Sunday, September 27, 2009

Update As Of 12:55AM EDT...

Well, I think you all can go get some rest here soon! We are currently watching the last of these thunderstorms push off the the east of the viewing area. We had lots of watches posted for the area however not so much in the way of severe weather! Why? I will have that also coming up soon!

I will be back a little later on with all the final details. And also some rain totals and wind totals coming later on tomorrow!

I will be back once more to give the all clear. For now I can say that Tippecanoe, county is looking good! Benton, Newton, and Jasper, counties look good! Fountain, Montgomery, and white, counties look good! Warren, and Clinton, counties also look good!

And the last county, Cass, county will have the all clear within the next half hour!

I will be back! ;)

Things are still going as planed up to this point. Yes, there is a severe thunderstorm warning with that cell about to go through Benton, county. However these storms have weakened a LOT as they have moved into our stable air mass. And they are still weakening at this time. Areas of Benton, county still should be ready for lightning and some heavy rainfall.

Still tonight we will see scattered thundershowers through out parts of the WLFI viewing area.

I will check back again if needed.

Oak I have gone through more data and here is the latest.

We are seeing some scattered thunderstorms firing up to our north and west at this time. Now the reason I'M not calling for severe thunderstorms for our area at this time is we have a more stable air mass over our area currently. We are seeing Lifted index around 2.1 which is good, We are also seeing Total Totals around 37 which is good, EHI is only at 0.02 which is also good. Still yes, this is a system to watch tonight just to be safe. I look for the worst to be in IL, and then to our north. Our northern counties will have to be watched! Benton, Newton, and Jasper, counties are currently under that Tornado watch until 3:00AM. And a Severe thunderstorm Watch also for White, county.

I will continue to watch this storm and I will keep you posted as needed.


Anonymous said...

Radar looks nasty, severe t'storm warning for Boswell,


Anonymous said...

That is Benton Co.


Nicky said...

lightning but barely ne thing thunder here in frankfort

Anonymous said...

Nicky clinton and Tipp co are now under t'storm watch.

Nicky said...

i proably wont get ne sleep tonight

Anonymous said...

Me either, going to try to get back to sleep. I have been off work for 4 weeks due to an illness, was going to try to go back tomorrow, What a start!