Monday, June 14, 2010

Storms Storms They Just Keep Coming!

You can see where the rotation is in the pink area! This is now entering Clinton, county! Still rotating and Doppler is picking up pea to marble sized hail possible. You can expect dangerous cloud to ground lightning. Gusty winds. Heavy rain, Possible pea to marble sized hail, And an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out with the rotation still being picked up on radar!

Lafayette, you are looking okay at this time from this dangerous cell. Still areas of south eastern Tippecanoe, county your not our of the woods just yet! You to have Dangerous cloud to ground lightning, Heavy rain at 2" to 4" inches an hour, Possible pea sized hail, and an isolated tornado cannot be rule out, to watch out for!

Then we do still have more severe thunderstorms moving in from our west that we have to watch as they are starting to move into the northern parts of the WLFI viewing area in counties such as Benton, Warren, And northern Fountain counties. Currently what;s in these counties is not severe! But we do have a number of severe thunderstorm warning issued right on the Indiana state line in IL.....

Stay Tuned!

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