Saturday, June 5, 2010


Good news is the storms are doing as expected and weakening as they move into the WLFI viewing area!! After looking at the current data before my first blog update I knew we were rather stable which was a GREAT sign that they would start to weaken as they moved across the area!! We no longer have a tornado warning in effect for Newton county!! Thank goodness! Still however a severe thunderstorm warning. Things are looking good at this time..... I think we will be okay! ;) Just some scattered thundershowers tonight! We can handle that lol :)

The cells I'm watching right now are the storms moving into Newton and Jasper counties!! They are showing signs of having heavy rainfall falling at a rate of 1" to 2" Inches an hour along with pea sized hail. There is a severe thunderstorm warning issued with these cells and for areas of Benton, Newton, and Jasper, counties. Also a tornado warning for areas of northern Newton county. These warning boxes are moving east!! Everyone in Benton, Newton, and Jasper, counties should be storm ready!! Stay tuned to your local weather and JIWB for the latest!!

Sorry bloggers I was at a softball game!! Went great! Now back to weather. You can see we do have a severe line of thunderstorms coming our way here in the WLFI viewing area. This line of storms has given way to some tornadoes in the past in areas of IL. This is something to take note of. As you can see we do still have the red boxes posted in this radar image above for areas of IL. This is where the tornado warnings are currently in place. We will continue to watch this line closely as it moves closer and closer to the WLFI viewing area. Right now we look for a 60 to 80% chance for thunderstorms tonight. We are looking for Scattered to moderate storms. Now the good thing is we are looking kinda okay stable - wise! Lifted index is around -0.7 which isn't to bad! I think we will start to see some of the storms let up just a bit as they move closer to the WLFI viewing area! Still we need to be alert and focused on the radars! So for now I will continue to watch this developing story and I will check back as needed.

Main threats right now would be frequent lightning, Pea sized hail is possible. Few gusty winds! Heavy rainfall, and at the moment an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out! (But I'm working on it) lol :)

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