Tuesday, November 23, 2010

From Snow Back To Rain... Ugh...

Another Thanksgiving update will be posted Wednesday afternoon (11/24/10).

Well, we finally got some much needed rain here in the Midwest last night didn't we? :) I have a lot of rainfall reports this afternoon to show you all. And all are over a half inch at least. Some even over one inch in areas of Tippecanoe, and Jasper, counties. And we have more rain on the way! Not just small light amounts either. I'm talking another inch or two possible. But I'll get to that in just a few short minutes. First lets take a look at these rainfall reports from around the WLFI viewing area below.
You can see Lafayette, coming in with one of the highest amounts this time around followed by Remington only behind by a tenth inch. Currently the lowest amounts as you can see are in Logansport, and Kentland, with 0.71" inches. Which is still a pretty good amounts when you have been as dry as we have the past few months! Now normally I would be talking about snow in November but this year has not been anywhere near a normal one. It has been Hot, Dry, and windy! And it seems like it's taking forever to get into winter. But is any of that going to change come Thanksgiving?? Is snow still in the forecast?? Well, keep reading I'm almost to it lol :)

First lets take a look at whats in store for tomorrow leading up to Thanksgiving.

Wednesday we will start out early with partly to mostly cloudy skies across the area. Clouds will be on the increase as rain showers move into the area sometime between 1:pm and 3:pm EST that afternoon. These rain showers will go through the day into Thanksgiving afternoon. Expect to see rainfall amounts Wednesday between a quarter inch and a half inch possible. Highs will be cooler but not bitter cold in the low to middle 40s around 44* degrees. With lows in the upper 30s around 38* degrees. Winds may be breezy at times once again blowing between 15 and 20 mph however gusting between 25 mph near 30 mph at times.

And now let's see what we have for Thanksgiving.
That's right we are looking for Mostly cloudy with rain showers through out much of the day. Highs will be cooler in the upper 30s as seen above, Along with lows cold in the upper teens. Winds will again be breezy between 10 and 15 mph gusting to 20mph near 25 mph possible. As for rainfall we could possibly pick up another half inch to an inch with locally higher amounts in areas. I'm thinking that between both Wednesday and Thursday (Thanksgiving day) we could be looking at a grand rainfall total between 1.50" inches and 2.25" inches in areas. It is looking like a WET Thanksgiving at this time.

I know last week we was looking at possible snow chances for Thanksgiving however as you can see that has changed once again. Is it even possible to get snow in Indiana anymore??? lol I'm about to move up north if this keeps up! :) Take a look at this link I have posted below. It is a look at your Thanksgiving Climatology. Find out all the past years when we had snow and just how warm and or cold past Thanksgivings have been!


Now bloggers with all this talk of snow and if we will get any it made me wanna take yet another look at the possible snow track of systems to come and which path they will most likely take. You remember my 2010 - 2011 winter forecast that you find on my Indiana weather page?


Well, if you check that out you will see that I posted two possible storm paths. And I said that at the time half of the models was saying storm track #1. And the other half saying storm track #2. So we broke it in half and said somewhere between the two tracks. Well, I have gone through some more data and it's looking like most of the storms are wanting to take closer to storm track #2. Take a look at the two tracks below.

For now I went ahead and looked into December 12th and it looks like we have at least two possible systems to push through our area in that time. However much like the past few years we are looking to be on the warm side of the storms. However once the storm passes we then become COLD! Just like the past few years. So does this mean I don't think we will see snow? No it doesn't. I still think we will have a chance for at least one or two decent snows this season. I still believe that our snowiest months this winter will be January and February. So keep hope snow lovers!

I'll check back soon.....


Anonymous said...

Well not looking forward to a rainy Thanksgiving but I guess I have to take what's coming our way. Hopefully we will have a white Christmas! Thanks again Justin. Take care. :-)

JIWB said...

I know what you mean JLB, I wish it was snow rather then rain for Thanksgiving. And we haven't had a white Christmas in Lafayette, in four years! This would be our 5th if we don't see any snow!

JUST CRAZY! I remember snow all the time in winter. Now it seems we're lucky if we see one or two good ones.