Thursday, September 24, 2009

When Will Cooler Temperatures Be Back In Our Area? Do We Have Rain In The Forecast? What About The First Frost? All This And More In Todays Blog Post!

Good morning bloggers. First off I just want to let you all know to be ready for some patchy fog if your heading out early this morning.(Patchy Fog Is Looking Possible At This Time Across The WLFI Viewing Area.)

Well, the sky is looking like fall with lots of overcast, The trees are also changing colors however the temperatures just won't work with us! All summer we have had below average temperatures give or take a few warm / hot days of upper 80s to 90s. Now that we want the cooler weather we are seeing temperatures around a good four to five degrees above average! COME ON WEATHER!! lol. So the question is "When will we get back on track and where we should be?" Well, I'M here with your answer. At least I'M here with what models are showing currently! Lets put it that way.

Our average high for this time of year should be in the middle 70s around 76* degrees. With average lows in the lower 50s around 52* degrees. What are we looking for today? Well we will look for highs in the upper 70s to low 80s possible. Right now we will keep it around 77* degrees. which is really pretty close to average. However I'M not ruling out a few more 80* degree days possible this week! Lows tonight however will be around ten degrees above average in the low 60s around 61* degrees.

Good news for all who love the cooler temperatures and fall as I know Becky, and I do, I see some temperatures closer to average back in the forecast off and on this week and then becoming a little more frequent as we start into next week. Yes, 70s are on the way! Just hang in there Bloggers. ;-)

As for when will we see more rain? Well, I have some models pointing to Friday however I'M not fully convinced just yet that we will see a good needed rain! Right now I am going to keep in a change. Around a 30% to 40% chance at this time. Because of how things went last rain we had where most in the WLFI viewing area picked up around five tenths of an inch, I want to wait until more models come in and become more clear. So I will be back again later on tonight with the latest! Do I see the possibility for strong to severe storms? "No not at this time."

First Frost?

Yes, it is also that time of year when we all start wondering when will that first frost be? Well, I have a little something to give you all a range! Do any of you have gardens? If so then listen up! :) Check this out below.....

Low Temperature of 36 degrees or lower
(Patchy frost possible in outlying, low areas)

For the Farmland the normal frost date is around September 27th.

Lafayette, the normal frost date is around September 29th.

For Frankfort, usually around October 3rd.


Low Temperature of 32 degrees or lower
(Frost becomes widespread, with isolated pockets of hard freeze possible)

Farmland normal frost date is around October 6th.

Lafayette normal frost date is around October 9th.

Frankfort, normal frost date is around October 11th.


Low Temperature of 28 degrees or lower
(Widespread Hard Freeze is Likely)

Farmland, normal frost date is around October 19th.

Lafayette, normal frost date is around October 21st.

Frankfort, normal frost date is around October 23rd.


So now we have an idea and we can have the gardens ready to go! I know my aunt will want to know about the frost as she has a wonderful garden every year. However this year it has been going wild!

And last but not least I wanted to show a little something that is another reminder of Autumn! Take a look below. Thank you all for reading. I will check back soon..........

AUTUMN LIGHTS: Northern autumn has begun, and that means it's aurora season around the poles. "Last night, the Northern Lights returned to our arctic skies," reports Claus Vogel of Baffin Island, Canada. "After a summer dominated by the midnight sun, it was good to see the autumn lights again."The display was sparked by a mild gust of solar wind. At this time of year, a mild gust is all it takes. During the weeks around equinoxes, the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near Earth tends to tilt south, an orientation that weakens our planet's magnetic defenses against the solar wind. The slightest gust can produce a lovely show.

"I'm looking forward to more dancing lights in the weeks ahead," says Vogel.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe we are talking about frost already! It feels like the summer went by too fast. :-(

What an amazing picture of the Northern Lights Justin. How pretty!

Everyone have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I was in Laf yesterday and coming up the bypass hill into W Laf I saw the trees starting to turn. It is my fave time of year but I have truly enjoyed this summer like none other in recent years past.

RAIN is coming up from the south! YAY!!


Anonymous said...

We had rain last night, and a nice rain shower at this time. Feel nice when it hits your face. Dogs dont care for it though:)

Have a good one.


Anonymous said...

Nice pic Justin I wish I could see the northern lights. It was a wonderful day for me with the rain and all went by W Lafayette and the leaves were falling and turning colors. Oh how I absolutly LV Autmn :-)

Anonymous said...

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