Saturday, July 11, 2009

**Update On Todays Weather Outlook**

Ok, Bloggers..... I have gone through the latest models and this is what things are looking like!

The cold front still has not passed over the area however the line of scattered thunderstorms have developed However it developed to the east of our viewing area! The reason we where calling for storms was because the models was showing this line possibly forming to our west which at this time has not happened. Still we will keep around a 40% chance at some scattered thundershowers to develop however I think our severe threat has gone way down! This is great news! I was starting to really go through the data last night and really wonder after I seen our Helicity was only looking to be around 150 to 200. Which as I said in my last post is weak! You need it to be around 400 to 500 to really have anything form over your area. Supercells and severe storms that is!

As for unstable today! We are currently looking at a Lifted Index of only -1 which is also not bad at all! Usually you need Lifted index to be around -4 and lower for severe thunderstorm development!

You can see in this image below how the main line is already passed over the area.WWe may see some rain today. Rainfall is looking to be around a Tenth inch to a Quarter inch with locally higher amounts possible with any thundershowers that could pop up..... Now if anything changes I will be back to let you know! Otherwise have a nice day Bloggers. We knew a line would form, It just formed a few more miles to our east then expected!

Thank you all for all the nice comments on my new site! I hope you all really like it! It makes it easier just in case I cannot update this blog. Then you still have a place to go for your local forecast!

Also for the "poll" I have on my new site, I will post the right answer after the poll closes! (Be sure to vote) I will check back soon..... ;]


Anonymous said...

Where I am located we just had a brief heavy down pour,Now it is very hazy out and the humidity is 87% the dew ponts 69.3 and temp of 74.9*
They sky is now starting to clear. Guess I am going to have to turn on the AC!


Anonymous said...

Justin, love the site, but the background is too busy! Hard to read the text...other wise wonderful job!