Friday, November 26, 2010

An Amazing Thanksgiving Gift For The Family!

Hey bloggers! How was your Thanksgiving??

We had a wonderful time. I couldn't think of anything better this Thanksgiving then just to be home with my family enjoying games, Talk, cooking dinner, and lots and lots of laughs! :) We had a great time. I made two peanut butter pies, that went in no time lol. Also a cheese ball, and the big Thanksgiving turkey! All of which were big hits! ;) Then after the food we set down for some Thanksgiving football as always lol and then the planing started to hit the stores for Black Friday! And lucky us, We got everything we were after! And to make this holiday even better which I didn't think was possible, We had SNOW!!!!! :D Yes, I have a few reports of snow and even some pictures! Anyone who follows my blog knows with out a question that I was out snapping pictures lol. And I'll get to that in just a minute. But first we have some big news for the Lafayette, Indiana area. If you seen the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade then you may already know what I'm talking about!
Yes, as you see above Lafayette's name was up in lights for all of America to see as Purdue got the lead the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade! This was their first time at the Macy's parade. The first ones from the Midwest! How cool is that?? GO LAFAYETTE!! lol.

Now back to the weather for a quick moment.

In my last post we talked about the rainfall expected over Wednesday through out Thanksgiving. I forecasted a final two day rainfall total between both days of 1.50" and 2.25" Inches possible through out the WLFI viewing area. I think we called it pretty close! But you decide for yourself. :) Here's a look at the final rainfall totals between last Wednesday and Thanksgiving.
The only two that are a little under my forecasted amount are Rensselaer, and Remington. But over all, Not bad! We even had a nice little gift that came Thanksgiving evening around 7:00pm EST. Yes, I call it a gift from my Dad who is watching over not only on the holidays but year around!!

(Thanks Dad!)
It was to dark to take very many pictures so I decided to go out front by the Christmas decorations to take a snow picture. You can see I wasn't making the white stuff up lol. But this was a great way to KICK off the Holiday season for sure! Nothing like Thanksgiving with the family while shopping Black Friday with snow falling outside your window.

Take a look at these few Thanksgiving snowfall reports from around the area. Not much but snow is snow! And I'll take it. ;) This was the only part of my forecast that I can truly say "I didn't figure would happen". And this is because I didn't think we would drop in temperature fast enough to still have any precipitation in the area to change over to snow on the back side of this system. However I'm VERY GLAD that it did lol.

The rain started to change over to snow right after the cold front passed over Tippecanoe, county around 6:30pm - 7:00pm. During the snow we was seeing temperatures right around 32* and 33* degrees. By the time the rain did change over to all snow we didn't have much precipitation to work with. But seeing those snowflakes was still good enough. Roads did become icy in spots coming home after midnight as what rain water was still on the roads froze up. I'm hoping you all stayed safe.You can see the rain change over to all snow in this radar image above.

So for the rest of today I think we will stay with the partly cloudy skies over the WLFI viewing area with lows tonight dropping into the low 20s around 22* degrees!! A nice night to stay inside watching the Christmas lights outside the window while drinking the hot cocoa, That's right it's another Indiana "Hot Cocoa Advisory" In effect through Sunday, Or until future notice. ;)

Quick Cast.....

Saturday we will stay dry with partly cloudy to mostly clear skies through out the day. Highs will be cool in the middle to upper 30s around 38* degrees. Lows Saturday night will fall into the low to middle 20s around 25* degrees. Winds will be between 10 and 15 mph. This will make for a daytime wind chill of around 25* degrees, And a night time wind chill feel around 13* degrees!

Extended Outlook.....

To start next week we will see highs no higher then maybe 50* to 54* degrees. With the next chance of rain around Monday. More COLD weather will be in store to start December along with two other storm system chances to start the first week of December. Could we have a shot at some more snow?? It's possible! And you know I'll be keeping watch! ;)

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday and stayed safe as well. I wish you all the very best!!

Take Care And God Bless!

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Anonymous said...

Justin, so happy to hear you had a great time with your family! Sounds a lot like ours! Although I don't do the "black Friday" shopping a lot of family and friends do. And you are so right about "your DAD", who Loves us all with a Perfect Love! I'm sure that "white stuff" brought a big smile to your face. Thanks for the update Justin, I so enjoy reading your blog. Take care and Lord bless you. :-) JLB