Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cool Weather Again Today

Hey everyone!! Boy oh boy it has been a great weekend so far!! The 5K Zoo Run Run was AMAZING! there was over 500 people and they all where having a great time. I will go back next year for sure! I have many pictures I cannot wait to show you all.... Which I will have posted on here real soon. Here is one quick picture of my Sister CJ and I getting ready to head out to the race! "We are not really morning people" LOL..We did perk up in time lol.... Well, when your running three miles it does wake you up pretty fast! Mike Prangley, tells me that when the Zoo Run Run first started they only had around 90 people! And this year there was a little over 500!!!! WOW!!!!

Well, I will have more on this posted real soon. Until then here is just the quick outlook on today's weather.

Today I think we will see these mostly cloudy skies with around a 20% chance at some really really light showers scattered across the area. Nothing will be heavy at all. If we see any it would only be around a tenth inch or less. Highs today are only going to reach into the upper 60s to LOW 70s.... So stay warm lol.

I will check back soon....................


Anonymous said...

Hey The AUNT HERE !!! Wanted to say GREAT JOB !!! to Justin and CJ at the Zoo Run Run.. I was very proud of both of you !!! I had a blast as well. Thanks for a great day of fun ! Love you guys!

And to Justin.. you do a great job on this blog ! Keep up the GREAT work. Dont let the other people get you down over their childish ways. You are way above that and a much better MAN !

Aunt Bobbie

Anonymous said...

What a nice pic of you and your sis! Sounds like you had a blast at the Zoo Run Run and congrats on your finish time!

Really nice out a bit chilly LOL!

Hey Justin I just noticed your pic is on WLFI for weather pic of the week! Good for you!

All enjoy this nice cool eve.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your aunt and Teri, are WAY above those who post childish comments. This is a wonderful endeavor of yours and you do a great job as well as a great service to us weather watchers.

I have a very cool (LOVE IT!!) 53* this morning! My grandson saw two cold-air funnels in the Earl Park/Fowler area yesterday. I will send photos when I get them from him