Friday, July 24, 2009

Weather Update And A New Server!! Thank You Bloggers For Everything!!

Lets take a quick look at the weather outlook for later on Tonight into Saturday morning.... We do have some Scattered rain chances as well as a few thunderstorms cannot be ruled out.. Tonight we have a really slight chance at some really light scattered hit and miss showers. Anything tonight would be later on After Midnight and only around a Tenth inch or less. However as we head into Saturday morning early we will see some more widespread scattered shower over take the area as they form along a cold front.
You can see in this map I put together for you all above. Once that cold front makes a move on us by tomorrow we will see more showers develop along side it. The good news is that at this time we are not expecting it to really become well developed until in moves off to our east! This is when things have a better chance at becoming severe. As for tomorrow we will see some scattered thunderstorms across the area. Not currently looking for anything severe however we may wake up to some thunder. The reason I'M not looking for anything severe at this time is because we are rather stable at this time. Our Lifted index outlook (LI) is only expected to fall to around -1.70 to maybe -2.00 by time the front moves in. As some of you already know you usually need a Lifted index of around -4.00 and lower for things to really become severe!

Forecast Tip..... Lifted Index is used to show how stable the atmosphere is or is going to be at a certain time.

As far as rainfall goes for Saturday! I think we will keep it anywhere between a Tenth inch to a possible quarter in area. As always with locally higher amounts possible with thunderstorms.....

Well, as you all know this is the last post on this weather blog! Yes, this blog is going to become retired! I will still keep it on however there will not be anymore updates to this blog. If you would still like to follow my Indiana Weather Blog then be sure to bookmark this link below. This is the new Justin's Indiana Weather Blog server..... I will be keeping this site updated from now on! And with rain on the way tomorrow be sure to bookmark it! lol.... I cannot wait to see you all there! I REALLY hope you all like it..... It is a little different however I think we all can get use to it! ;) Thank you all SOOOOOOO MUCH for all your WONDERFUL SUPPORT!!!!

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Anonymous said...

JUSTIN.....a severe line of storms is headed our way, both Laf area and mine. Under a warning right now, whole line has been severe since coming out of WI and eastern IA.