Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The FL, Low Pressure System Makes It's Move On Us. How Much Rain Could It Bring?? :o/ Hummmmmm..........

Yes, there you can see that Helio Castroneves, is your 2009 Indianapolis 500 winner!!!!! He has had a wonderful month of May that is for sure! He was the fastest at the Time Trials as he started Pole. His pit crew was the fastest on Carb Day. And then he and his team won the Indy 500. They have been joking about Hollywood not being able to write something like this! Now a Three time Indy 500 winner. Could he be the first to win in Indy five times?? Time will tell. One thing that is for sure! He has got to be one of the happiest guys around right now as he climbs the fence to thank all the greatful fans.......... A Great race it was and I really hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day!Well, the track was on fire that is for sure but how does our weather compare?? Well, for starters we will be on the look out for some more scattered rain showers today as the Low pressure system that had such a major effect on the FL, area dumping over 12 inches of rain in areas heads our way! Now I don't look for near as much rainfall as what they seen thank goodness! However we will start out with some light here and there scattered showers today much like we seen yesterday. Then we will see the better chance for some more wide spread scattered showers later on this afternoon to this evening.

Currently it is looking like sometime this afternoon into this evening for the better chance of showers. Currently today I look for some light rainfall between a tenth and a quarter inch possible with some more left over showers into Wednesday morning as well. We may hear a few light rumbles possible here and there but (Nothing) severe or even big for that matter! So no worries! Because of this we will put in the possibility for some locally higher rainfall amounts possible in thunderstorms. Still currently it is looking like the heaviest of the rains should stay to our north and west. However I will continue to watch this and if there are any big changes in this system I will pop back in and let you all know! ;) You can see where the Low Pressure System is currently at in the map above. This is taken at 1:44AM this morning. This is the system that we are tracking today! It is hard to put a time with this system because the rain showers are looking so scattered however we will do the best we can. We look at these weather models to give us an idea as to what the weather will do. Yet they change all the time so we will do our best to keep up with them and stay on top of things!

Once we get through this day of light rain and then Tomorrowas well, Things will slowly look better as I see the sun making a comeback by Friday just in time for the start of the weekend. So hang in there Bloggers! Stay dry and I will check back later on this evening.................... See you then. ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, it is pouring where am at this time.

I was going to be with students on a field trip to Indiana Beach today, I had umbrellas, raincoats ect packed, I was ready, then I woke in the middle of the night with a temp of over 101 degrees. I cannot get over this grud:((

I feel bad for there is only 2 days of school left.

If I feel better, I will be going to beach on Tursday.

Take care all


Anonymous said...

Oh Teri, I hope you feel better soon. There is nothing worse than feeling bad when you have something planned then can't do it.


Anonymous said...

Wow Teri, sorry you can't get over that "thing"!

It is pouring here right now. One lone cell is directly overhead. Looks like a rainy, humid and dreary day here in Rem.

Thanks, Justin. I caught the start and the finish of the race yesterday. Very emotional.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Barbie and Mary Ann, the fever is now down to around 100*F, not much for all that I have done for it ugh!

After the downpour, the sun is out the temp is 66* and humidity 63%

At least the kids can get some fun in. Ideal for them at this time..

I now wonder about the weather on Thursday:)