Friday, May 15, 2009

We are now picking up some rotation with this cell in North western warren county!! If you live in this area be ready to move to your safe spots and have a plan B ready and in Place! WATCHING CLOSELY! Threat's with this cell are Marble sized hail Heavy down pours Dangerous lightning and a possible tornado with all this rotation we are watching. This cell is moving off to the east!

Another Tornado warning is in effect for North Western warren county! I'M not picking up rotation with this cell currently! This warning is in effect for this cell does have the potential to give way to a tornado.

I'M not picking up any more rotation with that cell in IL, crossing into IN, However we are still looking at HEAVY RAINFALL! Lightning, And possible Pea sized hail. This cell is showing signs of weakening still I'M watching CLOSELY.

Otherwise the rest of the WLFI viewing area is seeing these scattered thunderstorms popping up. Currently they are not severe as the Echo tops are staying around 25,000 to 30,000ft.

The current severe cell is just to our west on the IL, IN state line!

I'M here and in Storm mode!


Brow said...

Yeah I just watched Chad's cut in and it looks like things are headed towards Brookston. May just shave the both of us here.

Brow said...

We are right in the "pinch" it looks like. I think that once those two cells join, it may calm it down a bit?

Anonymous said...

Getting very dark in the south, now lightnig and thunder, I can see the clouds between lightnig flashes, is getting close, thunder is getting louder

Teri in Laf.

Anonymous said...

White co is now under the warning, Oh my Brow