Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Storms Have Passed But The WINDS Have Just Got Started!!!!!

Severe thunderstorm warnings are now passed and we are looking much better.

However remember we do still have the high wind advisories out from 6:pm tonight to 6: am tomorrow morning! We are also out of that tornado watch as it has expired at 5:pm this evening.

Still expect winds to gusts around 45 to 50 mph tonight. Drive careful if you go out do to the gusty winds. Winds may blow out small tree limbs as well as outdoor furniture and trash cans.

There have been high winds reported all over the Indiana area today as well as some tornadoes down around southern Indiana. I will be sure to post some pictures as well as some of the Wild Weather Reports! We are lucky as this could have been a lot worse! The good news is other then the wind which is BAD As you already know.
We have the Partly cloudy skies and nice cool breezes! although some lighter breezes would be a little nicer! ;) I will check back if needed with all this and more on what we can expect for this week!!!!! Till then I will see you here real soon later on tonight!
I hope all is safe and well....................

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