Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back With The Update!

Ok I'M back with your outlook update! Yes, we did see those thunderstorms roll through our area early this morning and everyone got wet lol. Lafayette, picked up a quick 0.50" inches. Reminton, up in Jasper, county picked up around 0.19" inches of rain this morning. We may still see a few light light scattered showers however for the most part I think we will start to see a few breaks in the clouds here before to long! The worst looks to be over at this time and the NWS agrees with my forecast! As they have taken our area out of the slight risk for severe....

I will check back if needed otherwise see you all soon bloggers.

Go enjoy the day! ;]


Hey Bloggers. I'M just ging to pop in real quick with a Quick Cast weather outlook. Let's get to it!!

Today we will be watching for a (Slight chance) at some more scattered thunderstorms possible. This forecast for today is going to be a little tricky! Here's why! We are going to be looking at CAPE values starting to rise later on. Our Lifted Index will drop to the -5 range. and we will see helicity go up to around 300 to 400 later on today as the day goes as well. The problem with this set up is even though we have all these unstable things taking place we still only have around a 40% chance at thunderstorms for today! This is going to be an off and on thing through out the day.... So right now with this set up we are in a Slight risk for severe weather however I'M going to check back after looking at some Skew-T's as well as more current data and then give you another final weather outlook for today!!!! Sound Good?? :] Now we will look for temperatures today to be in the middle to upper 80s around 88* degrees possible. and winds between 10 and 20 mph with gusts between 25 - 28 mph possible. Lows will fall only into the lower 60s.

Thursday is looking much better with less in the way of wild Indiana weather and more in the way of Partly cloudy to Mostly sunny skies through out the day. Highs will reach into the middle 80s with winds between 10 and 20 mph and becoming more light as the day continues. Lows will be again in the low to middle 60s possible.

Friday will be the next (Slight) Chance at some scattered rain. Now looking to likely at this time however that is still a few day away so we will fine tune that forecast as it gets closer!

I will check back here on the Indiana Weather Blog real soon today with another weather update on today's outlook once I go through more Current Data!

See you then....................


Anonymous said...

Nice t-storm we are having, however the lightning was close at times! A cool temp of 66* where I am.

Teri in Laf

Anonymous said...

Yep, woke me up at 6:30 with the noise. Got .17 rain so far.


Brow said...

Yep, woke me up right at 7am this morning. :)

Very windy here in Monticello right now.

Was that the worst of it blowing through or is there going to be some more later today?

Brow said...

Yay! Thanks for the update Justin. Colts day today at the city park and was hoping for dry weather.

Anonymous said...

Is nice out now, had some running around to do in the rain:) and the wind really picked up, The sun is trying to show!

Teri in Laf

Anonymous said...

If we had thunderstorms here this morning then I slept right on through them! LOL. That's unusual as I am a very light sleeper.

The sun is trying to pop out from behind those clouds. I am glad we are out of that slight risk area, but will still keep watch as we all know how quick things can change in Indiana.

All have a good day!


Anonymous said...

what another pretty day! Sat in the sun read a book and got a sunburn on my ears OUCH! Still have windows open with a nice breeze.

Anonymous said...

Whoops forgot to post my name:(


Anonymous said...

Glad you got your stitches out. It looks like we might get a little bit of rain soon. It is such a lovely evening. I have all my windows open.

Barbie in Frankfort