Friday, May 15, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away Bring The Sunny Skies Our Way!

Hey I'M back with just a quick update! Did anyone notice that our good friend checked in on us Yesterday?? It's true! Check out some of the older comments to find out who! ;)Now what do we have to look forward to tonight? Well, we will see another cold front try to push through our area again by later on tonight. This means some more thunderstorms will be possible! You can see in the radar image above that this squall line is currently in IL, and moving our way slowly but surly! Now the timing may change a little however I believe some of the WLFI viewing area will see some scattered rain showers move in by closer to 8:pm this evening. Then the main front is looking like it will try and make a move on us by around Midnight. We will continue to watch this and I will be back if the timing should change. You can count on it!

So our main threats will be, More Heavy Rain. We can look for rainfall between a Half inch to Three quarters of an inch when all is said and done.

Lightning will be a threat again as with any thunderstorm so just remember your lightning safety tips and you will be fine! ;)

And last but not least Gusty winds once again! Yes we could see more winds gusting to 30 - 35 mph later on tonight. Currently it is looking like this would be closer to 11:pm or Midnight as well.

Still we will not rule out a possible stray severe t-storm however our CAPE values are looking around 1.000 j/kg which is good and Lifted Index is looking to stay around -4. Also it is looking like wind shear will stay in IL, and south west. Our tornado threat is only at a real slim 5% chance at this time and I think we will keep it that way! Which is not bad based on the latest weather maps. Main Severe looks to stay to our west and south. Still I will be popping in as needed. I would not cancel any plans you may have for Tomorrow as I don't look for an all day rain! I think we will wake up with a few left over lingering rain showers and things should start to clear up by early morning. Then we all will be able to enjoy some Partly cloudy to sunny skies that afternoon. Which we all could use! :)

I will check back later on!


Brow said...

Lol. Didn't realize that was Mike...make sure you check out his older blog for updates. Its good that he is sticking around!

You guys have inspired me to update my blog...working on that right now. :)

Thanks for the update Justin and I hope I don't have to stay up all night like I did the other watching the weather.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Justin. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on the radar and your blog today. This weather is turning me into a bundle of nerves!

Maybe i should move to another state.. with less severe weather possibilities :-)