Thursday, October 29, 2009

We Go From Autumn To Winter. Where's The Snow?

Again the main topic today has to be Friday's rain and windy mess. To start we already have Flash flood watches in effect for nine states from TX all the way north east to south parts of Indiana. And we can only expect more to pop up between now and Friday! Can you tell already that this system is going to be a rain dumper? :) I made a quick map below to help show some of what the models have been pointing out. Let's take a look.You can see the main low pressure system. It is expected to set up to our north as you can see in the MN, area and then move just north east of there. This is when we will see the gusty winds take place in the WLFI viewing area. Still at this time I'M looking at rainfall between 1.50" inches and 2.50" Inches in local areas. Winds on the other hand are still looking breezy with gusts between 25- 35mph maybe a little higher in open field areas.

Today we will start out with AM, sun. Then as we head into this evening / tonight we will see the clouds move into our area followed by the rain soon after. We will then look for the rain through out the night into Friday. With all this mess expected to start later on tonight into Friday I will check back with another update soon.
Until then I ask you all "Have any of you been out raking the lawn yet?". Well, I was out raking again yesterday with my sister and I found one of the biggest leaves I have ever seen. And yes, I had to take a picture lol. Can you tell I have nothing to do with my afternoons? LOL :)
Maybe it's a little odd that I'M really amazed by this leaf however I don't really care Ha Ha. This leaf from tip to the bottom of the stem is an amazing ten inches! Now what's the record for biggest leaf? Hummmmmmmm........ :) You can see why this one really stood out from the others. If any of you have a leaf bigger then ten inches from tip to the bottom of the stem then sent it in to me at I would love to see. If its really big I may post it.

Now lets go from autumn to winter! If I remember right then in three days it will be November 1st. Which means snow won't be far off! I know many of you run off in fear of the word snow, However it is on the way as winter comes fast! So what are we looking at below? Well, where is the snow is now in the USA.
That's right we have Winter Storm Warnings all over the western parts of the USA. And you can see why above. Areas of North Platte NE, are looking for one to two inches of snowfall today with another one to three inches expected tonight. However this snow does not make it a snow storm now does it? We have to add in the expected winds which look between 25 and 30 mph blowing the snow all over the place! And if this is not enough. They are expecting lows in the low 20s around 20° to 22°F degrees at the most. This will make it feel like 0° to 1°F degree with wind chill. It will feel so cold that people will walk out to look at the temperature and come back in and say "There isn't one" Now that's cold lol :)
I will check back real soon with more details on what we can expect for Friday.
See ya then..........

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Anonymous said...

Not ready for wind and rain or WINTER!

Very pleasent out. Now off to a Dr. appt on this pretty day, maybe a sign of good luck for the last few appts I have had its been raining.