Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend Weather Outlook! Dry Or Rainy??

WOW it is after 4:00am and I'M still trying to get things done! I'M going to over work my self lol! I know it is the weekend however I just wanted to pop in with your Weekend outlook real quick. Above is the outlook for Sunday which is much like today will be. Now a few days ago we was calling for rain just about every day this week. Well this is why we keep fine tuning the forecast until the last possible minute. The weather models change ever so much and ever so fast! Now today I think we will stay mostly dry with the slight chance for a little mist of light rain here or their. This will not be much if any and would be less then a tenth inch. Otherwise we will see mostly cloudy to Partly cloudy skies. And this is all because of that front you see above. At first it was looking like we would see this front stall out more north which would have kept us in more of the rain. But as you can see the latest weather models have it staling out around KY, and TN, areas. This is good news for the WLFI viewing area that is for sure. After all that rain we have seen this week we could really use this break in the and just enjoy some dry weather.

Monday and Tuesday are also looking rather nice at this time with Partly cloudy to Mostly sunny skies. and temperatures in the upper 60s on Monday to low 70s on Tuesday. Yes a mostly dry week is winding up that is for sure. We will be able to get out and enjoy this weather before the rain returns later on Wednesday into Thursday... However we will talk more about that as it gets closer..... :)

Also as we all know yesterday was Mike Prangley's last day at WLFI..... I made sure I seen his last WLFI weather forecast and it was sad and great all at the same time. Mike as we all have said sooooo many times "We wish you and your family the best and also the BEST of luck" We know you will keep in touch and also will return for the big Zoo Run Run which I'M doing my Jogging to make sure I'M in shape to run along side you! ;) I will look for you their!

Have a great weekend bloggers! I will catch up with you all here on the Indiana Weather Blog real soon..................

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