Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Windy Blog Update!

Hey Bloggers! I just wanted to pop in with a quick weather Blog update! I'M sure you have seen these GUSTY winds today and they are GUSTY! We have models that are showing gusts today around 30 to 35 mph and that is just what we have seen. I have reported gusts today here in Lafayette of 35mph. Hold on to your HATS! lol. We are starting to see the winds calm just a little bit. With the latest wind gust reports at 31 mph. Still look for some gusty winds through out much of the day until closer to this evening.

One more thing. You can now follow me from the Indiana Weather Blog on (Twitter). I'M sure you have heard of it. If not it is like a chat type thing. if you make a account then you can Tweet me anytime you want and we can talk together. It is totally free and a lot of fun. I just started my Twitter account late last night. I was up after 2:am working on it! So feel free to click on the tab just to the right of this post that says "Follow Us On Twitter" and there you go..........I look forward to getting your Tweets! ;) This way you can see what goes on outside of the Indiana Weather Blog! If anything we can just play around with it and have a lot of fun.....Have a good afternoon and beware the wind!

I will check back soon.

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