Sunday, June 13, 2010

Update as of 6:45pm

Radar image taken at 6:40pm EDT

You can see the current problem area which is inside the pick. Right now entering Montgomery county you can expect HEAVY RAINFALL 1" to 2" inches an hour. I'm not going to rule out the chance for some pea sized hail. Also expect frequent lightning and gusty winds as this storm is showing signs of bowing. After they push through Montgomery county and Tippecanoe county expect them in the Clinton county area and the Boon county area. Pretty much if your south of Lafayette, then you have the better chance of severe weather. North of Lafayette you should be okay! Good news is I have seen no rotation with these storms! Lafayette you are just about finished with severe! Only the eastern parts of Tippecanoe are seeing it at this time.

Stay tuned!

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