my finger for it still feels funny when I do some things like move it lol. Have a great weekend fellow Bloggers! See you here again real soon..........Thanks for Blogging with me and it is always fun to track storms with you!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Raining in Lafayette, with a temp of 38.8* Brrr a cold rain.

Justin, hope you finger heals soon. Takes time.