Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Latest Update!

Okay bloggers here's the news! I have seen a huge number of high wind reports from this storm in both MO, and IL. Most of the reports in MO, inside the storms came in between 58 and 68 mph. However I just received a report from Monroe, IL, of 78mph!! That's stronger then an EF0 tornado!! That fall in the EF1 tornado range!! WOW! This is just crazy!!

These storms are still packing severe thunderstorm warnings like crazy as they move in. Good news for us is that most of the severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings are south of the WLFI viewing area. Still I would not be surprised to see a few issued for our area as it moves closer. Good news is I have yet to see any tornadoes reported!! Good sign! I still think that the SPC 10% chance of tornadoes is still a little to high for our area at this time.

Main storm threats.

Damaging winds! Wind damage has been reported everywhere!! Steady winds of at least 40 mph outside of storms! Over 60mph inside storms.

Small hail is also possible! Between .25" and .50" inches.

Lightning is a threat with any thunderstorm.

And even though it's still a lower threat I cannot rule out the chance for an isolated tornado somewhere in the area.
Timing for the storms is looking sometime around 8:am EDT.

I'll check back as needed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Justin. Do you think this is the only line of thunderstorms that will pass though today? I know the high wind is supposed to last all day.

JIWB said...

At this time I'am thinking that this will be the main line! Yes, like you said the winds will last into Wednesday. Around 30mph.

The second line developed to the south and east of us. Some light rain on the back side of this main line we will watch just to be safe. However I do think that this line moving in is going to be the main and most dangerous one today.