Thursday, October 22, 2009

Keep The Umbrellas Handy, It Going To Be A Wet One!

Radar Image Taken At 11:07AM EST.....
Above is the close range look in IL, which is where the rain currently is. This is what we have to look forward to later this afternoon / early evening into Friday! I have been going through more weather data all morning and I'M here to let you all know that the expected rainfall totals have gone up from what we was calling for yesterday. We are now expecting to see rainfall between a three quarters of an inch to one inch with locally higher amounts closer to an inch and a half possible in areas. Some areas could see closer to two inches however this is hard to tell at this time. Areas who see training will see the BIG numbers! And I will have more updates as I get new data. Take a look at the national view below.

National Radar Image Taken At 11:11AM EST..... Just a lot of rain that is for sure. We are already seeing Flood warnings and flash flood watches posted for areas to our south in places like Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and areas of Mississippi. Earlier this morning flood warnings did not make it up to Arkansas, however as the day goes they seem to continue to climb north. We can expected rain to start this afternoon and continue into Friday. Keep the umbrellas handy and stay dry! It's going to be a wet one.

I will continue to check in off and on today as needed. Be sure to send in your rainfall final rainfall totals. And you can always send weather / Nature pictures to me at .

I will check back as needed.....

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Anonymous said...

I ended up with 1.83 inches rain! This is from the NWS official gauge.