Monday, April 13, 2009

A Happy Easter It Was!!

Yes, it was a VERY NICE Easter!!!!! We had a GREAT dinner and even better family! I made the family a pan of home made Brownies topped off with easter eggs.. lol it was great! I hope all you had a nice easter as well!! ;)

Now you can see that picture above of spring flowers really starting to pop up! This picture was sent in to me by my Aunt Bomber! She is a real flower lover that is for sure... Now we will be talking about some spring showers today! We did hit a nice high yesterday of 60* degrees here in Lafayette and now the rain is back... We will see the rain start in early this morning and go through out much of the day! Right now we could see a little thunder possible but nothing severe just some spring rain and a rumble is possible. Right now I think we could see rainfall between a quarter and a half inch with some possible locally higher amounts to maybe three quarters of an inch. Right now the best chance for thunder would be in the afternoon. Again nothing severe is currently expected...

I will pop in if needed but for now I'M going to grab some rest... Have another great day!!! I will see you soon. And I hope you had a great Easter!!

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Anonymous said...

Really pouring out there and cold, was very windy as this front moved in.

Beautiful pic of the flowers!