Friday, May 15, 2009

Fountain County Update!

OK the cell this is now entering Fountain county has lost some of the bow which is a good sign! Still I would not rule out some winds gusting to 30 or 35 mph. Along with still that Pea sized hail Dangerous Lightning and then as we have seen this HEAVY RAINFALL! The cells tin our northern counties have weakened and our looking much better! Still we will continue to watch this storm system closely as we are not out of the woods! Stay tuned!!

Flash Flood Warning is now in effect for Cass and White counties until 3:45Am Saturday EDT!

This cell moving into Fountain county is still showing some bowing! Currently we could see winds in this system of 45 to 50 mph possible. Along with Pea to Marble sized hail and Doppler showing rainfall of 2" to 4" inches a hour! If you are in fountain and or warren county be ready for some straight line winds and dangerous lightning!! I will keep you posted!

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Brow said...

Justin, I am gonna go sit down in front of the tv for a bit now...been staring at this dang computer monitor for over 12 hrs my lights are flickering a bit too.

EXCELLENT JOB with the updates by the way.