Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mothers Day, Indy Cars, And Alligators, OH MY!!!

Good Day!!!!! Yes, it is a rather nice day today. We do have the slight change for some light scattered rain showers today but nothing severe or heavy for that matter..... Right now I think we will see mostly cloudy skies through out the day with the slight chance for some scattered light rain later on this afternoon and a better chance for rain later on this evening. Now I think the better chance for seeing any thunderstorms would be on Thursday into Friday. However a few rumbles of thunder cannot be ruled out later on this evening into tonight.
Above you can see where all the moisture is and that is what will be heading our way today! Just some light scattered showers possible. Now as we head into Thursday we will see some off and on rain showers through out much of the day with the better chance for a more steady rain and some thunder by that evening into early Friday. Now CAPE values are low as well as a few other models I like to use when forecasting thunderstorms. So currently I'M thinking we will miss out on the severe thunderstorms and see more of some scattered thunderstorms likely..... I will also have another update on this tonight so be sure to check back because these weather models are hard to trust when it is this far out.....

So how high did our temperature hit here in Lafayette yesterday??? I will let you know but first lets see how hot things where down in Jacksonville FL!!!!!
You can see this picture above that Teri sent in of one of the many animals you will find in FL..... Yes, the Alligator.. This is not something I would want to run into that is for sure! :) Now you can see Jacksonville, FL, hit a high yesterday of around 91* degrees. They average only around 86* degrees which they where a good five degrees above average! And also not to far from there record high which is around 100* degrees. Yes, after looking at these numbers I think we all in Indiana will be much more thankful with the temperatures we have been seeing that is for sure!

Lafayette, seen a high yesterday of 76.3* degrees and our average is around 72* degrees for this time of year. So we to are still a little above average but only by four degrees which really is not to bad. Our record high is around 90* degrees which as seen above Jacksonville, FL, already hit that mark with NO problem! ;) Now don't those middle to upper 70s sound great!?!?! :) LOL

And last but not least Mothers Day is just around the corner.....That's right this Saturday is Mothers Day!! My Sis and I have already got our Mother something and I think she will like it! Time will tell! :) LOL. I will be sure to post your Mothers Day forecast on here as well later on tonight. And also this Saturday is the start of the Time trials down in Indy!!!!! Yes, sooooo many things and soooooo little time! We will be going down to Indy for the time trials this year and I can't wait! Yes, I have been before but I just love INDY CAR and love being around them! It should be a lot of fun and I will try to bring back some pictures for you all!

Until then have a great day and be sure to check back for the latest on the rain to come...................

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