Thursday, May 14, 2009

Looking Much Better As The Storm Is Making It's Way Off The The East

Above is the radar image at 3:18AM and you can see that the main red line of thunderstorms is well to our east! However all that yellow is not! Well we will continue to see this moderate rain through out the night until it starts to let up and push out of the WLFI viewing area closer to 6:am or 7:am this morning. Now I don't think we will be seeing an all day rain Today.. I think after this rain pushes off by closer in the morning we will then start to clear out a bit with some Partly cloudy skies. Which will be a nice and much needed treat after the night we all just had tracking this wild Indiana weather we all love so much! :)

Now one thing we do still have to watch is going to be the area rivers! Yes, the Wabash River is expected to crest on Friday around 8:pm at around 14.9ft which is almost four feet above flood stage. Also after all this rain we seen we can also see some low land flooding in areas.... Now what we need is some dry weather for a little while..........

We did miss out on most of the severe weather which I'M sure you all are very thankful for! And this is because we did stay with light rain and cloud cover through out most of the day Yesterday! This did help a lot to keep us more stable.. We was however still unstable enough to support some thunderstorms and that is what we seen. That and the high gusty winds!

I want to say think you all for your weather reports from your areas! This really does help to know what is going on at your location..... I think we all did a wonderful job keeping one another updated which is what this Blog is all about! Keeping one another safe! That is what counts!! ;) Now we will like I said dry out today with some Partly cloudy skies to enjoy as a much needed break which I think we all need! Then we will see more rain move in by Friday along with some thunderstorms possible and also our next system to track will be Saturday! However we will talk more about this later on tonight! Have a great day Fellow Bloggers! I will see you soon. I'M off to grab some much needed sleep! .....What Day Is This?? LOL ;) ...................


Anonymous said...

I ended up with 1.90 inches rain but thankfully NO damage, NO sleep, lol, and the creek is not out of its bank. Pretty full, but still in the banks. Guess we have another "chance" for severe wx Fri/Sat...wonderful :-(


Michael said...

Great job Justin! I love your blog and will have to check in more often! I should be starting a new blog in the near future dealing with the crazy tropical weather down here in Florida and of course how it all relates to the Midwest. Justin is doing a great job of keeping you covered....For now I am just enjoying my family and wanted to stop by and say hi to all of my Lafayette area family. Julie, the girls, and I are all doing well and I will make sure to keep in touch. I miss you all and here on my 40th birthday...I know I am blessed in so many ways and it includes having life-long friends like you.

Justin said...

Thank you Mike for the comment! It is good to see you on a Weather Blog again! ;)

We all miss you however it is wonderful that you are able to be with you family. It sounds like your doing great in FL, and a BIG Happy 40th Birthday!!

Everybody sing along!

"Happy Birthday to you"
"Happy Birthday to you"

Check back often Mike we all love to hear from you! And can't wait to check out your Blog when it is all up and running!