Tuesday, October 26, 2010

As Of 9:19am EDT

Again the real severe weather is staying to our south. I'm not picking up any rotation anywhere in the WLFI viewing area. However the National weather service will continue to issue severe thunderstorm warning do to the gusty winds!

Are we finished with high winds?? Well not really. I have been looking at past observations in IL, and they have picked up gusts to 41 mph as the line passed. And I believe this is what we can expect as we have already seen gusts to 33 mph. Also as the cold front passes later we will see breezy conditions across the area. Will we see 60mph winds?? Probably not. Thanks to the worst staying south of us!

And yes there has been a tornado warning issued for Jasper county however this is mainly for north of Remington, and no I'm not picking up any rotation at this time. Again this is mainly for dangerous straight line winds and the fact that these storms are capable of producing tornadoes.

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Brow said...

Thanks so much for the updates Justin. You still got it for sure! ;)