Saturday, June 12, 2010

Update as of 5:30pm EDT.

Well, currently we are looking at Lifted index for the WLFI viewing area around -1.7 which isn't to bad! Yes it is a little unstable but still not to bad! When it drops below -3 to -4 that's when things really start to look ugly. Still we are watching the counties of Benton, Newton, and Jasper closely at this time as they are seeing some strong storms push through the area as I type. Rainfall coming down at a rate of 1" to 2" inches an hour along with some pea sized hail possible. The National weather service has already put a severe thunderstorm warning into effect for those areas. Along with a flood warning for the north western parts of Benton, county.

Now Lafayette as around areas are still dry at this time however we are still staying with an 80% chance for some scattered to Moderate thunderstorms to make way into our area as the evening continues. Right now it is looking like most of the severe weather is staying north on Tippecanoe county. However pretty much the whole WLFI viewing area is under that severe thunderstorm WATCH until 8:00pm EDT tonight.

Now the good news with all this bad weather is I'm currently not picking up any signs of rotation! That's always a GOOD sign!

So stay tuned bloggers!

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Annie said...

Very dark here downtown, Justin! Any news on this current storm?