Monday, April 27, 2009

The Rain Is Near!

Here is a quick look at the radar image at 3:50pm this afternoon. You can see the rain is making it's way into Fountin, Waren, Benton, Newton, And Jasper, counties. This is not a heavy rain just a light rian. We will see the heavier rains move into our area later on this evening to tonight. Still not looking at severe weather just some scattered thunderstorms through out the WLFI viewing area.

Brow has already reported some quick showers earlier this afternoon up in the monticello, area. Otherwise most of us have just been cloudy! I will pop in if anything is to change but for now we look pretty good. Be sure to check back later on tonight for the latest on what this week will bring and how high those winds hit today around the area.. This and more Coming up!

Check Back.....

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